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The Telecommunication Industry As Of Today Communication today plays the most important role in any sphere of life, be it for professional or personal circle. It allows you to express your views to another person. But unlike hundred years back, geographically distant people can also communicate among themselves, thanks to the invention of telephone. Since the invention of the first mobile phone, several telephone carrier services have emerged, stiffening the telecommunication market. But this sector has been receiving even more stiff competition ever since the introduction of a new technology called Voice over Internet Protocol, or the VoIP. To maintain its business and retain their customers, these phone carrier services have been forced to reduce the price of their call rates, even in this period of recession. The enterprise call center services have been constantly innovating new technologies which can help reduce the call rates and also help the company to survive in the market. But since the late 2000’s, this field has witnessed the introduction some fantastic technologies such as 4G. Because of these technologies, it is now possible to even watch your favorite TV programs in your mobile only without any interruption caused due to buffering. But it does not end here; you can find your way to home or your destination if you don’t know the route, just by clicking few buttons of your cellphone. You can send the pictures of your birthday party or a simple casual gathering, to another distant person just by applying the technologies of MMS. Now more than two persons can participate in a call, and sometimes, even see each other’s face also while in the call. But the technology of having an access to the internet through your mobile, instead of heavy computers and laptops has changed the lives of most people, especially in the corporate sector. If it is observed, then one would find that the telecommunications industry had undergone rapid growth and development since the late 2000’s. Because communication is an important aspect of everyone’s day-to-day life, call centers continue to bloom even in these financially dark ages. Now there are more than 100 renowned telephone carrier services and each of them have their own plus points. But it becomes difficult for a person to choose his service provider among the many, just like a new father finds difficulty to choose a diaper among the shelf of many diapers, for his baby, in a supermarket. Because of the emergence of various telecommunication companies, it is now the perfect time for a person to switch to digital phones, or the cellphone from his old landline. Even many companies are switching their telephone models from analog to digital after witnessing the huge demand for these by their customers. Various telephone service providers are now offering attractive call rates and other miscellaneous services. Even the high tech cellphones are being provided at an unbelievably low price by these phone carrier services. But the near future continues to be unknown. Only the almighty knows what all techie surprises await our present and future generation.

The Telecommunication Industry As Of Today  
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