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Organic Series Oak matured Winter Schnapps Facts This Winter Schnapps is a truly remarkable version of Aqua Vitae, with Christmas written all over the scent and flavour. Handcrafted and made from scratch only with certified organic ingredients. The fresh spirit is oak matured both prior and after distillation giving extra depth to the character. Only the best fresh organically grown and harvested herbs and botanicals are selected to get the very best smooth, gentle character that still without any doubt will bring your thoughts to the magic of Christmas. The unique distillation process in the small copper pot stills of Hven creates sweetness that balances of perfectly with the Clove and Cinnamon and results in a wonderful blend with the oak maturation. Spirit of Hven organic oak matured Christmas Schnapps can be served as schnapps to a cold appetizer, on ice with a slice of orange or even drunk with the addition of water alone. It is designed to perfectly match the flavours of Christmas with everything from pickled herring and smoked salmon to the Christmas porridge, do not miss out! This is a very unique Schnapps that will give you a new way of looking at flavoured schnapps and Christmas in it self. The final product is hand bottled on site at 38% ABV without any carbon- or chill filtering, no colour corrections or additives. Everything completely natural. All bottles are individually numbered and signed before approval. Scent & Flavour The scent reveals all we link to Christmas, Cinnamon, fresh Oranges, Clove and Cardamom. This is wrapped in gently with hints of Vanilla and liquorice. Unheard of before for sure, this spirit sticks out in any crowd. The flavour is sweet yet compelling with food, it has a long aftertaste with gentle oily mouth feel. The flavour is perfectly balanced on the midst of the tongue. The oak maturation on fresh American White oak contributes with sweet caramel flavor that are spot on balanced with the stringent herbal character. Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn Welcome to enjoy this unique Organic pot distilled spirit, made on the beautiful island of Hven situated in Ă–resund between Denmark and Sweden. The distillery is also unique being only the third Pot Still distillery ever built in Sweden, and as you know third is a charm. The range in the distillery portfolio covers all from Eau-de-Vie's and Gin to Vodka and Rhum varieties. But the heart and soul of the distillery is the production of Single Malt Whiskies, smooth as well as peated. The distillery also holds its own hotel, bar and restaurant, giving you the possibility of visiting and understanding the heritage of the products. To create this product with the smoothest and sweetest character possible the organic wheat distillate is macerated with the best hand selected organic herbs, spices and fruits. Everything is distilled together in the unique small copper pot stills and the result hand bottled on site. All spirits made in the distillery are bottled without any additives and without carbon- or chill filtering, which may cause cloudiness in the spirit, this should be considered as quality insurance for your benefit, as the veils are the flavour components in the spirit.

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