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A Guide for Newcomers


Getting the best education for your child within the Tri-County Schools in all three area counties are focused on providing students with a meaning-

Vance County Schools Vance County public schools are working on ensuring progress in statewide end-of-grade testing scores and student writing by making staff development a focal point. Faculty members have spent time in workshops to make sure teachers — and students — are on the same page, ensuring the student learning is on target with the new Common Core Curriculum. The focus is on helping children who are below grade level as well as those who are high performers. Those needing to register new children for school should contact the school in their district. If you are not sure which district you reside in, contact the Vance County Schools central of fice at (252) 492-2127.  

The public schools in this county can be reached at: Aycock Elementary (252) 492-1516 Carver Elementary (252) 438-6955 Clarke Elementary (252) 438-8415 Dabney Elementary (252) 438-6918 New Hope Elementary (252) 4386549 Pinkston Street Elementary (252) 4383441 E.M. Rollins Elementary (252) 4382189 L.B. Yancey Elementary (252) 4388336 E.O. Young Elementary (252) 4386423 Zeb Vance Elementary (252) 4388492 Eaton-Johnson Middle School (252) 438-5017 Henderson Middle School (252) 492-

ful educational experience that prepares them for the challenges of the 21st century.

0054 Northern Vance High School (252) 492-6041 Southern Vance High School (252) 430-6000 Vance County Early College High School (252) 738-3580 Western Vance High School (252) 438-8407  

Race, income, and prior academic success are not considered or asked about when enrolling at Henderson Collegiate. The school’s mission is to empower students with the academic skills, social experiences, and love of learning necessary for them to shape their own destinies, attend the college of their choice, and become worldchanging problem solvers. For fur ther information, call Vance Charter School (252) 578-7053 or e-mail Henderson Growth and good state rankings Collegiate@    continue for students at Vance Charter School. The school in past years has been named a N.C. School of Excellence. Enrollment at and inter  est in the school continues to grow. Educators in Granville County More than 350 students are have had plenty to celebrate in past enrolled in grades K-8. Small class years, with solid results in the state sizes, a family atmosphere that end-of-grade test rankings and progrequires parental involvement, and ress for several schools in the fedthe lack of tuition and fees make eral No Child Left Behind program. the school attractive to students and The Granville County public schools’ their parents. central office can be reached at (919) Any North Carolina resident may 693-4613. apply to attend any charter school in the state. Enrollment is by lottery. The public schools in this county The lottery for new admissions each can be reached at:  school year generally takes place C.G. Credle Elementary (919) 693in February. For more information, 9191 call (252) 431-0440.  Mt. Energy Elementary (919) 529 

Granville County Schools

Henderson Collegiate

Henderson Collegiate is a new charter school that opened in Henderson in August 2010 with only four th-grade students. Additional grade levels will be added each year. The school will focus on reaching students from low-income families and will offer a college preparator y curriculum. Plans are to add a grade each year until the school offers grades four through eight.

0586 Joe Toler-Oak Hill Elementary (919) 693-8935 Tar River Elementary (919) 528-2767 Mary Potter Middle School (919) 6933914 West Oxford Elementary (919) 6939161 Tar River Elementary (919) 528-2767 Wilton Elementary (919) 528-0033 Creedmoor Elementary (919) 5282313

Butner-Stem Elementary (919) 5756947 Stovall-Shaw Elementary (919) 6933478 Northern Granville Middle School (919) 693-1483 G.C. Hawley Middle School (919) 5280091 Butner-Stem Middle School (919) 575-9429 J.F. Webb High School (919) 693-2521 South Granville High School (919) 528-1507 Granville Central High School (919) 528-5530 Granville Early College High School (919) 528-5583 J.F. Webb High School of Health & Life Sciences (919) 693-6411 South Granville High School of Health & Life Sciences (919) 528-5532 South Granville High School (919) 528-5533 Center For Innovative Learning (919) 690-2300

Oxford Preparatory High School

Oxford Preparatory High School is an independent public char ter high school that focuses on the necessary skills and education students need to gain admission to a fouryear college or university. There is also a focus on community service and appreciation of the ar ts. To graduate, students must have four credits each in math, English, social studies and science; three credits in the same foreign language; take one college level class (AP or Dual Enrollment); and complete a minimum of sixty hours of community ser vice. The school’s phone number is (919) 690-0360.

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