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A Single Heart Monthly Newsletter Acts 4:32 A monthly newsletter committed to unify our ministries taking our generations to higher levels in Christ Jesus.

Save the Date!

August 3 Car Wash We need volunteers to help out this Saturday. Car wash will be held at the church’s parking lot.

Intercession Sunday @ 10am We continue to ask and God continues to respond.

12 HOURS OF PRAYER AUGUST 31, 2013 Join us as we began our first “12 Hours of Prayer” at Dunamis Pasadena Church. We will begin at 9am and end at 9pm. Come and be part of the change God wants to do through prayer. “Prayer isn’t what you do before the work-prayer IS the work” Rhonda Hughey

August 10 Dodger Fundraiser Game Let’s remember to finish selling the tickets. Game is against the Tampa Bay Rays at 1pm! September 7 One Voice Seminar We will be having a seminar in the city of Hawthorne called “Without Vision.” More information soon to follow. Generation 714 Apparel Be on the lookout for the upcoming Limited Edition shirts we will be making.

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Stand up for what is Right! John 2:13-25 By: Pastor Henry Mendez Follow him on twitter @imhhenry


man stood up in the midst of the congregation and said, “Washer, if I do this, which I know is the correct thing to do, my home church would kill me.” Paul washer stared at him in the eyes and said, “Then die!” See, many do not stand up to the things that constantly go on in this world even when they know those things are wrong. The Bride, which is the church of Christ, has lost the zeal and hesitates upon actions that are committed by others even when those actions are erroneous. Take Jesus’ example at the temple as an awakening to stand up for what is right. Things happen in front of our eyes at church, school, work, and even with friends. Make a decision today to be the difference; travel against the current of evil that surrounds us and change the little things you are able to change. This world will not get any better unless you stand up and speak out when things are wrong, even if it costs you your life!

hen Jesus entered the temple

courts, he noticed people had converted his Father’s house into a flea market. Immediately, He stood out amongst the crowd and began to flip over tables and scattering the merchant’s belongings with great anger, just as King David had wrote in Psalms 69:9 “Zeal for your house will consume me.” King Herod had converted Jerusalem’s temple, a place that was constructed so the Jewish people could seek the presence of God, into a money exchange and product selling market. Astonishing not one Jewish, had ever stood up against the fierce full reign of King Herod. Surely, many people knew this was going on and stood quiet fearful for their lives. When Paul Washer was preaching on a Sunday morning, a 2

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Money is available First, we would like to announce a Book scholarship fund we are working on at Dunamis Pasadena Church. Our goal is to roll out a $100 and $200 book scholarship for Spring and Fall semesters starting in Spring of 2014. Everyone would be able to apply for them but only two will take the grant. We envision growing this scholarship every year so more and more students can obtain funding for books at Dunamis Pasadena Church. Stay connected for more information.

Here are 5 important things to keep in mind about financial aid. 1. Know that your financial aid package is negotiable. Yup, that's right. You're not "stuck" with whatever your school gives you. If you are a first-year student trying to decide where to go, use your financial aid offer from College A to get a better deal at College B. A school can sometimes match another school's offer if they have the available funds and want you to come badly enough. 2. Your school may increase your financial aid the longer you attend. A high number of students transfer or drop out of college during their first or second years. Consequently, if you've stayed at your school for two or three years, the financial aid office may be willing to "invest" more in you because they know you are statistically more likely to stay than an incoming first-year student.




3. Be on good terms with the financial aid office staff. Think about it: every time you walk in, they are super busy and trying to work with a lot of students requesting a lot of different things. Consequently, yelling at a financial aid staff member isn't going to help you in any way. Finances can be touchy for a lot of people, so make sure to remain polite and respectful of the people who work all day trying to make sure you can stay in school.

4. If you have an emergency, the financial aid office can be a great resource. Short several hundred dollars for rent at the end of the semester? Have to fly home for a family emergency, but don't have the money in your budget? Check with the financial aid office about what they can do. Some schools have emergency funds available for students in emergency situations. And even if they don't, they can point you in the right direction so that an unexpected financial bump doesn't turn into a decision to withdraw from school.

5. You are not required to take loans. If loans are not needed, you are not required to accept them. Feel free to simply decline the loans and continue with your studies. For community colleges, the board of governor’s fee waiver is more than sufficient to pay for your classes. Financial aid grants are extra and its free money.




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