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Visiting the Caribbean – Must See Places Thinking about visiting the Caribbean, but not sure where you should go? Here are few “must-see” places you should include in you places to visit list: St. Kitts & Nevis St. Kitts secures a place in this list because of its natural beauty, clear blue skies and white sandy beaches. It is also a very popular destination wedding spot. People here are friendly and there are many resorts and hotels where you can put while you are here. You can take ferries from here to go to Nevis, another beautiful but quieter island. Aruba Aruba also offers beautiful beaches but along with that you can also enjoy adventure activities and lively clubs. The island has the reputation for offering the best places for indulging in offshore activities. The place is safe for families, though lodging could be expensive. Therefore, plan beforehand. Cayman Islands These are among the most picturesque Islands, providing exceptionally amazing diving sites. This group of islands also offers some very affordable hotels. Strike a good deal and make the most of it by spending your time on white beaches with clear water at an affordable budget. Barbados Other than the customary Caribbean luxuries like beaches, lavish resorts and golf courses, Barbados also lets the travelers enjoy different experiences. Not sure how you would like the bittersweet taste of Mount Gay Rum but you should try it once. You may also like to go for horse races or dance at night to the tunes of a calypso, during your stay here. British Virgin Islands One word that best describes the British Virgin Islands is "POSH." The luxurious, sophisticated British culture of this place, although expensive, will be an experience to remember. While you are here don’t forget to go to the beautiful long curved Cane Garden Bay. The place is great for swimming, surfing and other water sports. Bahamas These islands get too crowded during spring and you might want to skip this spot if you are the kind who likes to go to quieter places for vacation. However, you'll find deals on hotels and flights so attractive, it would be hard to resist not going to the Bahamas.

Dominica Dominica would be the perfect vacation destination for you if you are an eco-tourist and on a limited budget. You would love to spend a couple of days here, exploring various waterfalls and nature trails in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park. However the beaches here are not quite like the rest of Caribbean beaches. Turks & Caicos Apart from the famous Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos have some of the most dazzling beaches in the Caribbean. Hotel prices are on the upper side, but if you are looking for the utmost comfort, this is the place for you. St. Barts Here's another luxurious and very expensive holiday destination. You'll see beaches in khaki color separating the lush green island and turquoise water. Though more appropriate for the wealthy, you may be able to strike a good deal if planned in advance. Bermuda You'll find Bermuda different from other Caribbean islands. Another island with refined British culture. You may like sipping the afternoon tea with biscuits at its hotels, which are steeply priced. U.S. Virgin Islands The best time to enjoy the beauty of these islands is during spring, especially towards the end of April when it’s time for St. Thomas' lively Carnival. You may also like to enjoy the beauty of St. John beach or take a trip to St. Croix plantation. Hope this article helped to decide which places to visit in the Caribbean

Visiting the caribbean – must see places  

Thinking about visiting the Caribbean, but not sure where you should go? Here are few "must-see" places you should include in you places to...