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STD Testing: Stay safe STD is an abbreviation of sexually transmitted diseases, which are the most chronic diseases in today’s society. There are several research studies that have been conducted to accumulate the data that shows most people (1 in 5) will contract an STD- some of which can be deadly diseases. Therefore, the least we can do for ourselves is stay safe from these diseases by having as much information as we can to make informed decisions about sexual activities. The first step is securing your life and safety, as well as that of your partner, by doing STD testing. It’s completely natural to be scared or nervous about such testing, however, delaying or ignoring it is detrimental to your health. There are multiple reasons that compel people to refrain from this testing, but no amount of embarrassment or anxiety is worth your life. All sexual active people need to have STD testing. What is an STD? An STD is a sexually transmitted disease that can afflict people who indulge in unprotected sexual relationships; they can be transmitted by vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, or oral sex. Because you sometimes have no way of knowing if someone is infected, doing regular STD checks is imperative to overall health and well-being. Early intervention can save your life!

Delaying or postponing STD testing/Testing Misconceptions: There are many reasons people choose to ignore the thought of STDs, and some people are simply in denial. Some reasons people tend to delay testing (sometimes with negative consequences) are: • People feel scared of such testing due to ‘information overload’ and don’t know the actual fact about STDs and their prevalence. • Improper availability of testing services. There are some labs that will simply turn people off due to long wait times, rudeness, distance, inconvenience, or one very common reason people are deterred from STD testing, the privacy of the test. • Some people believe myths they hear about these deadly diseases, and they think that STDs are very rare, when in reality STDs are more common than ever. Moreover, they also presume that having oral sex will keep you safe from being affected by STDsThis is NOT true.

These are the excuses people give to overlook or downplay the significance of STD testing. People must educate themselves and research these diseases to make the necessary informed decisions regarding testing.

Why is STD testing so important? STD testing is undoubtedly imperative for people who are engaged in sexual relationships. There is no escaping from the facts or the importance of getting tested because all myths and excuses are enough to cause serious misconceptions regarding STDs. Some other reasons STD testing is so important include:

• It provides a tangible report in regard to whether or not a person is afflicted with an STD • It saves people from many chronic diseases and alerts them of the importance of discussing medications and safety with the doctor. • It strengthens loving relationships with your partner and helps each person feel more secure. If you love someone, it is your responsibility to yourself and your partner to know your STD status. STD testing is often a large and positive step forward in the course of a relationship.

Moreover, the ultimate benefit of this type of testing is the safety of the people from deadly diseases. A large concern is having a lab that provides the services for this testing in a proper manner. There are innumerable labs prevailing in the market to choose from. Therefore, you must have a proper list of your expected services to make an educated comparison and choose the best one. Here are some services that you would surely need to consider when selecting a lab for STD testing.

• The lab must be equipped with all the required instruments to provide flawless and accurate results and a professional report • There should be an option to test anonymously • Results should be provided in a timely manner, typically within 3-4 days • An option should be in place to have instant delivery of the report, keeping the privacy of the applicants in mind.

• The charges for testing must be nominal and within reason. Look for a lab that offers a full STD panel for under $400. • Most importantly, the lab must offer testing for the most common sexually transmitted diseases such as :

1. HIV testing 2. Genital Herpes I&II 3. Chlamydia 4. Hepatitis B 5. Hepatitis C 6. Gonorrhea 7. Syphilis

Overall, it is the responsibility of the individual to move forward with STD testing to secure their lives as well as the life of their partner or partners. By taking responsibility for your sexual health, you can have a secure, pleasant, and most importantly, safe sexual life. For More Information about STD Testing Boca Raton visit

STD Testing: Stay safe  
STD Testing: Stay safe  

STD is an abbreviation of sexually transmitted diseases, which are the most chronic diseases in today’s society. There are several research...