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Maximum- Pennies

Launches New Website and

Investor Portal Discover a new way to trade and invest with expert opinions offered by experienced traders. It’s a collaboration of street smarts and technology. Maximum-Pennies recently launched their flagship website, Maximum-Pennies (or ‘MPC’) is a boutique investor-relations company, whose primary host of clients are US and International companies that trade on the Over-The-Counter (OTCBB)and Pink Sheet stock exchanges. Their clients also include other firms in the same business, as companies often combine and pool their resources to deliver the highest quality product and results to their end customer. They offer services ranging from Press Release Consultation & Strategy and general Investor-Relations services to Marketing Campaigns and Stock AwarenessCampaigns.

MPC is one of the first in the industry to be staffed by those that understand the quite boutique field of small-cap finance, promotion, and investor relations best. The owners, staff, and consultants with MPC boast over two dozen years of experience in each of the particular industry niches in which the company conducts its operations. For years, the staff and owners of the company have maintained healthy, mutually-beneficial relationships with all the parties necessary to facilitate their operations. The penny stocks niche in which the company operates requires such relationships, the duration and durability of which can and do exert an influence and noticeable mark on the company’s day to day operations, as well as it’s short, mid, and long-term success. Being uniquely poised not only to maintain existing relationships with key figures in the broad financial services sector, but also to develop, nurture, and grow new relationships is paramount to the company’s long-term strategy for capturing and maintaining market share in their industry. Again, as in many fields and businesses,a company lives or dies as a function of ‘who you know’ and who one can reach out to to close a particular deal- MPC has all of the right foundational elements in place to ensure that our essential networking infrastructure is not only functional, but operates and will continue to operate at its highest capacity.

As an important central component of the company’s core business is attracting and maintaining a base of short, mid, and long-term investors, the security of these clients’ information is critical, both to those individuals and to MPC. To ensure security of these investor’s personal information, MPC uses state-of-the-art online and cloud security software to safeguard sensitive information against potential malfeasance. The company’s cloud-based partners maintain both physical security measures at their places of business, using strict protocols to control access to servers and hard drives, as well as active cloudbased security, using DOD standard encryption algorithms. The company holds their investor’s information privacy and security at the forefront of their concern. For more information pleasevisit http://www.maximum-

Maximum-Pennies Launches New Website and Investor Portal  

Press release for released on April 19, 2012. New website launch details.