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Popular Lauren Bush Lauren Speech Lauren Bush Lauren is the co-founder of FEED projects. She is the Chief Feeder of a charitable organization that aims to offer good products to help and feed the world. Each of the products sold are known to support different organizations such as UNICEF and UN World Food Program (WFP). She worked with UN World Food Program (WFP) as an Honorary Spokesperson in 2004. She was amazed by the hunger and poverty and has travelled all over the world to learn closely about miseries of people. It was in 2005 that she conceptualized the design of the first FEED 1 bag. This project covered the school children for 365 days through the WFP. This was an attempt to give back to the consumers in a meaningful and tangible manner.

Thereafter in 2007 the project sold FEED bags. Projects have partnered with some of the big names such as Pottery Barn, HSN, Barnes & Noble, Disney, and Whole Foods Market to name a few. The sale was of only eco-friendly products. Through this endeavor, FEED has contributed around $6 million dollars to the feeding program of WFP, which means school meals were provided to over 60 million school children. The Lauren Bush Lauren speech is about Environmentally Friendly Design & Social Responsibility, which has gained a huge popularity all over the world. Some of the other popular Lauren Bush Lauren speech topics included Hunger and Food Systems Issues and Designing a New Way to Approach Philanthropy.

She is the chairman and co-founder of the FEED program, a 501c3 non-profit body that supports organizations and programs that are working to eliminate the problem of malnutrition and hunger all around the world. For her contribution in this field, she has been declared as one of the Most Powerful Women Entrepreneur in 2009 by Fortune magazine. She has also featured under Inc’s 30 Under 30 List in 2010. Apart from this, she has also received the Accessories Council Humanitarian Award in 2010, Stevie Award for Best Non-Profit Executive in 2011 and the Fashion Group International Humanitarian Award in 2011. Contact Us :Gotham Artists 550 3rd Avenue, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10016 Phone: 646 873 6601 Fax: 646 365 8890 Email: Website:

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