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Does Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty Ring A Bell? How many times have you really wondered whether the trademark mole above her lip is really a miracle of nature or a testimony to the fact that beauty is not merely skin deep? For those who grew up in the turbulent 80’s and 90’s Cindy Crawford epitomized just that– a near ethereal mix of the earthly and divine. Apart from being one of the most popular and admired supermodels of her time, she is also admired for her philanthropic work on the pediatric oncology program, an effort inspired by the death of her younger brother Jeff of leukemia. That is the reason discussion can be seen on cindy crawford meaningful beauty. Talk about meaningful beauty and Cindy Crawford exemplifies just that! What is the secret to her age-defying goddess-like stature especially in the age of a fashion industry which splashes icons of anorexic models on the glossy pages of fashion magazines from fall to summer? What makes Cindy survive as an immortal icon of our times? The answer may lie with French anti-ageing specialist Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh and his pioneering research in youth-enhancing skin care. Cindy has been a longtime client of Dr. Sebagh's revolutionary therapies, so much so that it led her to collaborate with him on meaningful beauty, a nonpervasive approach to everlasting youth and eternal longevity. The skin is the body's largest organ that renews on a continuous basis, every seven to ten weeks, and reflects a person's general state of well-being ranging from the physical to the psychological. It needs a lot of care and attention and must be pampered like a baby. Sufficient intake of water, adequate sleep, intake of vitamins and mineral supplements, regular exercise, avoidance of extreme temperatures, and minimized stress levels are prerequisites for the maintenance of a healthy skin profile. However, in today's fast-paced and dynamic world, it becomes a near impossible challenge to take care of our body's most treasured asset. Meaningful beauty skin-care products claim to be the answer with its combination-therapy of skin softening, anti-oxidant and anti-ageing remedies, eye-lifting and chest and neck-firming solutions. However, the extent to which it may be regarded as the next "elixir of youth" still remains to be uncovered. The secret to physical attractiveness is also attributed to various genetic and psycho-social factors of which lifestyle may be regarded as one of the pre-dominating factors. Cindy explains that starvation is not a solution because going without food simply results in the storage of unwanted body fat. This has long-time repercussions on skin tone and general well being. Rather, a regular input of food augmented with light exercise goes a long way in striking the right balance between a great physique and an equally elevated state-of-mind. Way to go Cindy! Makes sense, doesn't it? The obvious negative feedbacks to cindy crawford meaningful beauty skin-care products range from the bizarre to the utterly absurd. Just check out the zany customer complaints online and I am sure you will be perplexed. They range from dissatisfaction about the products being out of stock to Cindy's endorsement of Mitt Romney as the next President of the U.S. Wow! That should be featured on the next Jay Leno episode, shouldn't it?

Does Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty Ring A Bell  

The obvious negative feedbacks to cindy crawford meaningful beauty skin-care products range from the bizarre to the utterly absurd. Just che...

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