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Sunday, March 27, 2011


100 Years

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Boy Scouts of America mark 100th year

Boy Scouts are as much a part of American life as apple pie and the Fourth of July. The Boy Scouts of America organization, which has just completed a year-long celebration of its 100th anniversary, symbolizes many of the values and character traits that Americans hold dear and hope to teach to each new generation. Scouting actually began in England in 1907-08, created by General Robert Baden-Powell. Baden-Powell, a 50-year old bachelor at the time, was one of the few heroes to come out of Britain’s South African Boer War. He was known primarily for his unusual ideas about military scouting, explained in his book, Aids to Scouting. Startled to discover that many boys were using his military book as a guide to outdoor activities, he began to think how he could convert his concepts of army scouting for

men to “peace scouting” for boys. Gathering ideas from many sources (including Ernest Thompson Seton, who had founded a boys organization in the United States), he tested his program on a group of boys on Brownsea Island in 1907. The island camp was successful, so Baden-Powell rewrote his military book, calling it Scouting for Boys. The climate was right for a youth program like scouting, and it spread quickly around the British commonwealth, then to other countries. The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) was founded by Chicago publisher William Boyce on Feb. 8, 1910. At that time in the United States, there were several other loosely structured outdoor-oriented youth organizations, some using the name “Boy Scout” and some using other names, and there were already a number of troops in existence using some variation of

the British Scout program. Boyce’s key contribution was to organize the Boy Scouts of America as a business. He incorporated the organization (in Washington, D.C., rather than Chicago), recruited key youth professionals (in particular from the YMCA) to design and operate the program, and he provided key funding for the infant organization. To a great extent, the YMCA operated the Boy Scouts of America during its first year, particularly YMCA executive Edgar Robinson, who first suggested to Boyce that the YMCA was well positioned to provide structure and leadership to his fledgling Boy Scouts of America. Robinson set up the first Boy Scouts’ office next to his own in Manhattan, and recruited YMCA official John Alexander to be the Boy Scouts’ first managing secretary. The new Boy Scouts of America

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quickly established a national office, developed a temporary handbook, sought out Baden-Powell’s endorsement (which they got), and continued the effort begun by Boyce to get a Congressional Charter from the U.S. Congress (which they received in 1916). They also began an active campaign to absorb all other Scout-type youth organizations into the Boy Scouts, often simply inviting rival leaders to be members of the new Boy Scouts of America National Council. Three people influenced the development of the organization more than any others: Ernest Thompson Seton, James West, and to a lesser extent, Daniel Beard. Daniel “Uncle Dan” Beard was beloved by millions of American Boy Scouts during his lifetime. A well-known artist and outdoorsman, he had founded a Scoutlike organization called the Sons

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of Daniel Boone in 1905. Ernest Thompson Seton, a famous writer and artist, had founded a loosely structured boys’ program called the Woodcraft Indians in 1902. Seton had also visited England in 1904, where he met with Baden-Powell and gave him a copy of his manual for the Woodcraft Indians. Baden-Powell used many of Seton’s ideas as he developed his Boy Scouting program. James West was a Washington, D.C., attorney active in juvenile cases. Recruited in 1911 as executive secretary, West soon changed his title to chief scout executive. West created a well-organized national structure that was a key to the organization’s growth and reputation. Although he had intended to make Scouting only a temporary diversion from his legal career, West remained chief scout executive from 1911 until his retirement in 1943.

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Local scouting organization Vance, Warren, Granville and Franklin counties make up the Great Northern District of the Occoneechee Council of the Boy Scouts of America. The Great Northern District is one of 12 districts that make up the Occoneechee Council. The council’s offices are located in Raleigh. The provides administrative and logistical aid needed to support a 12-county region in central North Carolina, stretching from Fayetteville and Cumberland County to Vance County. The purpose of the Great Northern District is to provide an educational program for boys and young adults to build strong personal values and character, educate responsibilities of citizenship, and develop personal fitness, said Kevin Rumsey, district executive for the Great Northern District. The local district was a 2010 National Quality District Award winner.

100 Years

Formed in 1977, the Great Northern District has over 320 adult volunteers working with 620 youth involved in 25 Cub Scout packs and Boy Scout troops, two Venture Crews and one Explorer Post. The Boy Scouts also operate Camp Campbell on the shores of Kerr Lake in northern Vance County, which serves scouts throughout the Occoneechee Council region. Additional camps are also located in Wake County and Moore County. Presently, the District Committee includes 12 adult volunteers who work with Rumsey to provide membership, finance and programming support to the units within the district.. Scouting’s emphasis on service has resulted in thousands of hours of community service in our local community, said Rumsey.



These hours are organized through service projects on the council, district, and unit levels, along with individual projects and Eagle service projects.

Over the past 100 years, the Boy Scouts has become an icon for American values. The positive influence the Boy Scouts has had on so many boys and young men has impacted our society to an extent few organizations can match. Our congratulations to the Boy Scouts of America at this significant milestone and our prayers for their continued success.

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Recent Eagle Scout projects in the area have included the playgrounds at First Baptist Church on Winder Street in downtown Henderson and at King’s Daughters West Park. Eagle scout projects have also focused on planting and landscaping projects at the Aycock Recreation Center and Fox Pond Park. A number of local adult volunteers have also been recognized with the Silver Beaver Award for their work with scouting. The Silver Beaver Award is the council-level distinguished service award of the Boy Scouts of America. Recipients of this award are registered adult leaders who have made an impact on the lives of youth through service given to the council. The Silver Beaver is an award given to those who implement the scouting program and perform com-


munity service through hard work, self sacrifice, dedication, and many years of service. It is given to those who do not actively seek it. Recent recipients from the Great Northern District have included George Watkins, Tom Church, John Church, Bob Gorham, Charles Woodall, Charlie Fenske, William Bland, Harry Talley and Susan Herring. Greg Sanders, who served as the district executive from 1999-2009, said that without a doubt, it’s the volunteers who are the heart of the organization and the reason for its long-term success. “The volunteers are where the rubber meets the road. The program simply doesn’t happen without the volunteers,” Sanders said. And while today’s Boy Scouts use GPS units instead of compasses to find their way in the great outdoors, Sanders is confident scouting will be around for many years to come. “Scouting will always have its place in American society and culture. We’re not going anywhere.”

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100 Years

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sunDay, March 27, 2011

Annual golf tournament helps fund local scout program Even though George Watkins was never a Boy Scout himself, he has tremendous respect for scouting and the values it teaches. “I don’t know anything out there that does a better job of making good human beings out of kids than scouting,” Watkins believes. That’s why he’s been involved for over 25 years with raising a large chunk of the budget each

future of scouting in the area looked gloomy. “Some of the people involved called and asked for my help,” Watkins said. He headed down to Raleigh to meet with the Occoneechee Council staff and see what he could do to help. What Watkins decided to do was start a golf tournament to raise funds to benefit the Boy Scouts and to provide the funds needed to reinstate the district director’s position. The one-day tournament was held annually at Kerr Lake Country Club for more than a decade, raising close to $20,000 a year to help fund the

year for the Great Northern District. Watkins initially became involved with fundraising for the scouts in the mid-1980s when funding for the organization through the Vance County United Way was cut, creating a crisis for the local Boy Scouts district. The Great Northern District lost its district executive, the only paid position, and the

“I don’t know anything out there that does a better job of making good human beings out of kids than scouting.”


scouting program. Watkins eventually melded his fund-raising efforts for Boy Scouts with the Henderson Country Club’s Amateur Invitational Golf Tournament, which is now the primary fund-raising event for the organization. This year’s tournament will be held April 30-May 1 and the entry deadline is April 22. Entry fee is $140. The 36-hole Medal Play Tournament is governed

by U.S. Golf Association rules with local exceptions announced by the Tournament Committee. Flights will be determined based on first round scores. The field will be limited to the first 144 entries. Tournament proceeds will go to help fund the local Great Northern District of the Boy Scouts. “This is one of the few two-day golf tournaments still around,” Watkins said, “and we usually raise



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about $25,000 for the Boy Scouts.” And for Watkins, that’s what counts the most. “There’s nothing you can have on your resume that’s any more impressive than being an Eagle Scout.” For information on registering for this year’s tournament, contact John Robinette at the Henderson Country Club at (252) 492-5389 or go to www.

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100 Years



sunDay, March 27, 2011


Venture Crew provides co-ed scouting experience

Scouting isn’t just for pre-teen boys anymore. A new division of scouting, called Venture Crew, is expanding the scouting experience to include both teen boys and girls. The first Venture Crew in Vance County was started two years ago as an extension of Boy Scout Troop #605, which meets at First Presbyterian Church in Henderson. Wayne Woody and his wife, Kay, help lead the unit, which has 10 members, including three girls. David Long serves as the chief crew advisor. “With Venture Crew, we have the option of high adventure activities like rock climbing or shooting firearms, for instance,” Woody said. “We serve as advisers, but the teens are in charge of deciding where they want to go and what they want to do.” That includes raising the money needed to fund trips and even planning all the details, even down to the meals, he said. So far, the group has focused mostly on camping and canoeing. “We love Merchants Mill

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Members of Venture Crew #605 painted and repaired old bicycles and donated them to Vance County Social Services to give to needy children at Christmas. Pond (in Gates County),” Woody said. “We love being on the water and we’ve canoed in and camped out there. We’ve also camped at Carolina Beach and the Eno

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River State Park.” The group has also visited a climbing wall, and taken some day-long hiking trips. Both adult male and female advisors accompany the

group on all its outings. The group meets every other Thursday at 7 p.m. at the church. They plan an adventure outing once a month. To par-

Congratulations on 100 years of improving the lives of our youth!

ticipate, teens must be 14-20 (13 years old who have finished eighth grade can also participate). Venture Crew members do not need to have any prior membership in either Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. The program does offer a structured course where the participants can earn ranks, but it’s up to each individual crew to decide if they are interested in pursuing that direction. The mission statement for the group also includes community service. Venture Crew #605 has helped out with the downtown soup kitchen for the homeless, which First Presbyterian Church participates in, as well as repairing and refurbishing discarded bicycles at Christmas. “Last year the group painted and fixed up 22 bikes and gave them to Vance County Social Services to distribute to needy children,” Woody said. For more information on Venture Crew units in the Great Northern District, contact senior district executive Kevin Rumsey at (919) 812-0560.

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100 Years



Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Daily Dispatch

100 Years



The Great Northern District on the move Be Prepared. — The Scout Motto

Do a Good Turn Daily. — The Scout Slogan

A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean and Reverent. — The Scout Law

Sunday, March 27, 2011



The Daily DispaTch

100 Years



sunDay, March 27, 2011

Scouting finds new home in after-school program While camping trips and cookouts over an open fire are the images that come to mind first when most people think about Boy Scouts, scouting is finding a new home in some less traditional places. Since 2002, Vance County Schools has partnered with the Great Northern District of the Boy Scouts to bring a scouting program component to the after-school programs at Aycock, E.M. Rollins, Dabney and Zeb Vance elementary schools. Cyndi Crane, a teaching assistant at E.M. Rollins and a certified scout master, was willing to take on the task of heading up the new venture. “My husband and I got into scouting when our now 18-year-

old was in the third grade,” Crane said. “As boys progress in scouting, the need for mom and dad to be involved lessens, so since my son didn’t need me at meetings anymore, I looked to find another outlet for my scouting interest.” Crane said scouting teaches boys and young men so much about self-sufficiency, team work and ethics. “Scouting for many youth and adults is not just an activity, its a way of life. As a pre-kindergarten teacher’s assistant at E.M. Rollins, I was aware that scouting had so

much to give to our students.” Crane admits that it’s difficult to incorporate many of the traditional scouting activities into the after-school setting. “Yes, there is usually camping in most Cub Packs as well as many activities that involve food that we can’t do within the school setting. That just means more creativity on my part!” said Crane. All scouts must first earn their “Bobcat” badge, she said. This covers all of the basics of cub scouting, including the promise, the terminology of scouting and

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the motto. This is required of all boys entering Cub Scouts for the first time. From there, Crane goes to work to adapt traditional scouting activities to a non-traditional setting. “I do a lot of searching on the Internet to find activities that fit into the theme for the month. Often these are things that have been done in Cub Scout packs in other areas.” In addition to learning about scouting, activities have included games, crafts and songs that support the monthly theme. During the Rain Gutter Regatta, the boys decorate their boats and then sail them down two actual house rain gutters full of water, using their own wind power to move the boats along.

Advancement ceremonies are held with parents, teachers and principals as special guests. One of the favorite scouting events is the Pinewood Derby, Crane said, which is a racing event where the Cub Scouts, with the help of parents, build their own cars from wood, usually from kits containing a block of pine, plastic wheels and metal axles. While the activities are fun and important, Crane has a much longer-term goal in mind for her young students — learning important lessons in ethics and character. “I don’t want boys who are only interested in games and crafts even if that is an important part of my program!”

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100 Years

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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Getting Involved in the Great Northern District Cub Scouts Pack 561 Grace Baptist Church 402 NC 501Hwy , Louisburg , NC 27549 Meets Thursdays at 7 p.m. Contact: Matt Thompson, (919) 5262477 or

Boys ages 6-10 (grade levels 1st through 5th) Pack 101 Cotton Memorial United Presbyterian Church 511 N. Chestnut St., Henderson, NC 27536 Meets on Saturdays at 9 a.m. Contact: Bernitia Young, (252) 430-0624

Pack 510 Louisburg United Methodist Church 610 Mill Creek Dr, Louisburg, NC 27596 Meets on Mondays at 7 p.m. Contact: Stephanie Templeman Email:

Pack 605 First Presbyterian Church 222 Young St, Henderson, NC 27536 Meets Tuesdays at 7 p.m. Contact: Lisa Cottrell, (252) 492-8440 Email:

Pack 401 Creedmoor United Methodist Church 214 Park Ave., Creedmoor, NC 27522 Meets Mondays at 7 p.m. Contact: Amanda Baker, (919) 779-4005 E-mail:

Pack 520 Polar Spring Baptist Church 89 Brantleytown Rd, Bunn, NC 27597 Meets on Fridays at 7 p.m. Contact: Guy Martin, (919) 496-7181 Email:

Pack 619 Anchor Baptist Church 1308 NC 98 Hwy W., Louisburg, NC 27549 Meets Mondays at 7 p.m. Contact: Ray Mozinger, (919) 496-1419 E-mail:

Pack 416 Banks United Methodist Church 2632 N.C. Hwy. 96, Wilton, NC 27525 Meets Mondays at 7 p.m. Contact: Jon Meader, (919) 740-3539 E-mail:

Pack 528 Rising Star Youth Development Hwy 158 Bypass, Warrenton, NC 27589 Meets Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. Contact: Auturo Dennis, (252) 537-1956 Email:

Pack 620 The Church of the Holly Innocents 210 South Chestnut St., Henderson, NC 27536 Meets Saturdays at 10 a.m. Contact: Joe Brodie, (252) 432-1020 Email:

Congratulations to Our Local Boy Scouts for 100 Years of Service!

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1904 Graham Ave. (Next door to Ribeyes Steakhouse)

Happy 100th Anniversary to the Boy Scouts! Thank You All for Serving Our Community!

Congratulations on your 100th Anniversary!

Pack 625 Church of Jesus Christ, LDS 1615 Graham Ave., Henderson, NC 27536 Meets Wednesdays at 7 p.m. Contact: James Clark, (252) 456-5056

Pack 637 Oxford United Methodist Church 105 W. McClanhan St., Oxford, NC 27565 Meets Mondays at 7 p.m. Contact: Co-Wefa Lyda, (828) 280-1760 Email: Pack 691 First United Methodist Church 114 Church St., Henderson, NC 27536 Meets Tuesdays at 7 p.m. Contact: Charles Shelton, (252) 438-7791 Please see BOY SCOUTS, page 10


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100 Years

The Daily DispaTch


Boy Scouts

Boys ages 6-10 (grade levels 1st through 5th) Troop 520 Bunn United Methodist Church 200 Main St., Bunn NC 27508 Meets Mondays at 7 p.m. Contact: Randy Wester, (919) 496-2838 Email:

Troop 101 Cotton Memorial United Presbyterian Church 511 N. Chestnut St., Henderson, NC 27536 Meets Saturdays at 9 a.m. Contact: Jacques Hawkins (252) 432-0188

Troop 555 Louisburg United Methodist Church, 610 Mill Creek Drive, Louisburg, NC 27596 Meets Mondays at 7 p.m. Contact: Charlie Fenske, (919) 496-2760 Email:

Troop 401 Creedmoor United Methodist Church, 214 Park Ave., Creedmoor, NC 27522 Meets Tuesdays at 7 p.m. Contact: Forrest Heil, (919) 730-9174 E-mail:

Troop 605 First Presbyterian Church 222 Young St., Henderson, NC 27536 Meets Monday at 7 p.m. Contact: Rufus Overby, (252) 767-5894

Troop 416 Banks United Methodist Church 2632 N.C. Hwy. 96, Wilton, NC 27525 Meets Tuesdays at 7 p.m. Contact: Jay Taylor, (919) 280-4395 E-mail:


Eat In or Take Out ®


Troop 619 Anchor Baptist Church 1308 N.C. 98 Hwy W., Louisburg, NC 27549 Meets Thursdays at 7 p.m. Contact: Ray Mozinger, (919) 496-1419 Email:

Troop 637 Oxford United Methodist Church 105 W. McClanhan St., Oxford, NC 27565 Meets Mondays at 7 p.m. Contact: Lloyd Davis, (919) 691-4121 Email:

Troop 620 The Church of the Holly Innocents 210 S. Chestnut St., Henderson, NC 27536 Meets Saturdays at 10 a.m. Contact: Joe Brodie, (252) 432-1020 Email:

Troop 648 Community United Methodist Church 507 West B St., Butner, NC 27509 Meets Tuesdays at 7 p.m. Contact: Jamie Smith, (919) 691-0160 E-mail:

Troop 625 Church of Jesus Christ, LDS 1615 Graham Ave., Henderson, NC 27536 Meets Wednesdays at 7 p.m. Contact: James Clark, (252) 456-5056

Troop 672 Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church 210 N. Main St., Warrenton, NC 27589 Meets Mondays at 7 p.m. Contact: Jack Long, (252) 456-3701 Email:

Troop 630 Gillburg United Methodist Church 4939 NC Hwy. 39 S., Henderson, NC 27537 Meets Mondays at 7:30 p.m. Contact: Tommie Patrick, (252) 213-0711

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congratulates the Boy Scouts on 100 Years of Leadership in America.

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100 Years



sunDay, March 27, 2011

Venture Crew Co-ed youth development program for ages 14-20 (or age 13 and 8th grade completed) Crew 605 First Presbyterian Church Henderson 222 Young St., Henderson, NC 27536 Meets Tuesday at 7 p.m. Contact: Wayne Woody, 252-430-0858 Email: Crew 648 Community United Methodist Church 507 West B St., Butner, NC 27509 Meets Tuesdays at 7 p.m. Contact: Fred Kughn, (919) 528-9334 E-mail:

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The art for the cover of this special section is taken from the U.S. Postal Service’s commemorative stamp celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America.

Congratulations to the Boy Scouts for 100 Years of Scouting!

Congratulations on your 100th Anniversary

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Celebrating 100 Years of Scouting - The Daily Dispatch - March 27, 2011  

Celebrating 100 years of Scouting

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