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Following A Star And Paying A Tribute To The One And Only Talented Musician And Songwriter Olly Murs Oliver Stanley, also known as “Olly” Murs is an English television presenter, musician, and most of all a singer/songwriter. Born on May 14, 1984 in England, his fame rose after completing the X Factor’s sixth series in 2009 as the runner up. The Olly Murs Tribute: What Is It All About This tribute is made especially for Olly and keeps fans updated on when and where he is at all times. It gives his fans a better look into what he is all about, and the launch of his career. Currently, Olly Murs is signed to Columbia Records in the US, Syco Music, and Epic Records in the UK. This tribute showcases the artist’s talents and songs, giving them a fresh twist as you have never seen before. Not like any other tribute shows out there, this particular Olly Murs tribute presents nearidentical performances for any party, event or special occasion, giving you a close-to-the-real thing experience, either as a solo performer or performing with a band. A strong follower of Olly Murs, this artist knows everything there is to know about the talented Olly Murs. In this website, you too, can have the chance to know more about your musical hero. Getting to Know Olly Olly attended Notley High in Braintree, Essex where he starred in the school's football team. His football career ended when he was injured and no longer able to play. Before starring on The X Factor, Murs worked at Prime Appointments as a recruitment consultant in Witham, here he performed with a cover band called Small Town Blaggers along with a good friend Jon Goodey. In 2007 he was seen on the game show Deal or No Deal where he won big only to turn around in 2012 and return again for the shows celebrity version, this made him the only individual to be seen on the show twice. Before auditioning for The X Factor once again, Olly took three months to Australia in 2008 to go backpacking along the east coast by himself. Other than his music and television career, Murs has done a lot of other work that has gained him fame in many countries, including some in North America. In 2011, Murs announced that he would be participating in the BT Charity Trek, along with many other celebrities, where they would be part of a campaign. This campaign consisted of five days in North Kenya's Kaisut desert where they covered at least 100 kilometers of ground in temperatures up to 40. On April 16 Murs won the award for favourite British male artist, on the popular Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. Recently Olly has been involved in some fashion and modeling work. In March 2012 he was the face of NewYorker a European clothing store, where he modeled for their summer/spring look. In Luxemberg and Germany, there was a promotion ran where customers of local stores could have their picture taken with a cardboard replica of Murs. In the clothing label Farell by Robbie Williams, Murs modeled for the autumn and winter look as well. Resource

Only Murs is an amazing superficial portrayal of Olly Murs, featuring all of his X Factor performances and his hit singles. To catch a glimpse of the Olly Murs Tribute, you can visit online where you are also able to see some of his work, his upcoming events, book your tickets early to some of his events, and to learn more about the Olly Murs Tribute Act. You can research more information about him and his upcoming events before booking them, and find where he will be showing next. The advantage is having the events posted in advance so you can book early and have time to attend.

Following A Star And Paying A Tribute To The One And Only Talented Musician And Songwriter Olly Murs  
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