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ISBN: 978-965-220-849-1 448 pp; hardback; 9¾×13½ in. Price: $120.00

ISBN: 978-965-220-814-9 232 pp; hardback; 9×12 in. Price: 50.00

Documenting over 3,000 years of ancient Near Eastern history, this detailed volume is an up-to-date depiction of biblical history and geography by way of the ancient sources with original texts and translations from native languages incorporated into the narrative.

This 5th edition brings the latest findings of biblical, historical and archaeological research to its sweeping cartographical portrayal of biblical history.

ISBN: 978-965-220-493-6 Wall maps: 12 sheets; fold out to 28×40 in. Box size: 10×14 in. Price: $39.95

Package of 12 beautiful wall maps ideal for the classroom. Covering the entire Bible epoch, these Bible wall maps are specially designed as a teacher’s aid and can be used in conjunction with our Atlas of the Bible also enclosed in the package. 2nd edition

ISBN: 978-965-220-364-9 40 pp; paperback; 9×11¾ in. Price: $14.95

Through surveys, maps, chronologies, and concise descriptions, this atlas provides an organised framework to the understanding of the Hebrew Bible, with appendices on the Hebrew alphabet and calendar.

ISBN: 978-965-220-525-4 40 pp; paperback; 9×11¾ in. Price: $14.95

This companion volume to Understanding the Old Testament provides an organised framework to understanding the New Testament through concise texts, surveys, maps, tables and chronologies.

ISBN: 978-965-220-588-9 40 pp; paperback; 9×11¾ in. Price: $14.95

Richly documented with maps and profusely illustrated, this handsome volume, the third in the series of Carta’s introductory atlases to the biblical world, provides a comprehensive view of the geographical background to life in biblical times.

ISBN: 978-965-220-786-9 40 pp; paperback; 9×11¾ in. Price: $14.95

ISBN: 978-965-220-846-0 48 pp; paperback; 9×11¾ in. Price: $18.00

ISBN: 978-965-220-554-4 96 pp; paperback; 8¼×10½ in. Price: $14.95

Offering a fresh view of the political world of the Bible, this unique volume looks at the land of ancient Israel through the military and economic priorities of the empires of the ancient Near East, then turns the view to look through the eyes of the kings and prophets of ancient Israel.

Many of the places mentioned in the Bible can be seen to this day. Some have lasted through the ages and others are attested to by their ruins. Scientific archaeology has provided us with greater insight into the lives and customs of the ancient peoples who inhabited the region..

This profusely illustrated Atlas, intended for young readers, tells the full story of the Bible from Genesis to Acts. 96 maps which illustrate the events are enhanced by a text written by the renowned British biblical scholar, F. F. Bruce.



ISBN: 978-965-220-703-6 280 pp; paperback; 9×12 in. Price: $50.00

This detailed handbook of the Biblical World presents the reader with a review of the ancient world, from the Fourth Millennium BCE up through the Bar Kochba Revolt of 132-135 CE.

ISBN: 978-965-220-422-6 24 pp; paperback; 6½×9½ in. Price: $9.95

This most authoritative, carefully researched atlas provides the perfect physical background to the Holy Scriptures. Sixteen clear and easyto-read maps cover the Geography & History of the Bible Lands, its persons and events.

ISBN: 978-965-220-821-7 360 pp; paperback; 6¾×9½ in. Price: $35.00

This syllabus encompasses a lifetime of academic achievement and teaching. Includes 20 lesson outlines for teaching History and Historical Geography of Bible Lands during the Bronze and Iron Ages.

ISBN: 978-965-220-572-8 Laminated wall chart; folds out to 27×39 in.; case: 10½×14 in. Price: $19.95

This colourful and instructive classroom aid follows all major regions, kingdoms and events, chronologically, of the ancient world. Heavily illustrated with pictures, artifacts, and an illuminating strip of maps of the important empires of the times.

ISBN: 978-965-220-001-3 48 pp; paperback; 6½×9¼ in. Price: $10.00

This handy atlas provides a visual and easily comprehensible background for Bible studies. Large and small maps and illustrations of Old and New Testament history provide the reader with a visual and easily comprehensible background for Bible studies.

ISBN: 978-965-220-501-8 391 pp; hardback; 6¾×9½ in. Price: $32.95

By studying the relationship between man and nature, a theme that runs throughout the Old Testament, the author looks at the influence each had on the other: the demands of the land shaping the character of its inhabitants even as man shaped the land to his needs.

ISBN: 978-965-220-829-3 400 pp; hardback; 9¾×13½ in. Price: $84.00

For the first time ever, a complete annotated collection of narrative parables found in the earliest stratum of Rabbinic Judaism, the literature of the Tannaim. These pedagogical gems are presented in their original Hebrew language with a fresh English translation.

ISBN: 978-965-220-419-6 40 pp; paperback; 6×8¼ in. Price: $9.95

Over 30 beautiful colour maps tell the Bible story, succinctly, accurately and pleasantly. Follow the rise and fall of civilizations while religions live on.

ISBN: 978-965-220-809-5 224 pp; hardback; 9×11¾ in. Price: $29.95

Arranged by Abba Bendavid, this book of parallel Hebrew passages in synoptic arrangement reveals the historiography of the Bible from the Creation to the Return from Exile. An ideal and instructive source for Bible studies. In Hebrew only.



ISBN: 978-965-220-807-1 176 pp; hardback; 9½×13½ in. Price: $60.00

This remains the premier Atlas for the study of the history, geography and archaeology of the Holy City. It has been thoroughly revised and updated to record the latest archaeological findings.

ISBN: 978-965-220-793-7 64 pp; paperback; 6¼×8¼ in. Price: $11.95

Based on the latest archaeological discoveries, this compact and handy atlas provides the biblical history of Jerusalem in word and picture. Profusely illustrated with maps, plans, illustrations and photographs. Excerpted from The Carta Jerusalem Atlas.

ISBN: 978-965-220-673-2 96 pp; paperback; 9×11¾ in. Price: $21.95

This handsome guide covers in a concise and authoritative way the most important sites of Christianity in the Holy Land. Illustrated with over a hundred vistas, town maps and plans, and holy sites in words and pictures.

ISBN: 978-965-220-787-6 Wall maps: 6 sheets; fold out to 28×40 in. Box size: 10×14 in. Price: $40.00

ISBN: 978-965-220-500-1 224 pp; hardback; 8¼×10¾ in. Price: $44.95

Package of 6 beautiful wall maps. Covering the whole Bible epoch of Jerusalem, these wall maps are specially designed as a teacher’s aid and can be used in conjunction with The Atlas of Biblical Jerusalem that is also enclosed in the package.

ISBN: 978-965-220-839-2 92 pp; paperback; 6½×9½ in. Price: $17.95

A concise study of the Holy City through 4,000 years of history. Successive maps show Jerusalem in every significant epoch from its beginnings in biblical times till today. Includes scores of plans, drawings and photographs and an indexed map of modern Jerusalem.

The first-ever English translation of the ancient Greek Onomasticon by Eusebius of Caesarea, written in the early 4th century A.D. Presented in parallel with Jerome’s Latin rendering of the same work, it provides an alphabetical listing of place names mentioned in the Bible.

ISBN: 978-965-220-502-5 256 pp; hardback; 6×9 in. Price: $21.95

Since this book was first published, no other work of similar scope has been attempted. It covers the historical geography of the Exilic, Intertestamental, New Testament and postNew Testament periods.

ISBN: 978-965-220-393-9 48 pp; paperback; 9×11¾ in. Price: $14.95

The River Jordan holds great historical and religious significance. Through breathtaking photographs and other unique features, this book presents the landscapes, towns and holy sites on both sides of the Jordan.



ISBN: 978-965-220-628-2 448 pp; hardback; 7½×10 in. Price: $60.00

ISBN: 978-965-220-434-9 72 pp; paperback; 8¼×10½ in. Price: $14.95

ISBN: 978-965-220-856-9 72 pp; paperback; 8¼×10½ in. Price: $15.95

No book is better suited to the study, understanding and development of the Temple Mount. Ritmeyer’s experience as architect of the Temple Mount Excavations following the Six-Day War, and his exploration of parts of the mount now hardly accessible make him singularly qualified for the task.

The authors offer a wide-ranging and possible scenario of the Ark’s journeys through original photographs, interpretive drawings based on Scripture, and reconstruction drawings based on archaeological evidence together with contemporary finds.

See what the city looked like in the time of Jesus. All the salient sites in the first century A.D. are beautifully illustrated with maps, illustrations, reconstructions and photographs by the renowned artists and scholars—Leen & Kathleen Ritmeyer.

2nd revised edition

ISBN: 978-965-220-853-8 72 pp; paperback; 8¼×10½ in. Price: $15.95

Jerusalem in the Time of Nehemiah takes us on an archaeological tour of Nehemiah’s Jerusalem illuminating all the sites, gates and walls of the city. It is richly illustrated with models of reconstructions, photographs, drawings and illustrative maps.

2nd revised edition

ISBN: 978-965-220-629-9 Laminated wall chart; folds out to 27×39 in.; case:10½×14 in. Price: $19.95

ISBN: 978-965-220-452-3 80 pp; paperback; 8¼×10½ in. Price: $15.95

Based on authoritative ancient sources and Alfred Edersheim’s classic work of 1874, the authors present a work full of revealing insights into the ritual of the Temple in the time of Christ through original photographs, drawings and reconstructions.

The four maps in this wall chart vividly show the extent of territorial control at the turn of each millennium in Israel’s history, from 1000 BC to AD 2000.

ISBN (left to right): 978-965-220-235-2; 978-965-220-234-5; 978-965-220-242-0; 978-965-264-024-6 Each: 64 pp; paperback; 5¾×10 in. Price: $14.95

The Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem—one of the most intriguing and sacred shrines of Christendom, this basilica has endured a long and dramatic history. Built by Constantine the Great, it was razed to the ground in 1009 only to be restored by the Crusaders. The Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem—focusing on the historical significance of the birthplace of Jesus, the author provides a comprehensive tour of the church and grottoes, as well as the nearby Shepherds’ Field and Herodion. The Basilica of the Annunciation at Nazareth—a major Christian shrine, this basilica together with its neighboring shrines commemorate the Annunciation of the Archangel Gabriel to Our Lady and the incarnation and early life of Jesus. The Stations of the Cross in Jerusalem—this guide to the Via Dolorosa details the stages of Jesus’ trials and the 14 stations of the Cross.



Five volumes: ISBN: 978-013-276-288-5 Vo l u m e s 1 - 4 : 1 , 5 5 2 p p ; Vo l u m e 5 : 6 5 4 p p . hardback; 9×12 in. Price: $350.00;

Organised alphabetically, this comprehensive four-volume work, published in 1993, describes and analyses archaeological excavations carried out during the past century or more in the Holy Land, on both sides of the Jordan. With 365 articles prepared by more than 200 scholars from around the world, the Encyclopedia presents a rich and extensive body of archaeological material. An extensive bibliography is appended to each article. No other work compares with the scope and authority of this Encyclopedia, or its scholarly significance. Volume 5 is a supplementary update volume covering archaeological excavations conducted since the publication of the original four-volume set.

No one is better qualified than Hanan Eshel, with his vast experience in the field, wide historical knowledge and superb scholarship, to tell the full stories of Masada, Ein Gedi and Qumran.

ISBN (left to right): 978-965-220-760-9; 978-965-220-761-6; 978-965-220-757-9 Each: 144 pp; paperback; 4¾×8½ in. Price: $25.00

Masada, a natural, isolated rock cliff overlooking the Dead Sea, has an awesome history. The site was populated for close to 200 years and the historic, epigraphic and archaeological evidence combined gives us an idea of the drama that engulfed the site. Ein Gedi is Israel’s largest oasis off the western shore of the Dead Sea. Within the oasis there are four springs which together supply 3 million cubic meters of water annually. The location, high temperatures, and abundance of water produce a large variety of plant and animal life. Qumran—an authoritative guide to the most important discovery in Israel – the renowned Dead Sea Scrolls – and the community behind it, the Qumran sect..



ISBN: 978-965-220-707-4 264 pp; hardback; 6×9¼ in. Price: $64.00

This volume presents a collection of the royal inscriptions from Assyria and Babylonia dealing with the Land and the People of Israel. All the texts have been newly translated from the original cuneiform documents and are accompanied by a consecutive commentary and select bibliography.

ISBN: 978-965-220-666-4 456 pp; paperback; 6½×9¼ in. Price: $32.95

Celebrated scholar Franklin H. Littell presents an innovative solution to the visual representation of faith in the modern age. This is an essential reference work based on the latest scholarship and features 200 maps and 240 illustrations.

ISBN: 978-965-220-706-7 280 pp; hardback; 6½×9½ in. Price: $60.00

This Haggadah is presented in the spirit that the Sages wrote it. It is divided into two parts: the authors begin with a long commentary, divided into sections, followed by a short commentary accompanying the Haggadah.

ISBN: 978-965-220-843-9 192 pp; hardback; 6×9¼ in. Price: $64.00

The companion volume to The Raging Torrent presents a collection of cuneiform texts that relate to the Israelites and Judeans living under the yoke of the great Mesopotamian empires during the 8th-6th centuries BCE.

ISBN: 978-965-220-188-1 144 pp; hardback; 9¼×12 in. Price: $49.00

A comprehensive visual introduction to the history of the Jewish people in the Middle Ages. The Atlas includes more than one hundred maps, with accompanying text, that give an in-depth review of Jewish history throughout the world from the 5th to the 17th centuries.

ISBN: 978-965-220-708-1 526 pp; hardback; 6×9¼ in. Price: $98.00

This book is a collection of over 220 inscriptions dating back to the First Temple period. Each is illustrated by a photograph and/or facsimile, with transcriptions in square Hebrew letters and in pointed Hebrew.

ISBN: 978-965-220-833-0 64 pp; paperback; 6½×9½ in. Price: $17.95

More than 90 historical and modern maps together with explanatory texts guide the reader through Israel’s history. All important aspects of Israel today are portrayed in a set of pictorial maps and texts.


ISBN: 978-965-220-828-6 240 pp; hardback; 9×12 in. Price: $55.00

This is a colourful collection of select synagogues from all over Israel, of all sizes and shapes, ancient to modern, and from diverse communities. Includes concise descriptions of every synagogue, with its own unique history.



ISBN: 978-965-220-093-8 721 pp; hardback; 8×11½ in. Price: $92.00

A clear and concise work on the origins of Hebrew words and their sense development. Each of the c. 32,000 entries is first given in its Hebrew form, then translated into English and analysed etymologically, using Latin transcription for all non-Latin scripts.

ISBN: 978-965-220-811-8 364 pp; hardback; 8½×12 in. Price: $69.95

ISBN: 978-965-220-704-3 Laminated wall chart; folds out to 27×39 in.; folded 9¾×13½ in. Price: $19.95

The history and evolution of the Hebrew Script as told by the foremost expert in the field. In addition to a comprehensive historical survey of the evolution of the Hebrew script and its various styles, the author presents the basic rules of Hebrew palaeography.

An instructive chart showing Hebrew scripts and their styles and stages of development throughout the ages with images of various documents in their original form. A comprehensive table outlining the chronology and dissemination of the various scripts.


ISBN: 978-965-220-498-1 190 pp; hardback; 6×9¼ in. Price: $24.95

Presented in user-friendly fashion, this dictionary is a learner’s tool for students of the English Bible who want to delve more deeply into the meaning of Scripture in its original language. Contains over 6,000 entries of the most common words in the Hebrew Bible.

ISBN: 978-965-220-850-7 24×35½ in.; folds to 5¼×9¼ in. Scale 1:265,000; with maps of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv-Yafo Price: $10.95

This profusely illustrated and invaluable guide by Israel’s “Mr. Nature,” is designed to assist hikers and visitors in enjoying the natural landscape and the historical sites of each Park and Nature Reserve.

ISBN: 978-965-220-852-1 24×35½ in.; folds to 5¼×9¼ in. Scale 1:15,000; with map of The Old City of Jerusalem Price: $10.95

ISBN: 978-965-220-334-2 224 pp; paperback; 9×11¾ in. Price: $21.95

ISBN: 978-965-220-705-0 448 pp; paperback; 4¾×8½ in. Price: $35.00

ISBN: 978-965-220-840-8 20×27½ in.; folds to 5¼×9¼ in. Scale 1:12,800; with map of the centre of Jerusalem Price: $8.95

Designed for the Christian visitor to Israel, this extensively researched guide is invaluable as a record of Christian influence on the landscape of Israel. Packed full of just about everything a visitor could wish to know.

ISBN: 978-965-220-818-7 24×35½ in.; folds to 5¼×9¼ in. Scale 1:270,000 Price: $10.95


ISBN: 978-965-220-677-0 24×35½ in.; folds to 5¼×9¼ in. Scale 1:270,000; with attached guide, 35 pp; Price: $10.95


ISBN: 978-965-220-851-4 88 pp; paperback; 8¼×10½ in. Price: $25.00

ISBN: 978-965-220-855-2 160 pp; paperback; 5½×8¼ in. Price: $25.00

JERUSALEM—THE TEMPLE MOUNT is the first modern guide to the Temple Mount for visitors of all religions. The authoritative text is richly documented with numerous detailed maps and plans and profusely illustrated with impressive vistas. A joy to behold, this important addition to the scant literature on theTemple Mount will be equally appreciated by Jerusalem residents, tourists and armchair travelers.

This volume, the first of four in The Carta New Testament Atlas series, presents recent advances in history, geography, philology, and archaeology, the tools necessary to shed fresh light on the Gospels. The hope is that a better understanding of the physical setting and events that framed the life of Jesus can assist us to hear more clearly the message he proclaimed. Other volumes in preparation: 2. Jerusalem: City of The Great King 3. From Jerusalem to the Ends of the Earth: The Spread of the Early Church 4. Armageddon & The Apocalypse: Mapping the End of Days


24×35½ in; folds to 5¼×9¼in. Scale 1:15,000

All the major archaeological sites in Jerusalem and the Old City explored in this annotated map of historical eras and ancient & Biblical sites. Includes Important Information for visiting the sites. Detailed map of the Old City on reverse side.

ISBN: 978-965-220-858-3 40 pp; paperback; 9×11¾ in. Price: $18.00

The most important discovery of documents written in the “Jewish” script is the discovery of the documents from the Judean desert, named “the Dead Sea Scrolls”. These show the graphic evolution of the so called “Jewish” letter forms. Profusely illustrated.


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Carta Jerusalem, the long-established cartographic firm that holds the world’s largest collection of biblical study materials, is now partne...

Hendrickson Publishers Carta Product Catalog  

Carta Jerusalem, the long-established cartographic firm that holds the world’s largest collection of biblical study materials, is now partne...