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Social Media Being Pushed as Alternative SEO Arena Experts in search engine optimization are now encouraging entrepreneurs involved in online marketing to consider maximizing the use of social media. Mark Robertson, who is the founder of ReelSEO,explained in a forum during the 2010 Online Video Platform Summit that optimizing content via search engines and social media share the same importance. This statement has been reinforced by TubeMogul’s latest study which tells that Google may have continued to achieve amazingly high traffic volume serving video content. However, Robertson was quick to point out that traffic due to referrals in social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have been growing. In light of this trend, he expressed confidence that social media may surpassYahoo by next year. Frank Sinto, the current chief executive office of MeFeedia, has voiced out his agreement to Robertson’s statements. According to him, the logic behind growth social media traffic for video content is simple: people are more inclined to watch videos recommended by friends online rather than those merely discovered on the web while browsing. In view of such development, KickApps executive vice president Mike Sommers admonished the audience not experiment on very novel video content to achieve optimization. He explained that people still tend to appreciate simpler, shorter, and funnier videos that could be used for marketing ends. Lately, according to Robertson, short videos on news as well those instructional ones have fast become the top favorites of online viewers. Despite this, however, majority of the viewers still use the internet for entertainment purposes. Because of this, Sinton told the forum’s audience that that there is a need to study the behavior and the demographics of the target viewers so that a strategy can be developed afterwards; one that handles well the interest of the viewers as they browse for videos on the internet. Funny or Die vice president for marketing and distribution, Patrick Starzan, admitted that they employ userproduced content as well as those made by professionals. Taboola’s CEOand founder, Adam Singolda, on the other hand, said that social media and search engines are equally relevant when it comes to optimization. He stressed that that if the purpose of optimization is to sell a product then what should be used are search engines. However, if the objective is to provide amusement for the viewers, then social media is an appropriate option. Sinton of MeFeedia agrees to this point. However, he also pointed out to the fact that whenever people search for videos, they may go directly to YouTube instead of employing the search engines.

Robertson emphasized on the finding that there are billions of searches made for video contents on ReelSEO’ssite every month. According to him, this may be a much higher count when compared to the queries that Yahoo receives in the same timeframe. With all these figures and opinions expressed by the experts in optimization, it is expected that more online marketers in the near future would begin creating video content by the hundreds. This could certainly be a boon for the social media sites.

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Social Media Being Pushed as Alternative SEO Arena