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Restaurant Equipment & Supplies

Corporate Profile

History Hendrix Hendrix Foodservice Equipment was founded in 1981 in Brockville, Ontario, where our company head office remains today. From its inception, Hendrix expanded to include six locations nationwide, earning a reputation as one of the leading foodservice suppliers in Canada. Each location also boasts a high-end retail product offering to cater to the ‘home chef’.

Condon Barr Condon Barr Food Equipment Ltd. was established in 1979 in Edmonton, AB. Condon Barr grew quickly and became well known in western Canada for their superior selection and service. In 2002, Condon Barr acquired their second location in Abbotsford, BC; allowing them to dramatically increase their presence in the flourishing BC market.

Hendrix + Condon Barr Hendrix and Condon Barr merged in January 2008 and operates as Hendrix throughout most regions in Canada.With eight locations across the country, this partnership represents the joining of two successful companies to form one company that is committed to providing the highest level of national service to its customers. Hendrix employs 120 staff and 30 commercial sales agents.

Message From The President “Moving forward, Hendrix & Condon Barr will use their improved buying power, technology, and a commitment to the highest level of customer service, to provide the best solutions and overall buying experience for their clients.”

Larry Vanderbaarren

1979 CondonBarr

2002 CondonBarr

Edmonton,AB Established

Abbotsford,BC Purchases - Valley Center Food Equipment

2008 Hendrix & CondonBarr Merge

1981 Hendrix

1986 Hendrix

2000 Hendrix

2002 Hendrix

2005 Hendrix

2006 Hendrix

Brockville,ON Established

Kingston,ON Location Opens

Ottawa,ON Location Opens

Peterborough, ON Location Opens

Calgary, AB Location Opens

Pickering, ON Location Opens

Mission & Values To provide a workplace environment whereby employees are empowered, willing and able to deliver the highest quality of value added service to customers. Ethics


At Hendrix, our company Code of Ethics guides us in

Hendrix understands how important it is to give back

our daily interactions. It is expected that all employees

to the community and sponsors various charities each

and managers conduct themselves in accordance with

year. In addition, our employees coordinate their own

this Code. This includes: acting with fairness, objectivity

fundraising efforts through raffles, pay-day pools, BBQs,

and loyalty toward co-workers, business associates and

etc. At the end of each year, the organization generously

customers, maintaining the confidentiality of customer

matches the amount employees raised during the year.

and company information, supplying customers with

Proceeds are donated to a variety of charities including;

competent knowledge, taking ownership of one’s actions

food banks, Family & Children’s Services, Boys and Girls

and decisions and working together toward a common

Clubs, Rogers House as well as employees’ personal


sponsorship requests.

Empowered Employees


Without the strength and loyalty of our employees, Hendrix

Strong vendor relationships enable Hendrix to offer high-

could not have realized the successes that we have had

quality products at competitive prices to our customers.

to date. As an organization, we pride ourselves on being

We are a member of ESI, the largest foodservice

a positive and rewarding place to work. Employees are

equipment buying group in Canada. As an organization,

encouraged to take ownership of their positions and

we value the relationship we have with our vendors and

are given the tools and training they need to provide

believe in honest reporting of goods received and timely

customers with the highest quality of value added

payment. We also have connections with stainless steel


fabricators and millwork shops across the country and regularly rely on them for their expertise.

“Innovation, an uncompromising focus on quality and a dedication to industry leadership are the hallmarks of truly great organizations. Hendrix and Garland Canada are partners in the realization of significant growth through the pursuit of these virtues. We value our relationship and together, look forward to serving discerning and progressive consumers in the commercial foodservice and hospitality industries.” John Beck Vice President & General Manager - Garland Canada

“The Hendrix team has been an essential part of facilitating the smooth and timely development and operations of our individual restaurants, as well as our franchise as a whole.

Larry VanderBaaren

Chuck Nevay

27 years of industry experience Larry is a graduate of Ryerson’s Hotel & Restaurant Admin program after which he spent five years learning the foodservice equipment industry as a salesman with Cassidy’s. In 1981, Larry cofounded Hendrix with his father in their hometown of Brockville.

27 years of industry experience Chuck and his Contracts team continue to increase the volume and value of contracts. Knowledge and experience allows Hendrix to successfully manage contracts of any size.

Eda Brown

Kevin Kerr

21 years of industry experience Eda continues to produce the industry’s best retail and commercial flyers. She is currently using her previous purchasing experience to expand and improve this department.

19 years industry experience Kevin has built a chain department that has focused on Customer Service at a competitive price. “We are always looking for ways to improve on our systems and procedures to ensure the highest degree of customer satisfaction.”

Stephen Viau CGA

Lyndon Hubert


Vice-President Marketing


14 years of accounting experience. Steve is focused on continuous innovation. He is determined to expand on new and existing technologies that enhance our internal efficiencies and customer service excellence.

Vice-President Contracts

Vice-President Sales

Vice-President Western Operations 39 years of industry experience Lyndon manages western operations and strongly believes in product knowledge training for employees. He is a project, design and management specialist who works closely with all western department heads.

Management Their hard work has made possible the consolidation and streamlining of most of our restaurants’ equipment, small wares, and furnishings.� Michael P. Anthony, BBA; Chairman - TACO DEL MAR (CANADA)

Jim Sowden

Matt Julien

28 years of industry experience Jim oversees general operations in all western locations. He works closely with employees at all levels to ensure they have the proper tools and training required to provide customers with the service they deserve.

18 years of industry experience Matt started in 1999, and has been instrumental in the development and expansion of the Contract Dept. Creating standards for product training, estimating, purchasing, budget management, site installation supervision and general project management.

Matt Hample

Dave Sidor

11 years industry experience Matt joined the sales team at Condon Barr in 2001 following a career in hospitality management. After several successful years as sales representative and acheiving top sales in the company, he accepted the Manager position at our Abbotsford branch.

16 years of industry experience Dave started in our shipping department in 1993 and worked his way up to Sales Manager in 2005. His primary role is as Sales Manager for western operations, however, he also gets involved with a lot of the day-to-day business in other departments.

Todd Murchison

Michael Lebel

12 years industry experience Todd joined the Condon Barr team in 1996 and began his career in Project Management in 1998. He currently oversees the Contracts Department for our western Division a long with his qualified team.

26 years of industry experience

Western General Manager

Branch Manager, Abbotsford

Western Contracts Manager

Contract Account Manager

Western Sales Manager

Eastern Sales Manager Michael started as our first sales agent in Nov ’83, worked up to Key Account




neered our sales agent structure and now works closely with sales agents and reps to ensure that our customers all get the kind of service that they have come to expect from Hendrix.

Corporate Capabilities Warehousing & Logistics

Inventory Management

With over 93,000 square feet of warehouse space across

Controlling inventory levels is a critical component to any

the country, we are well equipped to store and stage

company’s success. At Hendrix, we work with a min/max

orders of any size. Major distribution points in the east

inventory control system that features an automated

and west of Canada allow for ease of shipment to any

reorder function.We employ a full-time Inventory Controller

location. When shipping, our primary focus includes:

to monitor our stock levels and ensure the accuracy

timely delivery, order accuracy, reducing backorders

of quantities on hand. Communication between the

and minimizing freight costs. If necessary, we also have

purchasing department and shipping department is

a network of storage space available throughout the US

an essential component to the success of this function.

and Canada to stage orders at satellite locations.

They meet regularly to ensure that orders are filled and delivered on time.

Sustainable Growth


Through sound management, employee empowerment

Hendrix is the industry leader in systems and technology

and a commitment to providing value added service,

and we strive for continuous advancements in this area.

Hendrix has been able to maintain annual growth rates

Our remote server ensures that our employees and agents

exceeding 20% year-over-year. Since 2002, sales have

are always connected, even from their homes and while

quadrupled, allowing us to maximize volume discounts

travelling. We understand how essential accessibility is

to get products in the hands of our customers at the best

for our customers, so each sales agent and account

price possible. To keep pace with this growth, we have

manager is equipped with a PDA and/or 2-way phone.

also added new employees at all levels.

The technology we employ is results oriented and aims to improve efficiencies and ultimately the customers’ experience with Hendrix.

400% 300% 200% 100% 0%


2004 Sales Growth Staff & Sales Agent Growth





Contract Business Managing Projects From The Ground Up Knowledge is the foundation of Hendrix Contract Division Team. We specialize in the supply

Sectors We Serve

and installation of food service equipment for many different client groups. Our firm consists Casinos of a multi-talented team of project managers and equipment installation personnel, backed

Hotels and Resorts Restaurants

with an impressive track record of delivering food and beverage facilities in all facets of the Employee Dining Education

hospitality sector.

Health Care Long Term/Nursing Care

Along with our industry design partners, our experience provides an invaluable resource, Cultural & Religious offering clients a wealth of insight into all areas of food service planning and design.

Military Corrections Facilities

We endeavor to be innovative in an era where providing a long term quality product within

Sports & Entertainment

strict budget guidelines is of the utmost importance to our clients. Hendrix along with their industry partners have taken a leading role in delivering their services to the highest standards of ‘sustainable’ practices. Energy Star, on demand cooking/ventilation where possible and utilizing new state of the art technology in helping facilities meet the highest standards when it comes to sustainability.

“We found you to be most proactive in pursuing solutions and making things happen on a very tight schedule for accomplishing meeting the opening event. I can personally say that I would recommend Hendrix as a preferred source of Food Service Equipment.” Frank Sutton Ellisdon Corporation - Kingston Sports and Entertainment Centre

Recent Projects Albian Sands (500K)

High Level Health Centre (400K)

Red Deer Extendicare (500K)

Athabasca Recreation Centre (350K)

ING Corporate Cafeteria (400K)

Springdale North Secondary (365K)

Bonnyville Recreation Centre (300K)

Inuvik Hospital (750K)

Stat Oil Hydro Leismure Lodge (1.2M)

Dell Canada Corporate Cafeteria (700K)

K-Rock Centre (1M)

Syncrude Aurora (300K)

Edmonton Northlands (1.4M)

Matrix Hotel (450K)

Suncor Borealis (1.3M)

Embassy of Saudi Arabia (450K)

Montfort Hospital (800K)

Suncor Firebag (3.5M)

Grant MacEwan College (300K)

Ottawa Hunt G & C.C. (425K)

Suncor Millennium (2.2M)

Grey Eagle Casino (800K)

Parkview Home LTC (350K)

WFI - Oscar’s (400K)

HBC Corporate Cafeteria (450K)

QHC Belleville General Hospital (1.8M)

Youville Home of St. Albert (400K)

“We have worked exclusively with Hendrix Foodservice Equipment over the last 14 years. Hendrix consistently continues to develop systems and procedures to exceed our expectations of Value Added Service.” Nelson Lang President & C.O.O. - Pita Pit 

Franchise Business Franchise Accounts Our franchise department focuses on attracting franchises to Hendrix and allowing us to be their main supplier of equipment and supplies for all new and existing locations. We are well equipped to handle any volume of franchise business and have had proven success with chains across North America. Deadlines are of the utmost importance when opening a new location and Hendrix ensures that orders are delivered on time and complete. In addition to efficient delivery, our value added services will provide franchises with the support and follow-up they need long after opening day.

Our value added services include:

Dedicated Support • Each franchise has a dedicated support person who is trained to handle inquiries and orders from specific chains. • When possible, these individuals spend time on location with a franchisee in order to gain hands-on experience with the products specific to that chain.

Maintenance & Training • Hendrix provides detailed product specification books for each piece of equipment purchased. • Franchise specific maintenance manuals outline usage and care instructions for all equipment • We can arrange for training sessions from factory trained service technicians and several pieces of equipment are accompanied by training videos that outline proper use and maintenance guidelines.

Effective Reporting • With each shipment, a report is sent to the customer that includes: specific shipping information, the date the goods left, when they are anticipated to arrive, and any special delivery requirements. • Monthly velocity reports are available to the franchise’s head office in order to understand what franchisees are purchasing. • Reports help us to monitor inventory levels and ensure that each franchise has the optimal level of stock for their usage.

Street & Retail Street From chip wagons to hotels and everything in between, Hendrix is a complete foodservice equipment supplier. We offer foodservice facilities of all sizes and the following value added services:

Dedicated Sales Agents Regardless of the size of the establishment, each customer has a dedicated sales professional who is committed to meeting their needs. Our sales agents are familiar with the industry and most are former chefs, restaurant owners or managers. Sales agents are easily accessible while in the office or on the road.

Extensive Inventory With over $7 million worth of inventory on hand, there is plenty for customers to choose from to fill their immediate needs. For more specialized items, we have access to hundreds of suppliers and can easily order any of their products.

Online browsing Customers who are not near one of our many showrooms can easily access links to all of our suppliers through our website, This allows any customer, regardless of proximity, to see what we carry and detailed information on products.

Toll-Free Customer Service Our toll-free numbers are accessible anywhere in North America and there is always a customer service representative standing by to address any questions you may have.

Since its inception, Mobile Kitchens Canada Inc. has provided mobile kitchens at venues across North America and the Caribbean. Units have been used for healthcare renovation projects, major sporting events in Canada, the 2008 Super Bowl, movie shoots, and even the television show “Survivor”. At least 20 units will be utilized at various Olympic venues in Vancouver and Whistler, B.C. in 2010. “We are excited about this opportunity, which wouldn’t be possible without Hendrix. They have been with us from day one; from the ground up, providing everything we need to offer commercial kitchens that in many cases, are better equipped and don’t offer the added feature of wheels!” David Craig President - Mobile Kitchens Canada






• Custom Design • Custom Fabrication • On Time Delivery

• Dedicated Support • Training Material • Effective Reporting

• Dedicated Sales Agents • Extensive Inventory • Toll- Free Support

• Showroom at all Locations • Large Inventory

The Future The merger of Hendrix and Condon Barr in 2008 has not only ensured the continuation of spectacular sales growth, but has also enabled us to increase the level of service we can offer to our clients.

With multiple branch locations in both eastern and western Canada, we are now able to supply top quality service to our national multi-unit clients. With our increased volumes, we are now better able to provide competitive pricing on all product lines and in all markets. With growth come efficiencies and economies of scale that enable us to invest even more in the latest technologies that will ultimately see us provide innovative, web-based services such as video training for foodservice equipment and online ordering.

Brockville Tel: 800-267-8182 Fax: 613-342-1921

Edmonton Tel: 800-661-3378 Fax: 780-455-9229

Kingston Tel: 888-275-5546 Fax: 613-542-1395

Peterborough Tel: 866-672-8192 Fax: 705-749-0449

3011 Hwy #29 PO Box 130 Brockville, ON K6V 5V2

14515 - 118 Ave Edmonton, AB T5L 2M7

Ottawa Tel: 877-728-7252 Fax: 613-228-7116

Calgary Tel: 877-661-3374 Fax: 403-243-7395

Pickering Tel: 905-831-5269 Fax: 905-831-2740

Abbotsford Tel: 866-852-9030 Fax: 604-852-8395

Hendrix Restaurant & Supplies Corporate Profile