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Learn to Backup Your PC Data Like a Pro It’s easy when you know how!

Why Back Up Your Data at All?

Because:  You might delete something you shouldn’t  Your hardrive will eventually fail  Your laptop might get stolen  Your PC might get stolen If you use your PC or laptop for business, any one of these could be a disaster!

Choose Your Storage Storage medium, that is - the choices are:  CDs or DVDs  USB memory stick  A secondary hardrive  An external USB hardrive Which is it to be?

Backup Storage

 Floppy disk – No chance.  CD/DVD – OK for archiving, not for frequently changing data  USB memory – OK, but not enough storage space  2nd hardrive – Great for PCs, no good for laptops  Cloud backups – Super secure but expensive  External hardrive – best compromise - fast, lots of storage

Choosing Your Backup Software  Which specialist backup software program?  Does Windows have a backup component?  Does your security software have a backup component?  Does your external hardrive have software preinstalled? Way up the pros and cons of each possibility. Does free sound good? Do you need greater security?

Get With The Program Learn how to set up your software:  When to back up your data  How often to back up  Set up a schedule  How to test your back ups  How long to keep your back ups Learn to set it, then (almost) forget it.

Failure isn’t an Option So the decisions are:  Which storage medium?  Which software?  How do you set everything up?

What Comes Next? Find reviews of the best PC backup software and learn step by step how to use it at: Advice on backups, security, maintenance, tweaks

Backup Your PC Data Like a Pro  
Backup Your PC Data Like a Pro  

To back up your critical business documents, family photos and other personal or irreplaceable data, you need to choose the best back up sof...