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The Next Great Steps for Hennepin Church

February 2014

!nSpire Monthly Newsletter

Stay strong, my friends. The light of Christ is leading us; the power of the Holy Spirit is guiding us; and the faith of the Hennepin community is upholding us. – Teri Johnson

Stay Strong, My Friends! Teri Johnson, Lead Pastor

Greetings in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

One evening as I left weight lifting class I thanked the instructor at the door and her reply has not let me go. I said “thank you” and she replied, “stay strong.” Stay strong. One could easily assume as a weight lifting teacher her words make perfect sense. Stay strong. Don’t slack off. Don’t quit. Don’t snack between meals. Keep doing your lunges and squats. Stay strong. Don’t miss a class. Challenge yourself. Push yourself. Eat fiber. Come back to class. Bring a friend. Stay strong. I like it but for other reasons. During these darkest days of the year, light is fleeting and we can easily grow accustomed to the darkness. It is easy to stay comfortable in the complacency. Christmas is over, the wind blows and the snow falls. Yet, we are living in Epiphany, the season we remember and celebrate the time a bright light guided the magi through a dark time to the Christ child. I know there are many in our family of faith who are living in the darkness of death, illness, treatments, unemployment, broken relationships, times of transition and inner struggle. Yet we follow the light of Christ who continually says to us, “stay strong for even in the darkest time my light and love surround you.” Stay strong. Christ will never leave or forsake you. Stay strong. Even though the way seems hard, Christ will carry and protect. Stay strong. When the darkness is overwhelming, the light of Christ breaks forth. Stay strong. The Spirit is whispering, guiding and always directing. Stay strong. I recently read, “faith is never given in sufficient quantities to individuals, only to communities.” What a comforting thought that when we are overwhelmed, swallowed up by the darkness, the faith of our church family will support and lift us. When our faith feels depleted and our inner strength zapped, this community, the very body of Christ will carry us. Stay strong, as Christ’s body, the Church! We are working on a strategy for growth of spirit and participation at Hennepin in the next several years. Where are we hearing God’s call and how will we answer? We are naming our journey The Next Great Steps for Hennepin. We have Alban Institute consultant Sarai Rice to guide the creation and execution of our process. It is my hope that with Sarai’s guidance and the full participation of the laity at our planning retreat at Koinonia, we will set a framework for our plan. We will gather information from the congregation from now until April 30 leading to the creation of The Next Great Steps for Hennepin. This will be written by a steering team and we plan that it will be adopted by the congregation by May 31. Continues on Page 2

Coming Events February 2 Congregational Celebration (p.3) Introduction to the Bible (p.3) Celtic Threads (p.3) EHEAT Advocacy Training (p.3)

February 6 EHEAT Advocacy Training (p.3)

February 7 Life Adventures Valentine (p.4)

February 14 Valentine’s Dinner/Concert (p.4)

February 16 Talking to Kids about Faith (p.3) Peace Through Justice (p.5) Laugh Your Way to Grace (p.5)

February 18 Lenten Devotional Deadline (p.3)

February 22 Children’s Choir Festival (p.4)

February 23 Charge Conference (p.3) CSBQ Concert (p.4) Laugh Your Way to Grace (p.5) Metro West Builders (p.2)

March 2 Laugh Your Way to Grace (p.5)

March 5 Ash Wednesday

March 21-23 Women’s Retreat (p.3)

Editor’s Note: The cover image not only is evocative of the “Footprints” poem you may be familiar with, but is a glimpse of warmer days and places in the midst of our cold winter. Soak it in and keep warm as we journey forward together in the Next Great Steps for Hennepin Church! 2

Continued from Page 1 Stay Strong, My Friends! Stay strong! Our work will be intense and exciting now through May as together we map out dreams and goals for our church community! I invite you to pray about the part you will play at Hennepin Church. God is doing amazing things in our very midst and God will continue to push us forward to our shared future in Christ. And now I share with you a weight lifting instructor’s benediction: Stay strong, my friends. The light of Christ is leading us, the power of the Holy Spirit guiding us, and the faith of the Hennepin community upholding us.

Steeple People Thrift Store Seeks New Location by Fred Blaisdell The building where Steeple People Thrift Store is located (2004 Lyndale Avenue S.) is being sold by the owner for development. Steeple People Store operation at this location will end on or before May 31. The SPTS Board of Directors, anticipating this event, has been working with commercial real estate professionals to identify possible future sites for the store. While plans are being made for a move to another location, business will continue at our current location until the move. We have been blessed by the support members of HAUMC have given us over the past 35 years, and we would be grateful for your continued thoughts and prayers during this time of transition. On January 7, the Board appointed HAUMC member Gail Onan as its Executive Director for Store Transition. As a long-time volunteer and past Board President, Gail will direct the activities necessary on this short timeline for change. The SPTS Board determined the following three planning options in order of preference. 1: Identify a location for a facility that would promote continued store success with a move before May 31. 2: Discontinue store operations on or before May 31, store or dispose of remaining inventory/equipment and continue the search for a suitable location. 3: Permanently close Steeple People Thrift Store and celebrate 35 years of success. A Board Transition Subcommittee (Fred Blaisdell, Jane Stegner, and Jim Stevenson) has been appointed to work with Gail. While each of these persons will be involved in planning decisions, we ask that all communications be addressed to Gail. If you have ideas, please forward them in writing to Gail by email or letter at the store. We appreciate that SPTS is important to us all, and your thoughts will be considered even if they may not be able to be implemented. Regular communications will be forthcoming. While many caring and concerned persons may be discussing the store future, please understand that “official” information will come through Gail and the Transition Subcommittee. Steeple People Thrift Store is a nonprofit outreach ministry of Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church. The store was founded in 1979 to provide a community service of accepting donations of quality goods, selling them at reasonable prices to support those in the community and awarding grants from its proceeds to other nonprofits to support community needs. Over its history, Steeple People has awarded over $800,000 in grants. Last year $71,500 was awarded to the church and 27 nonprofit programs serving needs of the community.

Metro West Builders Celebration Feb. 23 at Walker You are invited to the Annual Celebration and Dinner for the Metro West Builders from 4-6 pm at Walker Community UMC (3104 16th Ave. S. in Minneapolis). There will be tours of the new facility at 3:30 and 6 pm. Music by Joyful Noize from Park Avenue UMC, and a taco fiesta dinner will be provided by La Puerta Abierta.  The keynote speaker will be Rev. Judy Zabel, Twin Cities District Superintendent. Reservations are needed by February 14. (Cost is $12 and can be paid at the door. Cash and checks preferred). Register at or call 612-615-6102.

Lenten Devotional: Holy Way

Congregational Celebration Feb. 2

Submission Deadline 10:00 AM, Tuesday, February 18

Social Hall, Narthex, Restrooms Project Complete!

And it shall be called the Holy Way – Isaiah 35:8 As we gather our hearts together in an observance of Lent, we will be held by the theme of “Holy Way.” This theme came out of the Worship Team’s planning for our worship life together in Advent and Lent and connects us with our past theme of “Awaken to Amazement.” What does it mean to walk the Holy Way? How do the practices we engage in during Lent help us to see our daily ways as holy ways? What does it mean in your life to walk in the Way of Jesus? These questions and many more will be explored in our Lenten devotional in which all Hennepin folks are invited to participate. If you have never written for the devotional before, here is your opportunity. If you are a long time participant, we welcome you again. Please submit your short reflections (250 words or less), poems or prayers to on the theme of Holy Way by 10:00 AM, Tuesday, Feb. 18.

Charge Conference Set Sunday, February 23 – 12:00 Noon At 12:00 Noon on Sunday, February 23, we will be joined by our District Superintendent Judy Zabel for a Charge Conference. Agenda items for our congregational meeting include celebrating the past year, approving membership reports and 2014 budget, looking ahead to action items from our recent leadership retreat, and more. All Hennepin Church members are invited to attend this fun, important and informative event! Another exciting part of our charge conference will be an update on what we are calling The Next Great Steps in the Life of Hennepin. Our church leaders met at Koinonia Jan 31-Feb. 1 and created a plan to ask all of you about the direction you’d like Hennepin to go in the next several years. We’ll be coming to you with questions in March and we’ll have our Next Steps mapped out by the start of summer. We’re counting on you to participate!

In the Sanctuary of Women Women’s Retreat at Koinonia March 21-23

Come to this celebration marking the completion of the construction/remodel of the Social Hall, new restrooms, stage, and narthex restroom. Come down for Breakfast Fellowship (free-will offering) and hear some brief remarks and thank yous at 11:00 AM. It’s a New Day!

Celtic Threads 9:00 AM – Feb. 2 in Sacred Journey Worship Hennepin Church welcomes author Padraigin Clancy and harpist Dennis Doyle to Sacred Journey on February 2nd. These two beacons in Celtic writing and music are in the Twin Cities for a weekend of celebration of St. Brigid at the Carondolet Center. More information about these leaders and this event at:

EHEAT Advocacy Training 11:00 AM – February 2

6:30 PM – February 6

Concerned by the destruction of the environment, the horror of human trafficking, or the problems of homelessness? Whatever your cause, you want to be able to do something about it – so that our world can be made right. But how? EHEAT will be presenting a 2 hour workshop for those interested in learning the mechanics of lobbying to influence the legislative agenda. Led by Bill Gjetson, the workshops are open to all willing to rally their legislator’s support for their concern.

Introduction to the Bible 1st Sundays, Starting February 2 Starting February 2nd, we will meet on the 1st Sunday of each month for an introduction to the Bible. Interested? Please contact Leah Rosso at This class is designed for those wanting to know the main stories, themes, and ideas that run through the Bible.

Talking About Faith with your Kids 3rd Sundays, Starting February 16

Save the date! We’ll spend time celebrating the women of scripture, history and those in our lives who have shaped us and offered their wisdom. More information in the coming weeks about this retreat led by Leah Rosso and Sally Johnson.

Ever wonder how to talk about faith with your kids? A Bible and Faith discussion will take place with parents on 3rd Sundays starting in February. Childcare will be available for kids infant to 8. Please register with Leah at or by signing up at the front desk. 3

Life Adventures Valentine’s Party

Happy Valentine’s Day!

12:00 Noon, Friday, February 7

Friday, February 14 Dinner/Concert in the Art Gallery

All Hennepin Seniors and friends are invited to celebrate Valentine’s Day a little early at this special luncheon. Steve Blons, Hennepin member and Sacred Journey worship leader, will present “Our Hearts Desire” which will look at familiar love songs and ancient poems in a new way that is sure to connect with everyone! Invite someone to come with you. Prepaid reservations are requested by Monday, February 3. Cost is $15.

Again this year, the Hennepin Chamber Singers invite you to a special dinner and concert on February 14th in the Art Gallery. A delicious catered buffet will be followed by a delightful concert of music from a madrigal to Brahms’ “Love Song Waltzes” to Gershwin to a medley from “West Side Story.” Make reservations at the reception desk by Feb. 9th ($20/person).

New Year’s at Koinonia Mark Peterson The snow was squeaking underfoot as fifty guests made their way around Koinonia Retreat Center for the annual New Year’s Retreat. The youngest camper at this intergenerational event was one year old, and the oldest was eighty, or thereabouts.      Our time together featured many winter activities: cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, ice fishing, sledding, sleigh rides, skating and making snow angels. Some even ventured to a nearby snowboard and ski area for downhill fun. There was time for board games, puzzles, movies and relaxing. Several checked out Woodhaven (formerly Columbine) in its final stages of renovation. All were amazed, and looked forward to staying in this wonderful facility in the New Year. “This could be my lake cabin” one guest exclaimed! Later we gathered around an enormous bonfire on the upper level near the campsites. The fire took the edge off the otherwise chilly -17 degree temperature. Some, but not all, made it to midnight when hats and horns signaled the coming of 2014. A New Year’s Day worship service in the Chapel wrapped up our time together. Both grown-ups and kids left small stones in an offering plate representing things they’d like to let go of. Then everyone placed a candle on the altar as a symbol of their hopes and dreams for the New Year. A magnificent brunch followed and then it was time to head home. One guest who had not been to Koinonia before said, “I’m impressed with the facilities, food and activities! I want to do this again next year!” Mark your calendars: New Year’s at Koinonia in 2014 is scheduled for Dec. 30 – Jan. 1! Many other events are planned for 2014. Pick up a flyer in Carlson Hall. 4

Children’s Choir Festival Saturday, Feb. 22 – 2:30 PM Concert at the Basilica Every two years children’s choirs from all over the area join for a day of singing with a guest conductor, and our Altar Choir is among the 200 kids participating. This time it's being held at the Basilica of St. Mary on Feb. 22nd. The public concert will take place there at 2:30. Your attendance will speak to our kids and will reward you both emotionally and spiritually!

Copper Street Brass in Concert 4:00 PM, February 23 Hennepin’s artists-in-residence, The Copper Street Brass Quintet, performs a program of music that made the brass quintet famous. Designed as an exciting and educational “informance,” the quintet will take the audience on a musical journey, performing and speaking about music from Renaissance originals to Classical transcriptions to jazz and modern music as well as CSBQ originals. These performances never cease to amaze – don't miss it!

Volunteers in Mission Say Thanks! A big THANK YOU to Hennepin members who donated school supplies for Costa Rica. Twelve Hennepin members will help at the Strong Mission in Carrillos, Costa Rica, February 5-16. They are delighted to take school supplies and Spanish language bibles with them. This is Hennepin’s first VIM (Volunteers In Mission) trip to Costa Rica. The last VIM trip was in 2009 to Cuba.

Garden Tea Party Success Stories Over the years, our Garden Tea Parties have raised over $15,000 to benefit Hennepin outreach projects. Previous recipients include Community Meals, Knotty Quilters and Imagine NO Malaria. In June the women behind these parties are planning to again host a delightful “from scratch” three-course brunch as well as a silent auction to raise funds and awareness for Hennepin outreach. We’ll keep you posted as details develop.

Peace Through Justice Forum

To All Women: Giving It Our All

Sara Messelt at 11:00 AM, February 16

Jennifer Hipple, UMW President

Learn about fetal alcohol spectrum and our statewide organization working to eliminate FAS in Minnesota. The organization also has many different programs which support and educate individuals and families as well as the general public. FAS affects us all. Sara Messelt, Executive Director, will add to your understanding of this complex challenge and the many ways it is being addressed. Come, and bring your questions, too!

I don’t know about you, but I find myself complaining about being tired, overwhelmed or worn out by day-to-day “stuff.” I wish I were one of those who had an unending exuberance to go, go, go and do, do, do. I used to be. In December, I had the opportunity to supervise volunteers at Operation Christmas Child (OCC). We inspected and repacked incoming boxes filled with small toys and treats going to needy children all over the world. Before each shift, a member of the OCC pastoral team would inspire us to work as hard as we could to meet our production goal, somewhere in the neighborhood of 25,000-35,000 shoeboxes in a sevenhour shift. During one of these huddles the pastor said her personal mission is to work as hard as she can as long as she can (a Wesleyan theme!) doing God’s work so when she reaches heaven, she is so worn out that St. Peter will need to carry her through the Pearly Gates. That message has stuck with me. I think about it often. What am I willing to give my all to? I often feel beleaguered by the pressures of making a living, caring for the multiple needs and concerns of aging parents and attending to the details of my own life, all while trying to be a productive member of my church community. I’m torn between the constant thought of “something has to give” but the desire and call to do more, to make a difference somewhere, somehow. Many of us wish to move forward in discovering how we can refresh and remodel UMW at Hennepin to make it engaging to women of all ages. In the months ahead, we will be asking YOU to help us identify how we can broaden and deepen the scope of resources and activities to revitalize what United Methodist Women looks like at Hennepin. But we need YOUR help! Quite honestly, I’m prayerfully determining if I can give my “all” to this. I need help. This can’t happen in a vacuum. I’m personally inviting all women at Hennepin, yes, YOU, right now, to let me know what you’d like to see happen with UMW at Hennepin. The sky’s the limit! Let’s see what happens. I’m not asking you to commit to anything. I simply want to receive your questions and suggestions. Yes, I mean YOU. Please contact me via phone, email or mail. I’m in the church directory. I wonder what might happen if we choose to give it our all. I’m willing to try if you are.

Laugh Your Way to Grace Reclaiming the Spiritual Power of Humor 11:00 AM Sundays, February 16 – March 2 A new Winter Study begins on Sunday, February 16th led by Teri Johnson. Join Pastor Teri for this unique way to warm up our winter days and nourish our spirits. Special guests will introduce each week and we will laugh all the way to Shrove Tuesday, March 4th with a celebration of music, food and fun.

In Your Church Library Lois Carr Reading worthwhile books can help us live out our faith. Visit your church library to find many classic and new sources of understanding the ideals of the Sermon on the Mount. Brother, I’m Dying by Edwidge Danticle. The author tells the story of her family in exile from Haiti and struggle to make a new life in the modern world, a powerful memoir of adapting with pain and joy. Bonhoeffer The Assasin? by Anthony G. Siegrist. This book offers that Bonhoeffer maintained his call to peacemaking and did not  participate in “actions” to kill Hitler and never abandoned his discipleship. Uncollected Poems by R.S. Thomas. Called “one of the finest poets in the English language and Wales’ greatest poet,” Thomas draws his images from the science of his day to look without blinking into the misuse of the raw material of humanity. The International Bank of Bob by Bob Harris. While in in Dubai, Harris got sidetracked by the stories of indentured immigrant laborers. He determines to do something through providing “microfinancing” loans to small businesses, working to improve the lives of millions through connection rather than charity.  The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson. This story describes what happens when one’s personal desires comes into conflict with a national script (North Korea) full of hunger, corruption, and casual cruelty, with characters from all levels of society.

Thank Offering Exceeds Our Hopes Thanks to your generous support, the UMW Thank Offering in November collected approximately $5,800. These gifts will support Hennepin projects and our mission work here as well as nationally/internationally. A huge thanks for your support of Hennepin’s United Methodist Women and our mission. 5

Introducing New Lay Leaders

Transforming Power

Lynne Carroll and Dan Cunagin, Co-Leaders

by Richard Demming

Make your voice heard. Share your compliments, questions, suggestions and concerns with our new CoLay Leaders, Lynne Carroll and Dan Cunagin. Recognizing that the task of representing the laity across 3 leadership committees was a job too big for one person, we have now elected Co-Lay Leaders. (Thanks, again, to Dave Johnson, 20??-2013 Lay Leader, and those before him for their large contributions of time and effort.) We invite you to seek out the new Co-Lay Leaders to share your thoughts them: Lynne Carroll is Lay Leader for Ad Council and Staff Parish Relations and Dan Cunagin is Lay Leader for Ad Council and Finance Committee.   Thank you, Lynne and Dan, for filling this important role in our church community.

I was a loser, stuck in addiction and subconscious beliefs learned as a child in a dysfunctional family – of being unworthy, unloved, and incapable of success. Knowing that I was capable, yet never willing or able to take responsibility for my own well-being, I was a classic example of a self-fulfilling prophecy of not using my potential.   Never finishing anything I started resulted in divorce, failed relationships, abandoned children, and, finally, a violent crime, imprisonment and incarceration. In prison, I finished my undergraduate degree, worked as an educational tutor with men who felt as I did – that it was time to begin self-transformation. I became involved in a conflict resolution program as a Peer Trainer, spent over two years in an intensive Bible-study program, and started to change. Following release, I worked in a conflict resolution program with people returning from incarceration and recovery.  I returned to school earning a Master’s Degree and now PhD classes.   I discovered the Dignity Center and its work with people just like me – stuck and desiring to make their lives better.  I have been enormously blessed with the forgiveness, trust, and opportunity for reconciliation that people have given me. That major transforming power – from trying to do life myself, to allowing community to fill me – is something the Dignity Center has shown me. Working as an Advocate with people like me, I see myself in them. I witness the spirit that is alive in another and how it changes and transforms when acceptance, acknowledgement, and accomplishment begins to be felt. My story is one of transforming power, alive in me, and at the Dignity Center.   

Help Refugee Families Find New Life Ann Carlson Imagine living in a country where you fear that you and your family may be killed because of your political beliefs, your ethnic group or the war surrounding you. Imagine your home destroyed and you had to flee and live in a crowded refugee camp.  You decide you must leave and resettle in a safer country but you don't know the language or culture. You would need help to find a furnished place to live, to learn the language and customs of your new country, and to find a job to support your family. The Minnesota Council of Churches Refugee Resettlement Program aids about 350 individuals and families each year, with intense 4-month support from local church volunteers. These volunteers find household furnishings for one or more families. The MCC Refugee Program secures the housing for each family. Local church supporters also provide transportation to essential appointments for family members, help with enrollment in English classes and assist learning public transportation.  While the MCC program teaches American culture and job seeking classes, local church supporters help refugees practice job interviewing and discuss the employment culture in the USA. Throughout the 4 month co-sponsorship process, MCC Refugee Service is involved with each partner church, guiding volunteers through the process.  MCC recommends a team of 8-10 church volunteers to help with the resettlement. Joo Kim, MCC congregational liaison, says: “The church volunteers provide supportive community which means survival to the refugee families so that they can achieve sustainability and prosper in a new environment.  Church volunteers are the face of hospitality and caring to strangers in a new land.” Are you interested?  There are jobs for those with varying levels of time or skills.  Contact Ann Carlson at or 763-464-6850. 6

350 Children Will Know We Care 350 School Kits Completed by Hennepin Volunteers Thanks to Hennepin children, their parents and others who braved the cold to come to church on Sunday, January 5, 350 children somewhere in the world will know someone cares about them. Following worship, diligent and persistent workers walked an UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) school kit assembly line over and over again to fill 350 bags with school supplies for children who may have lost almost everything through natural or civil disaster. Hennepin members and friends took these kits to UMCOR Sager Brown Disaster Relief Depot in Baldwin, Louisiana in mid-January. Thanks to all who contributed funds for kits: Steeple People, Project 52 donors and others; the children and youth who removed packaging to facilitate the assembly line, the assembly line workers, and the mission team transporting the kits and then working in the Disaster Relief Depot and community Jan. 12 - 24.

Hennepin Community News

Three Honored for Spirit of Mission

Rachel Elliott

by Janelle Vaubel

I start our news with the warmth of Hennepin’s love on these cold days, and a special note of thanks to the choir for its faithfulness on cold (and hot!) days. We join in mourning the deaths of Edward Posey; Rosemary Morshare; Cathy Wright; Beth Wiggins’ father; and Larry Olson’s mother in January. Our prayers surround Bill Mathis as he travels to Florida for his father’s memorial service. We learned of the death of Weldon Wood, a member from the 40s to the 90s. Our prayers fly south with our snowbirds as well as the UMCOR team that went to Sager Brown Depot in Louisiana. You picked the right time, friends! Recently hospitalized include Sheryl Cleveland, Nancy Goodhouse, and Joe Lyell, with Darlene Monson still in Care Center. Recovering at home are Charlene Bauer, Kurt Loether, Hanna Emerson, Nancy Graves-Cronin and Sheryl Cleveland. Donna Hedin is recovering from surgery on her knee. We welcomed Solveig Morvel Godfread, daughter of Paul and Miranda; and Annie Quinn Rosso daughter of Leah and Todd to our community through baptism. Ramar Davis, Nicholas Plummer, Godfread Kankam and August Dobbins continue to serve in Afghanistan and we continue to pray for all those in the service. Some fun facts: Mary and Clint Hewitt’s daughter Kelly was invited to the White House to shake hands with the president; seeing Charleen Bauer in church after Christmas; hearing Garrett Johnson tell of his call to ministry; Laurel Curtis receiving her para-legal degree; and seeing Marcia and Michelle Engel and Jean Girardot at church. Bill and Caroline Pilgram moved to Walker with the help of their kids. The newly added restroom in the narthex is open for business. They did a great job. It looks like it has been there a long time. Have you seen David Mulford signing during the 9:30 worship? I love watching him, and since we hear the words “God”, “Jesus”, and “heaven” so often his hands are up in the air a lot! If you or someone you know would like to “see” the sermon there’s room in the first pew on the pulpit side for you. Do you know of the prayer group ministry? Members receive a list each week of those who have asked for prayers. Call Tara at church and volunteer if that sounds like a ministry that fits you.

In December, Hennepin’s United Methodist Women recognized the exemplary volunteer service of Susanne Mattison, Larry Dunbar and Mary Mensheha. Susanne serves as chair of Susannah Wesley Circle; a leader in  local and district UMW;  food service coordinator for many HAUMC events;  volunteer and board member at Steeple People; a mission trip participant; and helping  Haitian bakers  develop methods for using breadfruit flour. Larry  was recognized particularly  for  his great empathy and ongoing work with  refugees; leadership in  the resettlement of an Iraqi family and instructor for classes of immigrants at the Church Center; and for his initiative and leadership in Volunteer In Mission (VIM) trips; the past trip to Cuba and the current preparations for an upcoming Costa Rica trip.  A long-time member of the Thursday morning Bible study class, Mary Mensheha serves as  one of  the  coleaders of this class.  Mary served many years as chair of the Congregational Care Committee; has  co-chaired Life Adventures, recently returning as  a committee member; and helps facilitate HAUMC 50-year member recognitions. Friends say she is best  described  as a caring individual who can always be relied upon for her small, but invaluable acts of kindness in helping others with what they need.

Congregational Prayers As a congregation we mourn the death of members: Edward Posey, Rosemary Morshare, and Cathy Wright. We welcome through baptism: Margaret Metta Hauser Ehlers, Annie Quinn Rosso and Solveig Marvel Godfread.

!nSpire FEBRUARY 2014 NEWSLETTER The !nSpire is a monthly newsletter for members and friends of Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church. Thanks to all who have shared articles or information for this issue! 10:00 AM, Saturday, February 15 is the deadline for the March InSpire. Please email articles to or submit through our website: or drop off at the church, attn: Daniel, 612-435-1320.

Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church 511 Groveland Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55403 612-871-5303

HennepinChurch.Org 7

Next Hennepin Avenue Great United Methodist Church 511 Groveland Avenue MN 55403 Steps Minneapolis, 612-871-5303



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February 2 8:30 AM 9:00 AM 9:30 AM 11:00 AM 5:00 PM

Communion Service Sacred Journey Sanctuary - Teri Johnson, preaching Many Voices Sunday at 5 Gathering of Recovery

February 9 8:30 AM 9:00 AM 9:30 AM 11:00 AM 5:00 PM

Communion Service Sacred Journey Sanctuary - Sally Johnson, preaching Many Voices Sunday at 5 Gathering of Recovery

February 16 8:30 AM 9:00 AM 9:30 AM 11:00 AM 5:00 PM

Communion Service Sacred Journey Sanctuary - Teri Johnson, preaching Many Voices Sunday at 5 Gathering of Recovery

February 23 8:30 AM 9:00 AM 9:30 AM 11:00 AM 5:00 PM

Communion Service Sacred Journey Sanctuary - Leah Rosso, preaching Many Voices Sunday at 5 Gathering of Recovery

Stay strong, my friends. The light of Christ is leading us; the power of the Holy Spirit is guiding us; and the faith of the Hennepin community is upholding us.

!nspire Newsletter-February 2014  

InSpire is the monthly newsletter of Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church in Minneapolis, MN.

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