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Henry County Public Schools 2009-2010 Recognitions

Governor’s Excellence Award Student Art Awards Teachers of the Month Valuable Volunteers School Board Meeting Bassett High School Thursday June 3, 2010

Henry County School Board Dr. Joseph A. DeVault Member At-Large

Terri C. Flanagan

Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence

Horsepasture District

Rudy J. Law Vice Chairman Blackberry District

Betsy S. Mattox

Governor’s Award of Educational Excellence The Virginia Index Performance program recognizes schools and divisions based on the percentage of

Reed Creek District

students achieving at the advanced level on Standards

Curtis R. Millner, Sr.

of Learning assessments and progress made toward edu-

Iriswood District

cational goals advocated by former Governor Kaine and

Kathy H. Rogers

adopted by the board as part of its comprehensive plan

Chairman Collinsville District

Charles B. Speakman, Jr. Ridgeway District

for further strengthening public education in the Commonwealth. These goals include elementary reading; enrollment in Algebra I by grade 8; enrollment in college-level courses; attainment of advanced

Superintendent Mr. Anthony D. Jackson

Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Mr. DeWitt House

Assistant Superintendent of Administration and Human Resources Mrs. Linda Dorr

diplomas and increased attainment of career and industry certifications, and participation, if eligible, in the Virginia Preschool Initiative. Sanville Elementary School was recognized with the Governor’s highest honor, Governor’s Award of Educational Excellence, along with only 152 (8%) other public schools across the Commonwealth.

Teachers of the Month

Teachers of the Month

September 2009

December 2009

February 2010

Jay Joyce Stanleytown Elementary School

Lorrie Aldridge Drewry Mason Elementary School

Sarah Burks Campbell Court Elementary School

Angeleen Harry Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School

Sherri Helbert Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School

Kim Craig Bassett High School

Sharon Lovern Bassett High School

Scott Gardner Laurel Park Middle School Jenny Keith Magna Vista High School

October 2009

March 2010

Crystal Dixon Axton Elementary School

Deitra Cassell Mount Olivet Elementary School

Katrina Perry* Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School

Brian Stowe Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School

Lindsay Favero Bassett High School

Luke Boone Magna Vista High School

November 2009 Mary Hall John Redd Smith Elementary School Emily Jamison Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School Justin Littrell Magna Vista High School

January 2010 Libby Green* Collinsville Primary School Leslie Battleson Laurel Park Middle School Jean Cotner Magna Vista High School

April 2010 Rebecca Allen Rich Acres Elementary School Jim Higgins Laurel Park Middle School Deborah Barker* Magna Vista High School

May 2010 Lisa Moran Sanville Elementary School Stacie Hollingsworth Laurel Park Middle School Josh Barnhart Bassett High School

* Teacher of the Year

Student Art Exhibit

Garrett McBeth Carver Elementary School

Malen East Axton Elementary School

Madison Ross Collinsville Primary School

Amanda Shelton Bassett High School

Randall Winingham Campbell Court Elementary School

Payton Norris Drewry Mason Elementary School

Student Art Exhibit

Katlyn Wilson Laurel Park Middle School

Zachary Gilbert Irisburg Elementary School

Mariah Shaffer Magna Vista High School

Kaylah Lowe Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School

MyKayla Carr John Redd Smith Elementary School

Taylor Wilson Mount Olivet Elementary School

Student Art Exhibit

Virginia School Boards Association Art Contest

Destani Hairston

Kayla Woods

Rich Acres Elementary School

Magna Vista High School

Leonardo Sandoval

Joshua Amos

Stanleytown Elementary School

Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School “Blue Ridge Regional Winner”

Tyler McDaniel Sanville Elementary School

Evan Pruitt Rich Acres Elementary School “Blue Ridge Regional Winner”

Valuable Volunteers Moral Hill Baptist Church Axton Elementary School Reverend Echols and Moral Hill Baptist Church have always been big supporters of Axton Elementary School and most recently Moral Hill Baptist Church showed their support not only for the school, but the staff by preparing and serving a wonderful breakfast to all staff in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week. All staff members really appreciated their hard work and look forward to working together to serve the students of Axton Elementary School in the future.

Ann Hudson Bassett High School Ann Hudson gives of her time to Bassett High School in many ways. Her contributions include: chairing the After-Prom Committee, and facilitating the first annual Dodge Ball Tournament and Prom Dress Sale to benefit the after-prom. Mrs. Hudson also solicits donations from local companies, wrote the VASAP grant on behalf of BHS, wrote thank you notes on behalf of BHS, conducted all after-prom committee meetings, coordinates all volunteers during events, attends the majority of the School Board meetings, and served on the Program of Studies Committee. Mrs. Hudson is also the Band Booster Vice President, a member of Athletic Boosters, and a member of the Career and Technical Education Advisory Council.

Debra Belton Campbell Court Elementary School Mrs. Debra Belton has a grandchild, Mia, who attends Campbell Court Elementary School. Mrs. Belton has always been supportive of the school and the teaching and learning that occurs within the building each day. She is currently the PTO treasurer and is doing an excellent job. Organization and planning are strengths that Mrs. Belton has used to strengthen the Campbell Court PTO making the activities purposeful, useful, and

meaningful for the students as well as the staff and community.

Connie Bray Carver Elementary School Mrs. Connie Bray is Carver Elementary School’s PTO President. Mrs. Bray is responsible for an outstanding PTO and has been an advocate for all children and faculty in the school. She has represented Carver Elementary on the Parent Advisory Council and throughout the community. She is well respected and has been a valuable asset to the school and children.

Paige Scott Collinsville Primary School Paige Scott has worked as a volunteer for years as all three of her children have passed through Collinsville Primary School. She gives unselfishly of herself to make Collinsville Primary a better place. She is loved by teachers, staff, and most importantly students. When she comes to volunteer, it is always with a smile on her face and a kind word for everyone she comes in contact with. Mrs. Scott gives one-on-one assistance to students who are having difficulty, reads to classes, and helps at lunch. She gives her personal time to help with special school events, goes on field trips to assist the teachers in whatever capacity they need, and makes copies. During the day, she ties shoes, gives hugs, and dries tears. Her warmth and enthusiasm reflect the love she has for our school and our students. The staff thinks she is an amazing person and very deserving of this recognition.

Rhonda McGuire & Michelle Compton Drewry Mason Elementary School The Drewry Mason Elementary School PTA has been a very active organization. The parent volunteers have dedicated a tremendous amount of time and planning to support the students, faculty, and staff in various ways this year including, but not

Valuable Volunteers limited to the following: funding the playground construction, holding a Fall Carnival for the students and their parents, supplementing instructional supplies for teachers, providing volunteers for picture days, duty free lunches, staff appreciation luncheons, field days, AR celebrations, Jump Rope for Heart events and many other student activities, providing scholarships for students to attend 4-H Camp and field trips, providing students with t-shirts and water bottles for field day, and honoring teachers during teacher appreciation week with breakfast, a catered and duty free lunch, desserts, and door prizes. The PTA co-presidents, Rhonda McGuire and Michelle Compton are responsible for organizing and facilitating a wonderful support group for the school and play an integral part in the school’s success.

April Crowder Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School The meaning of volunteer is simply “a person who performs or offers to perform a service voluntarily.” If there were a picture beside the definition in the dictionary, it would be a picture of April Crowder. She is a true definition of a volunteer. Mrs. Crowder is willing to help with anything that the school needs, no matter how big or small the task. She is the type that looks for things that need to be done and then offers to help or be in charge of whatever it is that is needed. She not only helps with the PTO, she also helps with school picture days, duty free lunches for our staff, and helps to facilitate the school’s Toys for Tots collection. Without her and other volunteers, some things in the school would be impossible to do.

Beverly Millner Henry County Public School’s Central Office Beverly Millner retired from Henry County Public Schools June 30, 2009. Mrs. Millner dedicated 20 years to the division’s Human Resources Department. She was looking forward to the opportunity to spend more

time with her two grandchildren and she had two more on the way. However, when she was asked to come back and help the division she didn’t hesitate to say yes. For the past 12 months, Mrs. Millner has had a “retired smile” on her face, even though she was still working. Mrs. Millner quietly leads by example with her positive attitude and willingness to help in any situation. She demonstrates countless values in her everyday work and will be missed when she realizes that she officially retired in 2009.

Brenda Moxley Irisburg Elementary School Irisburg Elementary School would like to nominate Brenda Moxley, the PTO President for the past two years, as the most valuable volunteer. Mrs. Moxley has devoted a great deal of time in fundraising to benefit the children and teachers at Irisburg. She has dedicated herself to building and enriching the school community. Her countless time and efforts are greatly appreciated.

Sherri Sowers John Redd Smith Elementary Sherri Sowers is John Redd Smith’s PTO President for the current year and elected PTO President for the next school year. She has served on the board of Collinsville Primary, as well as, both years her son has attended John Redd Smith. She has dedicated countless hours beyond her expected role to ensure that the PTO has been an active and supportive school organization. Additionally, she has represented the PTO organization as a member of the Parent Advisory Council. She has represented herself and the school with integrity, enthusiasm, and John Redd Smith eagle pride. Her dedication exemplifies the creed of volunteer.

Tammy Younger Laurel Park Middle School Laurel Park Middle School would like to recognize Tammy Younger as an outstanding volunteer at our school. She is the parent of Courtney Younger, a sixth grade

Valuable Volunteers student at LPMS. She is devoted to the school in helping in any way possible. Mrs. Younger served on the Program of Studies Committee, which helped to revise the upcoming program of studies for the middle school. She also served on the Parent Advisory Committee and provided parental feedback for the 2009-2010 School Improvement Committee. She also worked with the LPMS PTO to assist them with their yearly fundraising activity.

dedicated his time to our school for the past four years. He has served on the PTA as President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Mr. Gravely has always made himself available in order to complete fundraisers or special projects at the school. As a dedicated volunteer, he has become a part of our school community. Doug Gravely is dependable, always motivated, and unwavering in his support of student achievement at Rich Acres Elementary School.

Wilhemina Hairston

Rodney Krontz & Lynn Turner

Magna Vista High School Wilhemina Hairston appears out of nowhere asking, “What can I do?” Though she always has a busy schedule, she still finds time to help in whatever capacity Magna Vista High School needs her. There is no limit to her kindness and generosity. She never has to think about whether or not she can do something, she just does it. Wilhemina often adjusts her schedule to meet the school’s needs. Her energy, enthusiasm, and dedication seem to be limitless when it comes to Magna Vista High School. She exemplifies the ideals of volunteering. She often says “Don’t you worry about that. I can take care of it.” And she does.

Kathy Holthausen Mt. Olivet Elementary School Kathy Holthausen is always questioning what she can do for Mt. Olivet Elementary School, and most importantly, she finds out answers and acts on them to make our school a better place for learning. She has wonderful ideas about how to support our teachers, and she knows how to organize and excite others so they will join in and help our school. Mt. Olivet really appreciates Kathy.

Doug Gravely Rich Acres Elementary School Rich Acres Elementary School would like to nominate PTA Vice President, Doug Gravely for the 2009-2010 Valuable Volunteer Award. Mr. Gravely has consistently

Sanville Elementary School Partnership, that’s what it is all about. Usually one thinks of a company or an organization, in this case it is a “pair” of individuals who volunteer at Sanville weekly – we call them the “dynamic duo” - father and daughter, Rodney Krontz and Lynn Turner. Although Mr. Krontz goes to dialysis three days a week, this does not slow him down. He and his daughter work faithfully every week assisting the librarian with duties in the library. During the Pennies Campaign they rolled over $2,400 in coins. They have volunteered faithfully at Sanville for the past six years even though Mrs. Turner’s children have not been at Sanville for two years. Mr. Krontz and Mrs. Turner represent one definition of volunteer, “somebody who works for nothing.”

Student Art Award Winners & HCPS Art Teachers

Teachers of the Month 2009-2010

Holly Johnson Stanleytown Elementary School Holly Johnson is a hard working and dedicated volunteer at Stanleytown Elementary School. She volunteers several times each week. She spends a significant amount of time with the PTO and doing anything that a teacher may need her to do. She is extremely valuable to the students and staff because she makes sure that they have what they need. Holly goes above and beyond in everything she does.

Valuable Volunteers 2009-2010

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Henry County Public Schools’ Retirees

Special Recognitions  
Special Recognitions  

There were many special end-of-the-year recognitions that took place at the June 3, 2010 School Board meeting.