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Using Qtake HD we at LH Video Services can help you visualize your shot on set In the samples I have included you can see how we can take a background plate of the city and lay it behind the actual stunt being done live in motion. This ability makes sure that the camera angle and the motion works with the background plate, which is also moving. In the other sample we have logo and title placement that I can do on set so that there is no question as to whether the framing is correct or not. No need to wait until post production to see if it is correct or not. We help you save lots of time in the production and post production process.

The command we have of the Qtake HD software really enables us to minimize the time you spend lining up a shot. Please contact us if you have any questions or need further information of our services. Best, Lee Hopp 917-838-3956

LH Video Services HD video assist system  
LH Video Services HD video assist system  

Intro To Latest Technology in HD video assist system and VFX HD video recording and enhancement.