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Stay Away From so Called Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Directories If you do a search on Google for Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup, you get a bunch of results promising you FREE Reverse Phone Search. You also get paid Google adverts saying they would Trace A Mobile Phone Number for FREE. Did you ever stop to think how they paid for advertising when they provided a free reverse phone search? The chances are that their reverse telephone number directory is actually not 100% free. There must be some trick to pay for advertising yet provide a free unlisted number lookup service! FREE Reverse Phone Lookup - How Free Are These Reverse Lookup Services? Well... as you may have already found out, they only provide you the following information. 1. Location of the mobile phone owner - this is NOT the exact address, just the CITY and STATE. For example, they will give tell you this phone number is registered to a person in Naperville, IL 2. The wireless phone company - they will tell you that the cellular phone is registered to Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint etc. Is above Free Reverse Phone Number Search information very helpful? Not really! When you're trying to trace a cell phone number, the idea is to find out the following information. 1. 2. 3. 4.

The cell phone owner's Full Name His or her current and previous addresses Information about his family, marital status His income bracket, house value etc.

You can find this information, but only if you're willing to spare at least 99 cents. This is because cell phone subscriber information has been purposely unlisted from the public domain to protect cellular phone user privacy rights. If mobile number information released to the public domain, it's going to be very easy for telemarketers and prank callers etc to gain access to our personal information. That's the reason why FREE reverse cell phone directories are NOT 100% Free.

WARNING! There are these so called Free Reverse Cell Phone Number Directories that charge you as much as: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

$69 – company A $65 – company B $39.95 – company C $14.95 – company D 99 cents - $4.99 – company E

If you want to find out which company gives you the most accurate and trustworthy information for the cheapest price, visit or read this article on for more information.

Stay away from so called Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Directories  

If you search Google or any other search engine for a phrase like ‘free reverse cell phone lookup’ or ‘free reverse phone number look up’, y...

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