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Facile Magento Installation for Your New Online Store Magento is one of the relatively new PHP applications created for the amateur or newbie web developers. Its popularity is quickly growing due to the amazing array of facilities it brings in. Besides, it is published as an open source application, which means it can be easily customized by professionals and doesn't really require any money to get it. Most web hosting companies have already implemented it. Therefore, you only need a few minutes and a couple of clicks to come up with a functional Magento installation. The application is appropriate for a complete and detailed virtual store. Once the installation is over, all you have to do is browse through the settings and customize the platform according to your preferences. From that moment on, your new store is functional. You just have to start adding categories or products. It comes in a default theme, but it is up to you to find new themes or templates for a better look. Magento brings in a multitude of benefits. In an attempt to satisfy their current customers or to attract new clients, most web hosting companies have also decided to implement it with different advantages. For many hosting plans, you don't really need any programming or FTP skills. You can easily install the store from the control panel. Therefore, you just have to look after it and go through the basic wizard. The more advanced users can opt for the professional installation, although the result is the same. One of the major problems amateur virtual store owners deal with is the payment. How are their customers supposed to pay? This is one of the toughest parts to implement, especially if your knowledge is limited. This aspect depends on the hosting company you got. Many of them automatically integrate various payment methods with Magento for a facile result. Whether it is PayPal or PayU, it depends from one company to another. Some of them may even bring in more possibilities at the same time, for your customers to decide which one is more appropriate. However, don't forget to analyze the offers first, since some online payment firms provide discounts for such implementations. What about the themes? Some of them are free, while others are not. Some hosting companies get various discounts for the paid themes, only to get more customers. Make sure you know what you want first, but also search all over the Internet for the free opportunities, as you never know where your dream theme might hide. The themes may be added after you install Magento. The new ecommerce platform was created by Varien. It is available in multiple languages due to the wide user communities. Although the installation is very easy, there are some security measures you must take in consideration. Most of them are appropriate for the advanced users, so check out some tutorials first. For instance, the var or media directories should be writable, but if you hope to install other components through Magento Connect too, make sure the writable properties are set up on all the directories.

Facile Magento Installation for Your New Online Store  
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