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Eat Stop Eat Review If you are an experienced dieter, you’ve probably seen many different plans to help you lose weight. Eat Stop Eat offers a different approach. With this diet, you follow the nutritional rules, and throw in a day of fasting here and there. Supposedly, this doesn’t throw your body into starvation mode, but triggers it to increase its metabolism. Thanks for checking out this Eat Stop Eat review. Brad Pilon’s diet and exercise program, Eat Stop Eat, features periods of fasting with weight training. The website is straightforward, with the title block at the top. The long heading below the title on the website is a lot to read in large print, and then you have a lot of somewhat informative text, followed by testimonials, and, finally, a call to action. Interestingly, the first call to action is for a free ebook. Brad Pilon, the author of Eat Stop Eat, has a 4 year honors degree in nutrition, so has studied the traditional approaches to weight control. His first job, however, was in the weight loss industry. In fact, he managed the research and development department of a famous supplement company. He also has traveled all over the world with his various jobs, and served as a consultant to many companies. He also had access to some of the most cutting edge exercise equipment. So, during his career, he has worked on developing the right kind of diet and exercise regimen to help promote permanent weight loss. He worked with numerous athletes and bodybuilders to develop their weight loss regimens. The result of this work with athletes and bodybuilders is that he went back to college to get a graduate degree in nutritional sciences and human biology. His Eat Stop Eat program is the results of his hypothesis and study in graduate school. The Eat Stop Eat diet and exercise plan centers on the hypothesis that if you fast occasionally, your body will work more efficiently. Pilon’s idea is that if you fast occasionally, you can specifically target fat in your body. This means that as you continue to diet and exercise, you’ll lose fat and not muscle. The starvation mode that is so familiar to dieters is avoided, because the single day of fasting is not sufficient to trigger this metabolic reaction. It simply triggers the system to burn stores of fat instead of hanging on to them. The diet plan for Eat Stop Eat is easy to follow, which is a major first step to success. A difficult diet is much harder to maintain.

Eat Stop Eat Review