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Terms & conditions * Minimum criteria is that site must not have more than 500mm of fall over the building platform, and requires a Level 1 Compaction Report from the Developer for the nominated lot/estate & survey of land matching land engineering submitted at sales quotation stage. ^ Additional costs may apply which are specific to your lot once we receive site specific information from your Local Council and/or other Authorities and will be charged by way of variation if any of the following are required at your site location: 3 phase power supply & additional run, allowance for modification of house foundations to accommodate excavation works and installation of future pools by Owner/s after settlement, modification of house foundations to accommodate potential tree related foundation issues, bushfire protection upgrades, footing probe additional costs & associated works, additional costs associated with satisfying wind speed rating requirements (other than N1 & N2), dispensation requirements, relocation or cut back of sewer/stormwater ties, relocation of water tapping, additional costs to achieve AHD levels if required, energy upgrade requirements to meet 6 star requirements due to siting, garage on boundary flashings, re-establishment survey, additional scaffold to comply with OH&S if retaining walls require it, bored piers to satisfy angle of repose (eg if Council easement is close to foundations) and deepened rebates (eg due to proximity of easement or configuration of lot). This Zero To Pay promotion is effective only to initial deposits placed from 12/01/2019. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Speak to your New Home Consultant for more information.

Zero to Pay on Site Costs Promotion  
Zero to Pay on Site Costs Promotion