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The Benefits Of God’s Fruit Apple Research has revealed that apple health benefits are very much true when we eat this wonderful fruit on a regular basis. Apples help in losing weight, preventing a lot of diseases and also helping you maintain good dental health. Let us take a look at the diseasesthat can be prevented by eating apples on a regular basis. • • • • • •

It can help you minimizing the chancesof having Colon Cancer It can prevent lung cancer Can reduce the possibility of having stroke Can reduce the chancesof getting complicated heart diseases Reducesthe chancesof getting diabetes Can surely help you combat Obesity

The health benefits of apples are plenty as they have a lot nutrients and vitamins that are very essential for the proper functioning of the body. Apples are an excellent source of antioxidants. Apples are very high on Flavonoids and phenolic acid and these do exactly the same thing as Vitamin C. Apples are fruits that aggressively work to strengthen your general immune system so that you develop lesser chancesof having any disease. Let us now look at the technical side to understand the benefits that apples provide us. The rich flavonoid content in the apples are very important as the stop us from getting cholesterol, people who have cholesterol could have apples to keep it in check. Quercetin which is a kind of flavonoid is said to be very good for preventing and reducing Asthma and lung cancer. The biggest health benefits by eating apples are that they can help you to cut down any diseaseby at least 50%. The best method to enjoy apples to get health benefits is that they should be eaten fresh or you can even make juice out of them. You can also dry the apples or cook them and eat. You can buy certain apple juices that are a bit cloudy as they have very high content of antioxidant in them. The best health benefits of apple is that you should eat them with the skin as it prevents cancer, many people do not know this but the skin contains a lot of the vitamin content found in the apple. If you really want to enjoy the benefits of apples you should buy them in larger quantities and try to buy only the organic variety. In case you do not end up buying the organic ones you take care to wash them before you eat them as the surface may have pesticide on it. The best health benefits through eating apples before any meal is that it helps in losing extra weight as it fills your stomach and so it actually stops you from overeating at the dinner table. This fruit also helps you keep your cholesterol levels low which is great. So if you are looking for a way to fight and prevent diseasesnaturally this fruit is wonderful. As mentioned earlier this fruit is rich in antioxidants and nutrients which help to keep our health in perfect form. It is best to consume this fruit than to depend on harsh drugs.

The Benefits Of God’s Fruit Apple