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When you are scheduling your vacation or business trip, take a little extra time to search for hotel deals to be able to spend more money on other portions of your trip. Remember that cheap does not always equate to good hotel deals, rather what you are getting for the price you are paying will determine the value of your choice. For example, if the majority of facilities in a certain area book rooms at $100 a night and you can find one for $50 a night, do not be surprised if the towels are pretty worn through or the staff is slow at responding to your needs. With some hotel deals the free breakfast may be a three-dayold donut and yesterday's coffee and while price may seem like a good deal, you will get what your pay for. Many times, hotels with a higher visitor satisfaction rating may offer hotel deals when you stay a certain number of nights or book the room along with airline reservations giving you the opportunity to stay at a more luxurious location for a reduced rate. Having the amenities of a top of the line hotel for middle of the road prices will make those hotel deals that much better. Keeps Eyes Open For Seasonal Specials Frequently, hotel deals are available just before or after a holiday as hotels try to keep their revenue flow regardless of the season. However, if you are booking a room through a holiday, there may be a major price difference on specific days if they occur while an important event is going on. In a college town, for instance, the few days of the year when the students are coming to town with their parents and the rooms will all be booked, you probably will not be able to find any good hotel deals. The same could be true in a resort area where more travelers are coming in for a holiday or special event. Hotel operators are going to keep their rates as high as the market will bear and hotel deals will be at a premium. You may not even be able to take advantage of special rewards during specific periods, as many places will have black out dates and only a certain number of rooms are available for hotel deals based on your rewards. Once those rooms are gone, the rates will not go down. Copyright © John Hanna All Rights Reserved. This article may be distributed freely on your website and in your ezines, as long as this entire article, copyright notice, links and the resource box are unchanged.

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==== ==== Get the best hotel deals on the web from a site that isn't looking to make money but is looking to save you some: ==== ====

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