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Buy Facebook Fans & Shares – Is It Worth for SEO? The influence of various signals coming from the social media over the search engine results is one of the most common subjects in the SEO industry. Whether you count some tweets, Facebook likes or shares, Google Buzz recommendations or the relatively new Google +1, all these things can significantly contribute to the optimization efforts. In the end, you have one simple mission. The more friends or people watching your posts you got, the more potential customers you can expose your service and products to. One decade ago, the social media was not considered to be such a powerful tool in search engine optimization. These days, it is one of the main weapons. Besides, it represents a solid way to keep in touch with your customers and show them that you care for your image and updates, but also to give them the possibility to contact you directly. With all these, there are still people who think the social media influence is nothing but a rumor. Is it worth registering your business name in the most famous networks? Should you look after a service to buy Facebook fans? How helpful are these things in the long run? According to some recent statistics, most specialists clearly agree that the social signals directly influence the personalized results. In other words, when someone searches for a particular service while being logged in to Google, the results returned are affected by the search history, the website history, but also the recommendations coming from social networks. How many results are affected this way? Judging by the most research studies, up to 20% of the Google searches are personalized. When it comes to clean searches, you will normally observe some results that are tightly connected with your activities in social media, especially if you count the Facebook shares or the rankings from Google. Sometimes, too many shares or likes on Facebook may set your page on the first spots in the Google results too. Therefore, the connection is amazing. The more fans you have, the more people you can share your ideas, posts and products to. When you also get a lot of shares, you know your SEO process is on the right path. However, this relatively new correlation doesn't necessarily imply causality. For instance, a privileged position of Google of such websites can be due to the links they have, while their popularity in the social networks is just an indirect factor to get all of those links. Therefore, the relationship between the Google rankings or the Facebook shares is not casual. It doesn't really influences the position in the search engine results pages independently. Whether you are thinking to buy Facebook likes, fans or shares, you can count on a good start. The more people find your profile attractive, the higher you will get. The search engines don't care whether those likes are paid for or they come from organic traffic, as long as they are there. But then, this is only a small step of a more comprehensive process.

Buy Facebook Fans & Shares - Is It Worth for SEO