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The History Of Giving Flowers To Make People Happy The giving of flowers to people to express emotions has been going on for hundreds of years and there is a history to this. This article explains where it all began and what it all means. Giving a flower is considered as one of the most effective ways to express how you feel. Most people often go to flower shops to buy a bouquet of flowers for different events or occasions. Whether it is for anniversary, birthday, graduation, or you just want to say sorry, to send your congratulations to someone, or you just want to cheer up someone, giving flowers is the best option. In fact, there was an archaeological fact collected from some historical place that give clues to the origin of this flower giving tradition. Most of the facts gathered were based on Greek mythology, Roman history, Egyptian stories and Chinese culture and tradition. These ancient cultural facts and traditions all regard the habit of giving flowers to be the proven method of expressing your thoughts and feelings to a person. As a matter of fact, there are flowers which were considered to be heavenly or holy in the Greek myths and history. This practice was still evident in the Middle Ages among some English and French people. However, the modern custom of flower giving is integrated with new ideas by putting some meaning for each kind of flower. This is based on European customs. As the Victoria Era unfolded, a new concept was integrated in flower giving. Most of the people during this period expressed their ideas and emotions in the form of a flower or bouquets. The Victorian period is also considered as the period in which the guidelines in giving flowers were formed. This tradition has been handed down throughout the centuries. Today many people all over the world practice this custom to impart their thoughts and feelings. In fact, a lot of meaning was given to several different kinds of flower. The guidelines were also stipulated. Giving red roses to someone is said to be an act of expressing your love while giving white lilies is a symbol of elegance as well as purity. The roses in yellow color denote friendship. In addition, there were many stories and opinions to when and where the tradition of giving a flower originated. Some people believe that it started three centuries in the past. While others believe that it is even earlier than that. But, the most important thing that everyone should consider is the reason why this tradition has withstood the test of time in spite of the development and progress of various cultures all over the world. The only thing that is clear to us that people who give a bouquet and those who are given by it know that this shows their value or importance to their life. So, do flowers really make a person happy? What do you think? Of course, they do. Several studies have proven the impact of flower giving to a person. A flower can influence the mood and the emotions of a person. They even have a therapeutic effect for an ill patient. No wonder why most of the patients in the hospital are given a flower or bouquet of roses. Resource Giving flowers is a wonderful thing to do wherever you live and if you happen to be in Toronto then you will find the most wonderful assortments at our Toronto flower shop. There is no need to look elsewhere for your Toronto flowers .

The History Of Giving Flowers To Make People Happy