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Henry Huang

- Paradise Model - Rose Seidler House

Rose Seidler House

Rose Seidler House, hand drawn plan and elevation. Photoshop rendered kitchen interior and section.

PARADISE To discover paradise one must distinguish the chaos and disorder present in their environment. The common city life is an aspect in which humans are subjected to. Utilising the city morning and afternoon peak hour rush to symbolise the chaotic disorder we live in, there was an opportunity to discover a paradise within such disorder. By taking a photo from a glass box in a sky tower the chaotic rush of the city suddenly transforms the city to be somewhat ordered and peaceful. This notion of viewing what is perceived to be chaotic from a different perspective was the basis of my research. This idea strongly resonates through the lifestyle of those living in the slums of Dharavi. Thus is the basis of my physical model, revolving around the idea of ‘organised mess’ of layers and density whilst still expressing beauty within and throughout the structure as a whole.

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Rose Seidler House Paradise Model

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