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The Best Way To Become A Top Disc Jockey It is the dream of many people to become a top disc jockey as it offers a lifestyle that a lot of young people dream about. But it is not that easy and this article provides tips on how you can make this happen. Being a Disk jockey is a difficult task. With all the technological innovations available nowadays, all the functions of a Disk jockey can be performed suitably well with the help of different equipment. Still many prefer to watch several Disk jockeys play in action! Thus if you are serious about this profession, there are various tips that should be kept in mind! • It is important that you do not try to teach yourself. This is one of the oldest sayings in the book. Many older Disk jockey’s will say that you should try to teach yourself but they could not be more wrong. This is not the way to learn new things. It is crucial that you find someone reliable that can mentor you. Disk jockey lessons as well as online videos can be used to attain suitable training. Through this tip you will not only learn more quickly but also in a more fun filled manner. • It is important to not show a lot of attitude. Just because you are a disk jockey, that does not mean you can be more arrogant and show that you are better than others. This is going to adversely affect your career as producers, promoters and other known disk jockey’s will not give you any gigs or chances to perform in important and happening events. You will get many more offers when you are seen as a pleasure to work with. Even if you are a good D J mixer but have attitude you will not find good gigs and thus relatively little work. • It is important to not act like a party animal. Majority of the people who want to be disk jockeys are in this profession because they want the party, the women and the music. Although all these three aspects are a part of the disk jockey business but they are not the most-important parts of going in the profession. Being a party animal is not a pre-requisite. You need to be able to enjoy the music in the room as well as create a lot of energy so that people get in the mood and enjoy greatly. Drugs and alcohol have to be controlled if you want to be a successful disk jockey! You need to be a good DJ mixer not a party animal. • No need to use fancy gear. Some disk jockeys out there feel that by using the fanciest and most expensive gear, they can become great disk jockeys but this is not entirely true. All the expensive gear and equipment with all the whistles and bells can really hurt your career as you will be more involved with handling the different features rather than beat mixing. Rather than spending money on this useless equipment, it will be much more helpful if money is spent on purchasing as well as enhancing the disk jockey training. Thus one of the main ways this can be done is by expanding the music selection and learning from a number of different Pro disk jockey mixing videos.

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The Best Way To Become A Top Disc Jockey