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Know About Housewarming Parties And Invitations You must have hosted a housewarming party when you moved into your new house. And then again, you must have been to such parties more times than number when you were invited by your neighbors when they went in for home renovations or moved into new addresses. Such a party is usually held to bid adieu to your old friends and family members and welcome neighbors of your new locality so that they can acquainted with and vice-versa. The tone or the setting is usually informal as the hosts generally don’t enough time to organize their new home and hearth. But your new neighbors would prefer having a look at your home in its unkempt and disheveled state so that they can lend a hand in making it look orderly. You should start sending out housewarming party invitations as soon as you move in and the entire process should be complete in three months. The origin of the term housewarming has its roots in the olden days when neighbors would welcome a new neighbor by hosting a party on the new family’s behalf. They would bring in logs of wood as a token or gift that they were welcoming the new family into their fold. These logs were thrown in the fireplace to warm up the home and made enlightened the surroundings and made it lively for everybody inside. Parties used to be more convivial and gregarious as everybody brought firewood or logs and the neighbors really warmed up to the new family members to make them feel at home. Remember central heating was still decades away. Such a party was also held to drive away evil spirits and doppelgangers that used to haunt empty or desolate houses. These days, housewarming parties are a more elaborate affair as the need to bring along wood logs had been done away with a long time ago with the advent of central heating. But then many people to have a feel of the old world charm, sometimes break away from the mould and arrange to have a party like it was used to be done in the olden days. Although it is not mandatory to bring in gifts, it is matter of courtesy and propriety to bring along something as you have been invited. Take something that will add to the splendor or gaiety of the rooms or add to the party spirit. You can take a bouquet or a vintage wine bottle, a vase or urn for keeping flowers and so on. In many cultures and societies, bluebirds were presented as talismans or tokens to bless the new house. Pineapples were popular and very much in demand as gifts for housewarming parties in the ancient and medieval times in both the Americas. One can send out housewarming party invitations for a variety of reasons. It could be for house refurbishments or renovations; it could be for hosting a potluck meal; it could be for getting acquainted with new neighbors. In many communities or societies the housewarming party is arranged by the neighbors on behalf of the new residents.

Know About Housewarming Parties And Invitations  
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