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Global Antennas Melbourne

Who We Are 

We offer valuable service to Northern, South, Eastern and Western suburbs and also in and around the Greater Geelong area

We offer TV from around the Globe. Albanian TV channels, Macedonian TV channels Greek TV channels, Bulgarian TV channels,, Serbian TV channels, Croatian TV channels and a lot more

Friendly technicians Free no obligation quotes Professional and 5 years Guaranteed

What we Offer  Installation Services  Digital Antennas Melbourne  TV Installation Melbourne  Antennas for Digital TV Melbourne  Antenna Installation Melbourne  Antennas Melbourne  Mounting Antennas Melbourne  CCTV Installation  Digital TV Antenna Installation Melbourne  HD TV Installation  High Definition Antenna Installation  Mounting Antennas  Plasma LCD and LED Wall Mount television installation  Satellite TV Installation  Television Antenna Installation  TV Aerial Installation Melbourne

Why Us  Our Staffs are cordial in their behavior  They offer helping hand at every juncture  15 years experience  Antennas are Australia made  Costs are competitive, there is no hidden cost

Contact Us  Address: 3 Chorley Ave, Altona VIC 3018 Australia  Phone no: 0488 325 445  Website:

THANK YOU For More Information You Can Visit

TV Installation Melbourne Looking for a prominent agency that offers Digital TV Antenna Installation Melbourne? Global Ante...

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