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Witness The Spectacular Natural Beauty Of Halong Bay You must have heard about the Halong-Bay, it is a beautiful strings of islands created while the whole Limestone plateau went down the sea level. It is situated in the Quang Ninh Province, North Vietnam. This place has bees been listed as Heritage by UNESCO. The beauty of this island is made up by its water, grottoes & caves, mountains. The history of Halong-Bay unfolds that when the foreign invaders attacked Vietnam a mother dragon with its babies was sent by God to the Vietnamesepeople to support them. The gems and the myriad pear blewed by them were turned into Rock Mountain to protect Vietnam. After the foreign invaders went away the mother dragon and her babies stayed at Vietnam. It is said that the Halong is the land where the mother dragon landed and bai tu long is the land where the babies landed. Though it is situated in most north of Halong-Bay Region, therefore it not much crowded but this doesn’t mean that the place is less stunning. The one and only main town in the island is Cai Rong. Due to its less crowdy it is underdeveloped and unpolluted and does not have a good tourism infrastructure. But nowadays it is developing and attracting tourists. Bai-Tu-Long is a very next area to Halong. It takes about for hours by car from Hanoi. You can also avail a luxury halong cruises like Lagoon Explorer, Red Dragon Cruise etc to Bai-Tu-Long Bay which are mainly offered by some local boat operators. They also offer cruises to visit Ban Sen Island, Cong Tay area, Quan Lan Island. You can hire a guide who will take you through the legend and the history of Bai Tu Long. A day will not be enough to visit Bai Tu Long. There is a number of places, islands and islets to visit in Bai-Tu-Long Bay, among which includes Van Don Island, Quan Lan Island, Bai-Tu-Long National Park, Cua Ong Temple, Bai Chay Beach, Thien Cave, Minh Chau Island, Phat Co Island, Ban Sen Island, Cong Tay area and lots more. Van Don Island is the first island you will com through. This island is the most developed island in Bai-Tu-Long Bay and is connected with main land by a bridge. Bai-Tu-Long National Park encompassesof many islands which comprises of different types of species like animals & birds. It is the major point of selling in Archipelago. The way to Bai-Tu-Long National Park is from the Bai Chay Beach with a speed boat. Another popular attraction of BaiTu-Long Bay is the Quan Lan Island. Other sight scenes which are also worth seeing include Thong Thien Cave, the fishing village at Minh Chau Island, Cua Ong Temple and Phat Co Island. There are many ways to reach bai tu long bay . You can take a luxury cruise from HalongBay to there, or you can avail the bus service from Hanoi to the Cua Ong pier. Through vietnam cheap tours one can easily visit these places and enjoy the natural beauty of our mother earth.

Witness The Spectacular Natural Beauty Of Halong Bay