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Henna Tattoos Do Not Cause Pain Tattoos are becoming more popular among the younger generation. Regular tattoos comes with lot of chemicals and you will need to spend more for removing all those tattoos. Instead you can use henna tattoo, which can be applied to the skin surface with a die, which is a plant based die that will stain brown, orange on human skin. This die or PPD is made artificially from Lawsonia Inermi plant in order to apply tattoos and is considered to be unsafe for humans, as per FDA report. These tattoos are for temporary use and are painless since they involved only coloring. Most of these tattoo types will last from one to four weeks. You can apply this tattoo by yourself with the help of different types of henna kits available in the market. If the design gets mess up, you can change the design in few weeks. It can be considered as safe to be painted on skin of kids and pregnant women, because the tattoos do not cause any pain. The henna kits are available in the form of stencils. Those who are not very artistic can use this.Black henna uses PPD chemical that is not safe. Professionally applied henna tattoo will look good on skin. These tattoos have become the traditionally cultural tattoos for the people in the Middle East, Africa and in many parts of the world. The specialty of this kind of tattoo is that it will tear off in few weeks and can be used during any special occasion.

Henna Tattoos Do Not Cause Pain  

Henna tattoos , body art, tatoos and hair dye provide you with a way to express your individuality. Go with a traditional henna tattoo or tr...

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