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How to Fix a Leaking Toilet Tank?

Having a toilet leakage issues with toilet tank and bowl is a hectic problem to deal with. No matter what leakage is coming from toilet tank or bowl or with assembly of whole connection of water supply line, you have to fix all of them precisely. Hence, it requires excellent plumbing work to perform to get rid of leakage issues with toilet and bowl. But, the big deal is at first step to find out the leakage point to sort out the problem. Hence, you need to raise steps gradually to fix the leakage problem with toilet and bowl wisely.

Here are some necessary steps that you need to perform during fixing of water leaking from toilet tank and bowl:

1. Find Causes of Leakage in Toilet Tank and Bowl

There are many points in toilet tank and bowl assembly from where leakage may start such as joint between tank and the bowl pipe, burst of water supply pipes, cracks in toilet bowl and water tank, etc. So, you need to first recognize the right cause of water dipping at both ends viz. toilet tank and bowl and then plan for the further process. Sometimes, the cracks in toilet bowl may lead to do complete replacement of toilet bowl due to excessive leakage issues itself too.

2. Inspection of Water Supply Line Once you find out the main causes of water leaking from toilet tank, you need to do inspection of main water supply line and shut off the water supply first. If leakage issues start from connections of water pipe lines, you may tight the nuts and bolts of connections that may work to stop the dipping at some extent. But, in case of cracked porcelain toilet bowl, you need to replace it with new, as you do not want to use messy toilet that may affect badly to the health and pollute the environment of the place too.

3. Stop Float Water Supply of Tank You need to stop float water supply in the toilet tank by shutting off valve located at the back of toilet connected with a pipe coming out of the wall. Afterwards, you need to mark the water level in the tank to check the rise or fall of water in the tank over the time. Make sure, you are performing this step to just check leakage point in the tank by analyzing level of water in tank increasing or decreasing with flow of water.

4. Treatment of Water with Toilet Bowl

Now, you need to flush out water in toilet to get rid of toilet bowl choke issue and ensure the whole stuff in bowl is flushed completely. After that, you should turn off the water supply in the tank further till you find out or fix the water leakage issue with toilet tank and bowl.

5. Check Connections between Toilet Tank and Bowl

Do the best examination of pipe connections between toilet tank and bowl for any leakage or crack and inspect the right position of leak wisely. Make sure, you have filled the leakage at joints with strong seals to stop water leakage. Similarly, if leakage arises from lose nuts and bolts at the joint, do it tight simply. If you find little cracks on the bowl, you can apply ceiling fillers or gap fillers to fill the cracks for restricting water leakage again.

6. Check Leakage at Toilet Flapper It is also necessary to check with leakage at toilet flapper too. The toilet flapper is located at bottom of toilet tank and provides control over excessive water flow into bowl till anyone presses the flush button. Do right examination of toilet flapper and ensure it is soft and flexible in use. If not, you need to replace it immediately. Because, it may also be the cause of excessive water leakage in tank bowl.

7. Make Water Supply On Once, you will get done with all above steps carefully, you will definitely find out the right causes of water leaking from toilet tank and bowl easily. And, once, you will find the exact leakage points the whole assembly of toilet tank and bowl, you need to fix them as per need.

To perform all above steps, you should have some relevant plumbing items ready at your end such as adjustable wrench, sponge, ball-clock assembly, nuts and bolts, quality seals and fillers, tank-to-bowl gaskets, plungers, etc. So, you need to use such items during whole process of fixing water leakage and toilet bowl chock issues at home and ensure that all objects are working properly to get intended results. If you are not able to perform all above steps for fixing water leakage problem with tank and bowl, you should call to the plumbing services contractor in Singapore to serve you and get job done at affordable charges.

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