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IVAN’S INFO December Issue 6

District 41B

DG’s Message..


As our International President Wayne Madden says we should have Pit-stops. I believe that the December holidays have been an excellent pit-stop to reflect on what we have achieved for the first half of the fiscal year. On the administration side, we have achieved our target with WMMR’s (some still need reminding though), our activity reports are almost up to date; we need to look into this. If assistance is needed our Cabinet Secretary is there to assist. The second half dues are now due, outstanding cake money must be paid. Some clubs are still outstanding to LCI, please rectify this. Membership increase of 93 members - fantastic, with

maybe one or two new clubs still to be chartered. Most disappointing is the retention of members. We have lost 54 members the first half of the year! Please, we can’t afford to lose any more members. We must put all our efforts in retaining our members. Let’s put aside our personal differences for the good of our organisation and our communities.

Together we Can

achieve our goals!

May joy be your gift this festive season and may Faith, Hope and Love be your treasures this new year!

Soweto Heritage Tour

A wonderful group of Lions and Lions ladies, partners and friends arrived in full force to see the “jewels” of our Soweto, they weren't disappointed! The “African Time” was a little disappointing as we waited for the taxis to arrive. But the wonderful breakfast, lunch all prepared by the hands of the Soweto Host Lions Club members, was delicious! Even “pad-kos” was arranged! The Hector Pieterson museum is a must. The Soweto

The Soweto Theater.

theater was also inspiring to see! On the whole the experience was very good. Those who attended really enjoyed the day. Please Soweto Host, do this on a regular basis for our members. It would be remiss of me not to thank the Wilropark Lions who assisted Soweto Lions. One sentence - You guys are great!

Lunch is served.

Paul Rotherham (MC for the event) congratulated Thokozane Masanbo on his winning poster “Imagine Peace” It was a special day for him it was also his birthday! Darren Engelbrecht from Klerksdorp was second, Kirstin Mchunu was 4th and third was Margolane Schutte from Pretoria City. Well done to DC Beaulieu for arranging the special event.

District Peace Poster

Visit to Pretoria City Lions Club

DG Ivan congratulated LP Jan Coetzee on a well run meeting and great club!

Pretoria Host 50th Celebrations

A wonderful evening was had by all who attended the 50 Year Charter Celebrations—Pretoria Host Lions Club. A delicious spread and wonderful company was the order of the evening. Visitors from all the clubs in the area. History shows the enormous contribution Pretoria Host has given to their community. Keep up the good work!

Stilfontein Lions Club visit

LP Theuns van Schalkwyk & DG Ivan exchange friendship banners. Four new members were inducted!

DG Ivan congratulated Lion Dennis

Klerksdorp Lions Club visit

It was well worth the trip to Klerksdorp to experience their wonderful hospitality! Thanks for a great meeting! DG Ivan and LP Jacques Barlow exchanged banners. DG Ivan said it was pleasant to see the children also attending.

Visit Weltevreden Lions Club

DG Ivan and LP Pieter Potgieter exchange friendship banners.

Boksburg Lions Club visit LP Tony Norris and DG Ivan exchanged friendship banners at their club house in Boksburg. Two new members were present having been inducted a week before. Lions Brian and Wendy Riley, Lion Brian was the recipient of one of the Governors badges collected at Korea.

Weltevreden Western Fundraiser A very jovial evening was had by all who attended the Weltevreden fundraiser, good food, good company and a belly full of laughs was the order of the day! Well done! the music quiz was won by the youngsters table! We tried but they really know their music! Well done Lion Theresa and members of Weltevreden Club!

Visit Krugersdorp Celebrates 50 Years A wonderful evening was had by all who attended the Krugersdorp 50th Charter Dinner LP Derek was overwhelmed with the turnout. DG Ivan presented Lion Joe Sack with a Melvin Jones—Joe is the only surviving Charter member of our club. The Group photo below is all the past and present Presidents and members of Krugersdorp club. Lion Pam Scheffel did a comprehensive slide show on the events of the club over the 50 years.

Visit to the Jakaranda Lions Clubs Craft Market

Visit Council Meeting in Ballito

This was worth every minute, well done LP Etta van Rooyen and your club! The entire event was well run, and beautifully displayed! The only thing we missed was Lion Patrick on the saxophone? Or was it his day off? Seriously, if you haven't been to one of their markets you are truly missing out! Brilliant effort!

Visit - Proposed Kensington Lions Club

What a pleasant surprise awaited us on our visit to the proposed Kensington Lions Club meeting. The prospective members were all keen to get going, even doing projects! Well done Guiding Lions Lionel and Evelyn from the Edenvale Lions Club who is the sponsoring Club. Hopefully you will be Chartering in the near future! Keep up the good

Council Meeting - Ballito with District C.

Congratulations to District C for hosting a very good Council weekend! Chilies and all! Ballito Lions Club was the venue for the Council Meeting. Thanks to LL Wendy and the rest of the girls for the delicious food‌ it was hot!!

Pretoria Host’s Pacsen Christmas Party for handicapped children

Not only the children had big smiles!!

Lion Liz meets Pamplemousse’s Lions Club members in Mauritius Lion Liz sent this article, “Just want to say that my trip to Mauritius was awesome to say the least and one of the highlights was 'bumping' into the President, Mr Maurice Ducasse and his team of the Pamplemousses Club (District 403B) at the Super U shopping centre in Grand Baie where they were doing a food collection for 20 identified destitute families. What was so amazing was that I was treated like one of them and they were so happy and excited to meet me. I introduced them to my friend who will probably be joining as well since she lives there. The President is the gentleman in the brown shirt. The one lady wanted to give me her shirt but she had nothing to put on, so couldn't! Yes, I did contribute a few things too”.

Assisted DC Peter with Diabetes Testing at Sasol

DC Peter, Lion Des and DG Ivan

Well done DC Peter Daniel!

Boksburg - Induction of two new members Well done! the prospective members are now Lions! Brian and Wendy Riley—Sponsor Club Secretary James van Heerden! Welcome to our family of Lions. PDG’s Nick and Steven were there.

New Members—Welcome into our wonderful organisation. Centurion Lifestyle Club: Welcome! Paul De Cock David Hadley Marion Fowler Onkgopotse Lethape Bhavesh Gordhan Ezekiel Maropola Lynn-Ann Gordhan Christine Miller Alison Hadley Ricardo Mulder Tania Mulder Kayleen Vermeulen Jade Newman Barbara Weston Joseph Phiri Keith Weston Theo Potgieter Tina Terry Miyari Tsuru Ilsa van der Merwe Ina van Zyl Stilfontein:

Derrick Bothma


Dennis Whitehead


Chris Jacobs


Amelia Vaz

Sadly 9 Members were dropped this month, this year 54 members left our organisation!

21 Ways to Kill your club - We can all learn from this... 13. 14. 15.

Talk cooperation but never cooperate. Get all that the club has to give but give nothing in return. Threaten to leave the club if something isn’t the way you want it.


Kindness in work creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.—Lao Tzu, a philosopher.

DG Ivan's December Info  

May joy be your gift this festive season and may Faith, Hope and Love be your treasures this new year!

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