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==== ==== Nervous about the upcoming food shortage? Learn how to survive the greatest crisis of our time: ==== ====

When we think of emergency survival food and beginning to stockpile food, there are several things that will help in getting started. VERY Important! Would I want to EAT the foods NOW, that I am storing for survival...? Do I want JUST enough food to survive on.... ..... or do I want to ENJOY eating my stockpile of emergency survival food. Make sure you are spending your precious dollars on items you are going to NEED and that you will want to eat! Without a shadow of a doubt, the easiest way and surest way, to get the best combination of foods for your food storage plan is to purchase a ready made food reserves pack such as Mountain House Food packs which are readily available online. The beauty of these food packs is that they last for YEARS so you don't have to be worried about outdated foods sitting on your shelf. And then there is the question of...How easy is your emergency survival food to prepare? Will you be able to prepare it even in difficult times - such as when there is no way to build a fire to cook it with? And then you need to look at.... Does purchasing it fit into your budget? If you are living on a shoestring so to speak, then I would simply encourage you to buy some extra canned foods EVERY time you shop and store it in a cool dry place. Watch for sales and stock up on those items. It is amazing how quickly it adds up! Just make sure you rotate your canned goods. It will not be good to enter a food shortage crisis with only outdated emergency survival food on the shelves either! In Conclusion, determine whether you only need an emergency 72 hour plan, a 6 month supply of emergency food storage, a year's worth of food or whether you want to have an ongoing and long term plan. With the ever pressing danger of a coming food shortage in America, you WILL want to have SOME sort of preparedness plan in motion.... We highly recommend having a plan that will help you survive for a month at the least. Preferably you need an emergency survival plan for a YEAR.

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==== ==== Nervous about the upcoming food shortage? Learn how to survive the greatest crisis of our time: ==== ====

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