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A brief lesson on the history of the Tri-County Originally a part of the state of Virginia, the TriCounty area became a part of the state of Carolina when King Charles II of England redefined the state lines in 1665. Granville County was formed in 1746 and named in honor of John Carteret, the Earl of Granville, who owned the Granville District. Today, Granville County is bounded by Vance, Wake, Durham and Person counties, in addition to the state of Virginia. The present land area of the county is 530 square miles and the estimated population in

2012 was 60,436. The first county seat was called Granville Court House, but in 1748, the location became unsatisfactory. It was ordered that the courthouse be located on a branch of the Tar River called Tabb’s Creek. Oxford become the county seat in 1811 and was incorporated in 1816. Warren County was formed in 1779 and named in honor of Joseph Warren, a soldier from Massachusetts who fell while fighting at Bunker Hill. Today, the county is bounded by Northhampton, Halifax, Franklin and Vance coun-

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ties, in addition to the state of Virginia. The present land area is 428 square miles and the estimated population in 2012 was 20, 576. The act establishing the county specified that the first court be held at the courthouse of Bute. It also provided that subsequent courts were to be held at a place decided upon by the justices of the peace until a courthouse could be erected. Commissioners were named to select a site at the center of the county, purchase land and have the courthouse, prison and the stocks erected.

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In 1779, another act was passed establishing Warrenton. This act provided that the courts were to be held at the home of Thomas Christmas until the courthouse was built. Warrenton is the county seat. As the area now known as Vance County prospered in the mid-to-late 1800s, the idea of creating a separate county surfaced. After original legislative efforts to name the new county as “Gilliam” and later as “Dortch” failed, the N.C. General Assembly established Vance County on May 5, 1881. The act directed the county com-

missioners to select a site in Henderson for the erection of the courthouse. Vance County was formed from parts of Granville, Warren and Franklin counties. It was named in honor of Zebulon Baird Vance, a member of Congress, governor of North Carolina and a United States senator. Vance County is bounded by Warren, Franklin and Granville counties, along with the state of Virginia. The present land area is 244 square miles and the estimated population in 2012 was 45,132. Henderson is the county seat.

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