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“ Not only the outside that matters ”

deHENK , January 2017 #112

SANS LIMITE Trailer park Arty white trash Erwachten und befindet sich Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof

And I see all these faces from way back and we live it all again

The Delusions of Certainty

A la Carte

The ballad of Jannes van de Wal

Ojai glamor

And yes!,… It’s all true! Beats me

The ceramics fired up!

Interview; Daan van Golden Ebbey Road remake by Krijn Noorwijk And yes!,… It’s all true! Beats me

„Nicht zuordnen lässt”

“ The hand of the master ”

We drove 500 miles today and never left LA www.issuu.

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dH January 2017 Issue # 112 pg. 1

“Not only the outside that matters.” Previous ‘Only the outside that matters’

( De HENK with four extra pages! )

The Delusions of Certainty Well before us doing something else to the reverence you may red several times. Draining the swamp, get that alligator. Yes Hallo! Dear subscriber of this digi publication – dH - to the new year 2017 and what you will remember from 2016? Sharing by my side. Looking in the mirror and not taken you out in the woods again. Trying to save the world. We have nothing to fear only the fear itself. Looking at my own shadow. ( you have heard that one before) it was not all that bad. The seagulls are sitting lineup outside the dH studio playing out loud. A foggy day in Rotterdam Zuid. Another sentimental 365 days ahead,

Interview: Daan van Golden

We’re left getting ready to say goodbye with is an euphemisms for death, we say goodbye a while ago.

. The Delusions of Certainty is an essay about the mind/body problem, showing how this age-old philosophical puzzle has shaped contemporary debates on many subjects and how every discipline is colored by what lies beyond argument-desire, belief, and the imagination.. How long are we here waiting for From and here I see it song of the season. Not breaking out in a sweat s and you do know that I write songs and never hurt of it again. Well incredible you never had it so food eatable and things you may not belief. But even more everything is going to be faster, there’s gonne be trouble ahead. Hell! But despite everything in my annual presentation and I have plenty of stuff,. I hope you understand thus I don’t. want anything for Eastern. I’m not greedy guy. On the subject that deals with the changes we all go through disruption” It’s all robotic! High tec, shit, self-answering Uber operators. No gifts. Looking at the black board but might make you wonder how the story is told counterfeit coins or gold. Changing the money changers and to keep out the termites and the mold and who needs gold? Forget the gold. This New Year ‘Our operators standing by’. thoughtful, other wide-ranging exploration of some of the fundamental questions about human beings and the human condition.

Sans Limite Erwachten und befindet sich Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof

dH January 2017 Issue # 112 pg. 2

USB stick - e-smokers We drove 500 miles to day and never left LA Finding things out in reality or identify yourself with a beatnik generation or a brand name jeans or Rimowa classic-flight-aluminium-suitcase, grass mowers and vintage automobiles. Bell cap USB stick e-smokers Ojai lumberyard ‘twin peaks’ green colored long sleeve oversized xxl free B. T-shirt. Dragging the dog to the new Fall collection dog coats on sale now. Yes! Stocking stuffer we drove 500 miles to day and never left LA. From Ojai,California hot springs to sehnsuchtort Mönchengladbach- Hauptbahnhof 0.30 am Jumping on the grenade! Clear intentions ! If my supplement of magnesium and calcium will do the job. A drone that’s following you and watching the whole scenery an angel type of alien robot. An control of nature is going down to the drain with and giving you guild shills Yes, we had a good marriage

„Nicht zuordnen lässt” ... bleibt hier eine körperlose Idee, a lohgic reality, uncontrollable dH with no fear of violating Facebook community guidelines on sexual or harmful content, tell me I’m not dreaming or wishbone hallucinate thinking. Hide and seek, “ hidden belief systems control systems you can’t control on a predictable torture issues on things you don’t like the strength of your imagination is already past. A present surprise that’s what we want. Indestructible object a spiritual entertainment and thinking of Zen masters. Is there a mr Suzuki at Honda? The writing machine and what happen to the unknown documentary Artist, Daan Van Golden shot at the 48th Venice Biennale. 1999 by Henk Elenga?

TRACKING DEVICE Wishing the whole seen ignorance by other suspicious drone technology with Remty’s new / vintage VW Polo New car smell. Pumping gas at Ridderkerk, station “ what are you doing at the gas station” ? Dash cam type of robot tracking device ignorant of paranoia and moving up a notch, hutch. When the alligators gone to fly, I can’t wait

dH January 2017 Issue # 112 pg. 3

Support your curiosity Honoree to inaugural AD 100 with Paul Fortune Hall of Fame Architectural digest AD, January issue 2017 top 100 interior taste makers attention to history provenance and make interior project work in the present “ The hand of the master” Limited edition , After the 28 day FB blockade. Still cooking . I’ll bet you couldn’t picture this The time I went to L.A. in winter time., The dissolution of certainty and I feel better than James Brown “ We want it darker at Amoeba Suset Blvd Hollywood. Mostly cactus extra in suitcase, YES! My drive way moment 2 Trailer park white trash. Royal treatment A la Carte at Millies! The ballad of Jannes van de Wal. The ceramics fired up by Chris!! The new heritage . Merde d’Artista 1933-1963 If you like shitty art. Convenience goods products and services are those intended to increase ease in accessibility, save resources and decrease frustration. Emporio Söhne & Henk


Without tears And my hard breaks for you I can run and hide a way Hide and seek I see all these faces from all the way back I can run and hide away We will see each another Stay with me here again What I’m gonne do? And I see all these faces from way back and we live it all again. Waking up and it make me feel A new year is coming again and I sing silent night for you It doesn’t matter what’s the price I could hide and running away And you can make me feel fine And my heart break and it must again and I sing silent night again for you. I could run and hide away What I’m gone do? And I see all these faces from way back and we live it all again

dH January 2017 Issue # 112 pg. 4

“ Abbey Road ”

| T h e H a r d We r k e r s

First issued on 26th September, 1969 Photog raphy: Krijn van Noordwijk R o t t e r d a m - Ja nu a r y 2 0 1 7

From the s er i e s : Rem a ke s

Next month February issue. # 113 The long story of the of reconstructed paintings. Man Ray. Le Beau Temps. Surrealism/Dada. Painted in 1939 Versus ”The Alien” 2005 oil on canvas by Henk Elenga repainted again.

And this really does conclude, Ladies and gentleman this month Januar y 2017 # 112 edition of the dH De HENK, And it’s like,… ones more on the mighty one and this publication will originates from the exile HARD WERKEN LA desk. Surprise!, Fom Rotterdam the Netherlands. Not kidding, just like in the old days. And it just like the annual and to benefit you. Hug and kisses, Henk Elenga your editor celebrates the new year with a other song, and available for the new Year, FREE! Always Free! Around the internet and 2017 will be better.

…. Did you order already?

So long, Your editor and friend, Henk Elenga T he e-mail is still the same : henk on Facebook and on

January 2017 extra pages # 112  

Monthly Digital Publication dH (De HENK) January 2017 issue # 112 Disillusion of certainty deHenk Publishers Not only the outside that...

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