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As the owner of a business being able to communicate quickly and easily with your customers is crucial. Especially if you want to see your business thrive in these very turbulent times. One of the most effective ways of being able to communicate with your customers these days is by being able to send a text for free to them.

If you do want to avail of such lines of communication there are numerous websites that will allow you to do this. By using such a service provided by these sites you have a very modern and effective way of keeping in immediate contact with numerous clients at the same time.

However this isn’t the only reason why you should be using such a service to help keep in contact with customers old and new. Below we take a look at some of the other reasons for using a text for free online service.

Reason 1 – You will find that sending texts using an online service is a lot less difficult. With this service rather than having to type out the text message using your mobile phones keypad or touch screen instead you type out your messageusing a keyboard. So rather than it taking several minutes to type and send a message you can do it in a matter of seconds. Of course this depends on how quickly you can type.

Reason 2 – Through use of being able to send text for free you have a great way of enticing hundreds even thousands of potential customers towards your business. Plus as you aren’t being charged for this service it also means you are saving money. So any sales you do make are going to increase your profit margins quite substantially.

Reason 3 - What is great about sending text messagesrather than sending emails is that they get delivered to those you are targeting in a matter of seconds. Plus you will also find that generally anyone receiving such will tend to open them. In fact around 95%of all text messagessent today get opened whereas generally only 25%of emails get opened.

Reason 4 – What helps to make this form of marketing for your business so effective is that in order to receive a message from you the customer must have opted in first. So of course what this immediately tells you is that they are in fact interested in what you have to offer so they are more likely to want to buy from you.

Plus of course if they aren’t willing to keep receiving your messagesthen it is quite easy for them to opt out again simply by sending their own text message requesting they be deleted from the list and this will be done automatically. Reason 5 – When you use a text for free service you are limited to the number of characters the message includes. So of course this means that you need to say exactly what it is and it is this reason why so many texts get opened and read. Resource Box: In order to compete successfully in this current economic situation businesses need to be able to communicate effectively with their customers. One way that this can be achieved is through using text for free services such as that supplied by sites like For More Information about Text For Free visit

5 Reasons For Businesses To Use Text For Free Services  

As the owner of a business being able to communicate quickly and easily with your customers is crucial.

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