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A New Elegance and Refinement To Your Face!

As the facial feature that is front and center of the face, the nose hugely impacts and defines the beauty and appearance of the individual. A nose that is too long or wide can obstruct the face and distracts from the eyes, lips and cheekbones. But a nose that is too thin and short can really age the person’s face by making it look gaunter. You can have the most gorgeous doe eyes or full cupid lips, but an odd- shaped nose will obstruct them. And even with our own unique facial measurements, sometimes we are born with a nose that does not fit in with the rest of our features. Fortunately, a rhinoplasty surgeon can remold and reshape your nose to match proportionately and bring symmetry to your face.

Quoted as one of the most highly requested plastic surgery, rhinoplasty is a procedure that, while improves the nose, enhances the rest of the face as well. Imagine it as a one-covers-all surgery! You will gain a new elegance and refinement to your facial profile. Any type of modification can be completed; from narrowing the bridge or tip, to changing the angle between the nose and the lip. Before undergoing the surgery, you must come for an initial consultation. Here, your rhinoplasty surgeon will perform a physical examination and laboratory blood tests. By evaluating your skin’s thickness, and bone and cartilage framework, he can determine what exact changes are needed to be made to give you your ideal nose. He will also take front and side pictures for a before and after assessment of the surgery.

On the day of the surgery, you will be administered either a local or general anesthesia. Then your facial plastic surgeon will cut incisions around the base of the nose, and peel back the skin for easier access to the bone and cartilage. Then he can make the changes that were discussed at your consultation, by trimming down or removing

excess cartilage, or straightening the bones. After all is done, he will pull the skin back over the bones and close the incisions with stitches or surgical tape. It will take about a few weeks for a full recovery. There is also an option for patients who have had previous rhinoplasty but are unhappy with the results. Not only do you not achieve the specific look you want, but an improper nose job can affect your breathing quality, or even make it susceptible to infection. A revision rhinoplasty specialist can examine your current nose and see what mistakes have been made, determine the actual results you want to see, and then carry out those changes. The procedure itself is similar to the previous procedures. Your revision rhinoplasty specialist will go in to straighten any crooked bone or cartilage and you will experience less pain and recovery period than a normal nose job. If you want more details Visit Here

A New Elegance and Refinement To Your Face!