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BP Settlements While the number of lawsuits for damages suffered in the 2010 oil spill continues to build, BP reports that it is looking to the future to try to minimize the financial and environmental devastation that might be caused if similar incidents occur in the future. To date, BP has paid over $7 billion dollars in compensation to individuals, businesses and others damaged in a number of ways by the spill, and Houston, Texas law firm Danziger and De Llano has worked hard to make sure that all injured and interested parties have accessto the latest information via the website, Two years after the devastating BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which killed eleven and dumped millions of barrels of oil into the coastal waters, the company behind the incident has announced that they have spent over $50 million dollars to develop an innovative deep-water containment system that can be flown anywhere in the world to help them prevent future similar disasters from becoming as massive. The system is stored in a disassembled state, and transporting it to the site of a disaster requires five cargo planes and two 747s. In total the kit weighs 500 tons, the weight and volume required to allow it to reach the depths at which oil wells reside, and to withstand the tremendous underwater pressure at those depths. The kits are designed to direct the flow of escaping oil straight up to the surface for easier containment, and includes all of the equipment that was required to address the Deepwater Horizon incident, but that took months to assemble at the site. The extensive amount of time that was required to bring all of the necessary equipment to the BP spill had grave consequences for the communities affected. Richard Morrison, the head of BP’s deep water containment response, indicated that anticipating disaster and being prepared for it is now a focus for BP that had not been present prior to the largest accidental marine oil spill in history. Although BP did design the system for its own use and has it standing ready for needs at any of its global deep water drilling locations, the industry has shown a level of cooperation in sharing technology in times of emergency. The BP oil spill devastated the environment and the people of the Gulf Coast region, and individuals, businessesand government bodies are entitled to file claims for compensation for damagesincurred. Danziger & De Lleon is a Houston Texas law firm that is dedicated to helping all those who suffered the consequences of the spill. Information on how to file a claim and on recent developments involving all parties involved. For More Information visit http://www.bp-

BP Settlements