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Welcome to enjoy Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn a 4-star hotel & conference centre with Gourmet restaurant, Pub, Wine bar, Spa, Distillery, Boutique & Sweden’s most unique Whisky bar is located at the famous island Hven, situated in the strait of Öresund between Denmark and Sweden. Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn is the only family owned Pot Still distillery in Sweden today and only the third ever built in Sweden, and as you know third is a charm.


 2009

The environment at Hven is made for new and fresh ideas and provides many opportunities for wonderful relaxation. Here we offer our guests a stay beyond the ordinary. Custom specified packages include everything from guided tours of the distillery, professional tastings of various distillates to picnic in the green…. Of course, we also consider the important contact sections of the conference days in which we provide the group a unique possibility of fellowship and discussions. Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn offers a unique combination, which takes quality one step further. Enjoy the experience!

Anja & Henric Molin

The Gourmet’s Paradise a truly enjoyable moment of life

A nice meal and good beverages in the combination of delight and a good sense of humour are things that are obvious for us that work and lives with Backafallsbyn. We therefore want to let you know that we are aware of how important it is that the experience of a nice meal, good beverages and nice service harmonize to make a visit successful which you will notice during your stay with us. Our cellar master will be happy to help and compose well-chosen beverages to a well-balanced meal just for your visit. We provide culinary surprises of all kinds. Menus with one, tree or nine dishes, according to your desire. Weddings, company parties or banquet dinners, we help you have a successful event! During the summer weeks we open up our season Bistro, we serve delicious summer dishes combined with fresh fish, cheese and meat from the local farmers at the island. Backafallsbyn is an active member of the Regional Culinary Heritage team and promote locally produced raw materials, both for quality reasons and for creating a sustainable society.

The most wonderful & peaceful place and still so close to the heart of all events

Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn offers 4 star international hotel standard and access to treatments at it’s Spa. Backafallsbyn has 36 units and 144 beds. Each unit is 42 square meters and equipped with single beds alt. double beds, a separate room with cable TV, minibar & tea maker and a small patio. There is a tiled bathroom & shower, heating in the floors, towel dryer and hair dryer. The facility has 7 conference rooms with capacity for 250 guests in total, our largest takes 150 guests. All the rooms are bright and customized after modern conference requirements. Our technical equipment is of highest possible performance and you have access to wireless Internet connections throughout your stay. We are able to offer package solutions for you as a private guest or as a conference guest, our visitors are all unique with different requirements and wishes. The booking department will help you find your own personal packaging. Our front desk and our concierge are always to your assistance throughout your event. Help is just a question away! To the island Hven there are no bridges, only water. We help you to arrange the final transfer from your preferred departure zone, the transfer from the mainland is approx. 30 min. It is an easy travel from Copenhagen and Kastrup, Malmö and Sturup, Ängelholm and it’s airport, Landskrona with Ven-trafiken, Nyhavn with Spar Shipping and Helsingborg with Råå ferries. We also have the opportunity to offer you a taxi boat or your own chartered boat if desired.

Professional Tastings and-/or guided tours - A fantastic Experience!

Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn gives you the possibilities of touring the distillery and-/or attend a tutored tasting, but for safety sake always book your visit in advance! Whisky tastings at Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn may vary in number and of varieties, but in most cases, the tasting consists of 4 different kinds of whisky. They can be combined with, for example, cheese and/or chocolate. Our lecturer will talk about the technology surrounding the production of whiskey, talk about our various senses (smell, sight and hearing) and how we are affected by them, and about different locations suitable for whiskey production, tales and legends surrounding the existing distilleries around the world. The lecture is adapted, both for those whom are beginners and for those who have broad knowledge in the spectrum of alcoholic beverages. Guided tours at the distillery Spirit of Hven brings you around the distillery with a guide. You get a good look of the production, you get to see the pot stills and some parts of the warehouse. You also get at chance to participate in the quality assurance department as well as get a chance to stop by the gift shop. The tour takes about 30 minutes. This is the wonderful world of whisky, there are always much more to learn, welcome to share your previous experiences with us and be part of ours, welcome to attend our tours and tastings!

The Whisky bar a unique place a Mecca for whisky lovers Appointed to Sweden’s best bar in 2006!

The whisky bar “Spirit” is ranked as one of Sweden’s best Beerand Whisky bars, and as one of the leading stars in the world. Admittedly their are not to many brands of beer in stock but there is a well balanced variation of 30-50 different Ale’s, Stouts, Lagers and Wheat beers etc. In 2006 the bar Spirit was voted best bar in Sweden by the magazine Vin & Bar together with the Swedish section of international Bartenders Guild. Looking at the selection of whiskies in the bar there are little or no hesitation to why the bar is ranked so high. At any given moment there are at least 500 different Single distillery whiskies brought up from the main warehouse that holds at least another 1000. The shelves at the bar have representation from most distilleries that are and have been active for the last half century. There are whiskies that have been distilled early 30’s to young three year old and “Fresh spirit” not yet able to call itself Whisky. Here are whiskies that have been maturing

in classical Sherry butts to Rhum-, Sauternes-, Bordeaux-, Banyuls-, Tempranillo-, and Barolo casks etc. Here are whiskies from the classical regions like Scotland, Ireland and North America to more exotic places like New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, Thailand and India. This is the place to go if you love Whisky!

The Distillery Spirit of Hven The noble drink

Spirit of Hven the distillery is Sweden’s first and so far the only family – owned Pot Still distillery. The Distillery was inaugurated on the 7th of May 2008.

Spirit of Hven distillery is world unique, us knowingly the worlds smallest commercial Pot Still distillery, where everything from mashing to fermentation, distilling, maturation and bottling are carried out at site. A small format gives great benefits when wanting to extract maximum scent and taste, a small size gives larger surface area per volume for the chemical reactions to take place and giving the wanted character. In the Spirit of Hven distillery everything is designed to the last bolt for creating the unique character that will go in to one of the world’s best spirits. Spirit of Hven works with long fermentation and a variety of yeast strains to get the right flavour and scent in the final spirit. The three stills with their shell and tub condensers are designed to give the right surface area of Copper and the right reflux resulting in a magic combination of scent and taste. The range of the portfolio of Spirit of Hven distillery as of today contains an organic series of spirits with, a Pot distilled Organic Vodka, a Pot distilled Oak matured Organic Aqua Vitae and a Pot distilled Organic Gin. To create these products with the smoothest and sweetest character possible the organic wheat distillate is macerated with the best, hand selected organic herbs, spices and fruits. Everything is distilled together in the unique small copper pot stills and the result hand bottled on site. All spirits made in the distillery

are bottled without any additives and without carbon- or chill filtering, this may cause cloudiness in the spirit, but should be considered as quality insurance for your benefit, as the veils are the flavour components in the spirit. Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn has already collected some international award of excellence. In Monde Selection the world’s oldest (est. 1961) and one of the most prestigious quality control institutes regarding wines and spirits, evaluating over 1500 samples from over 70 countries, Spirit of Hven Organic Gin won a Gold medal in May 2009. July 2009 the results from International Wine & Spirit Competition, the world’s biggest and the most prestigious spirit competition where released. Here Spirit of Hven Organic Oak Matured Aqua Vitae and Spirit of Hven Organic Pot Distilled Vodka were awarded two Bronze medals, These products can be bought at the distillery, in the bar on sight or through the Swedish Systembolaget. It can also be tasted at a lot of restaurants and hotels throughout the world. The distillery also makes a Rum variety made from sugar beets called Beet Rhum and Apple Brandy (Calvados made from local apples) but these are still maturing in oak casks in the warehouses and will not be released until later. The heart and soul of the distillery is the production of Single Malt Whiskies, smooth as well as peated. The first whisky were made at Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn in 2008 and put into casks. It will hopefully be ready to be bottled in 2011 – 2012.


Backafallsbyn AB S- 260 13 Sankt Ibb, SWEDEN Tel: + 46 (0)418 – 44 99 99 Fax: + 46 (0)418 – 44 99 91

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