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Bryony Š Penny Peberdy

Materials 2 balls James C. Brett Kool Kotton DK 4.00 mm hook

Abbreviations ch dc htr tr

chain double crochet half treble treble

ea st cl

each stitch cluster

cl - cluster: work 4tr, remove hook from loop and place in the top of the first tr, pull the loop that was dropped through.

Method Row 1. Make 35 ch, htr into 3rd ch from hook and ea ch to end (33 sts) Row 2. Work 1 more row in htr Row 3. 2ch for height, 1tr into 1st st, *1ch, miss 1 st, 1cluster (Cl) into next st, 1ch, miss 1st, 1tr into next st. Rep from * to end Rows 4 - 6. All in htr Work rows 3 - 6 five times more, then rows 3 to 5 once. (7 cluster rows).

Work round sides (work 1dc into each htr row and 2dc into each tr/cluster row) and bottom edge in dc. Do not work around the top opening edge. Fasten off. Work a second side in the same way, but do not fasten off the yarn. Making up Put both sides together, right sides facing you and, working into the dc around sides and base, work a second row of dc to join the sides together. Do not break off the yarn, but continue around the top, opening, edge of the bag as follows: Row 1. Work 1 row dc Row 2. Work 1 row in Prawn Stitch (dc worked from L to R).

Straps (make 2) 1. Make 62 ch, work in htr, starting into 3rd ch from hook until you reach the last ch. work 5htr into this ch. 2. Turn and work along the other side of the starting chain in htr, working 4htr into the same place as you worked the first htr of row 1. 3. 1ch for height, work all the way round the strap in dc, working 2dc into some of the htr at the short ends so that the yarn does not pull and curl the strap. Ss into 1st dc, fasten off. Stitch the ends of the straps to the inside of the top of the bag.

Lining If required, line the bag by making a simple rectangular lining and sew into bag. This will prevent the bag from stretching as well as stop anything falling out.

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