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NEW PORT IN VALENCIENNES (FR), ON THE ESCAUT CANAL Use what is already in place The competition is about an old

local technological and industrial

industrial district along the Escaut

skills (urban wind-power, recycling of

canal. This district has a strong

the canal dredging trashes,...).

indentity and a local public life


concentrated around a few places just

Those public spaces are now the main

next to the project site.

passing sequences for the people who

According to me, the goal of the

are going from the town-center to the

urban intervention is to ďŹ nd a way to

future technological area, northern

link the speciďŹ cities of the lifestyle

form the site.

with large scale ambitions. The new hybrid places (between

A link & A door The new port is directly included in the public space and is an opportunity to rethink the three main public spaces (a wharf, a square and a park). The implementation is based on the

the private port and the public life) enhance a local public life, transform the area in a new door of the city, and encourage large scale activities.

Henri Winter - Book [EN]  

Overview of works from the last six years

Henri Winter - Book [EN]  

Overview of works from the last six years