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Drilling Rigs and Their Application in The Oil and Gas Industry Drilling rigs are special machinery used to create holes in the sub-surface of the earth. They can be massive to house all types of equipment for drilling natural gas extraction wells and oil wells, making them crucial to the oil and gas industry. Some drilling rigs are mounted on trailers, tracks, and trucks for mobility, while others are permanent structures on land or on sea, such as oil platforms. Larger drilling rigs can drill efficiently dig through the earth’s crust using mud pumps to make drilling mud circulate through the bit and up a casing annulus to cool and remove cuttings during the drilling process. Most drilling rigs rely primarily on different systems to be efficient. These systems are the hoisting system (drawworks or the derrick), drive group (the compounds, chains, and motors), a well control equipment, and a circulating system of return lines, pits, pumps, a drill string, and a kelly. Oil and gas drilling rigs are helpful in identifying underground reservoirs. They are used to create holes for extraction and to allow natural gas or oil to be acquired easily from the geologic reservoirs. In onshore gas and oil fields, the drilling rig is moved off the well once it has been drilled, and a smaller rig will be used. The smaller rig is specifically built for completions. This way, operations can be streamlined for productivity. Drilling rigs for oil and gas extraction can be purchased as brand new or remanufactured units. However, they must meet the international and domestic standards for extracting oil to ensure safety. There are different types of drilling rigs used in the oil and gas industry. One of these is the jackup rig, which have bottom supports, but can be articulated. They have columnar or open-truss legs to support the main hull area or deck. Platform drilling rigs are immobile and they are typically made of cement or steel, making them ideal for drilling new development wells. Floaters or semisubmersible drilling rigs are used offshore and float on hollow columns or colossal pontoons, which partially submerge to a desired depth when filled with water. The floaters are ideal for rough seas and they are often used to drill new wells.

Drilling Rigs and Their Application in The Oil and Gas Industry