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ports that seem most fun can easily go awry without appropriate safety measures. You will be hard pressed to find a sport that doesn’t pose these risks, however, so you ought to understand the risks and minimize them to

the extent possible, especially by wearing the right gear. The type of clothing depends on whether you are a rookie skater or someone who takes part in professional competitions. If it’s the latter, you simply can’t do it without ice skating dresses. There are far too many dresses to choose from though. The big problem, however, is that you don’t know how to rate them, the criteria you need to use. The colors, materials, fit, fabric, etc. all can confuse you. There are a lot of things to consider when you are buying an ice skating dress. The first thing to keep in mind is if you are competing or doing it for fun. Quite obviously, when you are participating in competitions, you want to win, and the dresses play a major role there. Dresses play a role beyond just safety; they also capture the imagination of your audience especially when you are figure skating. Figure skating dresses are all the more difficult to find. You need to keep comfort in mind, too. The dress must be able to help you make the precise movements. It should fit well and not hamper the movements. The fabric that is used to make the dresses is very important, too. Generally, skaters prefer dresses that are made of 4-way stretch fabric as it allows for precise movements. You may list a number of other factors, too, of course. To me, though, things like sleeves, skirts, etc. are just personal preferences.


The most important thing is safety. Can a dress ensure safety? It doesn’t ensure safety but you can ensure you don’t buy anything that can hazard it. Ice skating dresses (or figure skating dresses) are sometimes embellished with crystals which look great when performing but can be a problem if things go wrong. You can consult with your coach to decide the dress best suited for your body and style.


Ice Skating what you need to know