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Switch To A Digital Phone The old Landline phone is what strikes into everyone’s minds when someone thinks of the most used gadgets of the old ages of 1900-1990’s. It had its own dignity and having a landline at that time created an impression of being in a high class society. After all, not everyone could afford to have one. But nearly ten decades later, the landlines have become a common possession by everyone, just like all the Vikings had steel helmets. But if they really are a symbol of class then why is it that they are being seriously reconsidered to be exchanged for a cellphone? Even after considering the golden advantage of landlines that it requires no power source from you, there are many answers to the previous stated question. But the main problem with the landlines is that they are not portable. You might shift your landline to some other room of your house but you can never carry it to your work or to a park. Also since there are wires involved, these tend to be messy if kept at a single place for a long time. Also majority of them have no caller ID for you to recognize whose call it is and lack the facility of storing numbers for future calls. You even won’t be having a record of all the calls made or received within a week. Even the call rates of these landlines are high because there aren’t many landline service providers. After considering all these facts, one might want to reconsider to cellphones. But why is having a cellphone a better investment than having a mobile. Well, primarily because, it is portable. It hardly takes the same space of your moneybag. Some of them are ultra-light and ultra-slim and can perfectly slip into any pockets of your trouser or jeans. You can take it anywhere and still make calls. You can even see the caller in your mobile phone (the video call facility) and make it seem as if you’re talking to him in his presence. And because there are a number of phone carrier service companies nowadays, the call rates are surprisingly cheap. Also you will avail the facility of having a caller ID to identify the caller, have access to facilities like Call Waiting or Call Barring. And nowadays you can even access the internet and watch videos or movies in your cellphone only, after you pay a minimal subscription fee. In these present years, most of the companies of phone carrier services provide cellphone at subsidized costs and encourage you to replace your old landlines. Presently there are hundreds of telephone carrier services companies and each of them provides unique benefits. But most of them provide facilities like unlimited texts or calls for a month or a week (after you pay a small subscription fee). So before you choose your service provider, make sure you go through different service providers and check the benefits you’d gain with them. After you get yourselves a cellphone, you would notice the difference it makes in a person’s life.

Switch To A Digital Phone