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The Achievements Of Minesh Bhindi Minesh Bhindi owns Cash for life which is his business. This business basically teaches investors a smart way to invest money in stocks. He is very young and has already achieved quite a bit for someone so young. He has been running this business for quite a few years and he also started out with his marketing business. He first started out at the tender age of 14 when most people of his age would be playing video games. He would go out with his dad and learn his business which dealt with property and stocks. His dad’s business was thriving for the last three decades. Minesh quickly realized that he came from a business background and that would be his calling one day. So as he grew up he started talking to his dad about his future plans. His dad gave him books that trained young people on things to consider before starting a business. He slowly started gaining a lot interest and he started going with his dad to various seminars. By the time he turned 16 he was already making deals under his father’s guidance. His first deal gave him a return of 68000 dollars and he never looked back since then. He slowly started to get in to stocks and how to buy them and speculate before selling, here he gives full credit to his father for helping him. He then started to sow the seeds for his company Cash for life. Minesh would make property deals on the telephone as he was young if he turned up at the customer’s office they would not take him seriously as he was below 18 years then. Minesh also mentioned at an interview that once he met one his clients who was very shocked to see how young he was. He also mentions that interacting with his dad on a regular basis helped him achieve all that he has today. The reason why he started his company because he was very troubled seeing that the middle class people worked so hard to make a living and pay heavy taxes so at the end of the day they were almost poor. So his company basically wanted to help people to stop paying so much of taxes. He also said that by lowering tax it would enable rich people to go out and spend money that would ensure a healthy supply of money in the economy. In another interview Minesh said that it is very important to learn to take risks in order to be successful in life. He also said that by risk he does not mean that you should gamble away everything that you own. You should simply have the mental strength to handle the ups and downs on the path to success. He also mentions that it is very important to have a mentor who will guide you on how you can be successful and the things you should do or should not do. Minesh has already become a source of inspiration for other young business people.

The Achievements Of Minesh Bhindi