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Recognizing the symptoms of a stroke STROKE SYMPTOMS INCLUDE: 

1) Sudden numbness or weakness of face, arm or leg — especially on one side of the body. 2) Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding. 3) Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes. 4) Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination. 5) Sudden severe headache with no known cause. If you have experienced any have had a TIA or mini-stroke. having a stroke act F.A.S.T. and of these symptoms, you may If you think someone may be perform this simple test above:

July 18, 2012

Same day surgery at MPMC: What to expect WHAT IS OUTPATIENT SURGERY?

Your private physician has deter mined that you need a brief and minor surgical procedure. Because you are in good health and the procedure is a minor one, your surger y will be performed on an outpatient basis. This means you will come to the Outpatient Surgical Ser vices the morning of the procedure and you will be allowed to go home that evening. BEFORE SURGERY

Before your surgery, you will need to pre-register at the Outpatient Surgical Services Registration Desk. You should pre-register no later than 48 hours prior to your surgery. To pre-register, come between the hours of 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., MondayFriday. Outpatient Surgical Ser vices personnel will direct you to the laboratory, X-Ray department, and the EKG depar tment for necessar y tests. THE DAY OF SURGERY

On the morning of surger y, take a good

soapy bath and wash your hair. Do not apply body cream, make-up, hair spray, perfume or nail polish. You may wish to bring a book or magazine to read (If there is to be any change in surgery time, you will be promptly notified). You should report to the Outpatient Surgical Ser vices Registration Desk at least one hour before the time designated by your physician for your surgery. Remember to bring along your insurance information as well as the copy of your outpatient pre-registration form. Once paper work is completed, an identification band will be attached to your wrist. When it is time for your surgical procedure, the operating room team will come and escort you to the operating room suite. Visitors and family members will wait in the Surgical Services Lobby, located on the lower level of the new tower, during the patient’s surgery. Children or the infirm: One visitor will be allowed during the SEE SURGERY/PAGE 2



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now have some food and/or liquids. Your vital signs will be taken and you will be time the patient will be prepared for surgery, and may encouraged to wake up and walk some. be requested to return to the discharge area when the When recover y is complete, you will be dispatient is ready for discharge. charged to go home. For your safety and to make the procedure more Remember: you can not drive yourself home. pleasant, a few simple rules must be followed: Someone must be available to drive you home. Your 1) Do not eat or drink anything, including water, after driver can wait for you in the outpatient ser vices midnight of the evening before the planned surgery. waiting area, or be available by phone to come and get you when we call them. This is a very important rule which must be You should give us your driver’s strictly followed for your safety. If you have family phone number before your surger y. 2) Do not wear any jewelr y (includor friends waiting If you have family or friends waiting ing rings), and do not carry large sums of for you in the outpatient waiting area, money. Also, do not wear contact lenses for you in the we will keep them advised of your condisince they might harm your eyes under outpatient anesthesia. waiting area, we tion and progress. We can not answer the question, 3) Do not drive your own automobile to will keep them “How long will this take?” Because no the Outpatient Services Center as you will advised of your two humans are exactly alike and they not be allowed to drive home. do not react to medicines or procedures 4) Promptly notify your private physician condition and alike, how long it will take is strictly of any change in your condition. A cold, the progress. individual. flu, a fever or a sore throat may require that Unforeseen events may necessitate the procedure be postponed to a later date. your staying overnight in the hospital. If 5) Operative permits may be signed by patients this is necessar y, you will be informed and given an 18 years of age and older. Minors or patients who are unable to sign for themselves must be accompanied by explanation immediately after the procedure. If an overnight stay is necessar y, understand that we are a parent or legal guardian. doing this for your health. AFTER SURGERY If you have any questions or comments conAfter surgery you will be returned to the outpa- cerning Maria Parham Same Day Surger y contact tient surgical area to recover. Outpatient Ser vices at (252) 436-1510 between the According to your doctor’s orders for you, you may hours of 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

From the head to the tummy: Abdominal pain in children

Children frequently cent of children between get abdominal pain that ages three and sixteen. can not be explained It is most common by any of the common between five and twelve causes of abdominal years old, and it is slightpain. It is not the appen- ly more common in girls dix, the flu than boys. or food intolS o m e e r a n c e s . Recurrent children will T h e p a i n abdominal pain is h a v e c o n occurs when diagnosed when a tinuous pain i t w i s h e s child has with occaand it goes sional exacaway when abdominal pain erbations, i t w i s h e s severe enough to but most will regardless of affect his have periods what you do activities over a when they to help it. feel comRecurrent period of at least pletely well a b d o m i n a l three months. between the pain is diagflare-ups. nosed when a child has The pain usually begins abdominal pain severe around the navel, but it enough to af fect his can be anywhere in the activities over a period abdomen. Often there of at least three months. It occurs in up to 10 perSEE PAIN/PAGE 3

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Allergies to cats and dogs Pets are great. They are good companions, they help you relax and they even help lower your blood pressure. But some people are allergic to their pets. Cats and dogs can cause sneezing, water y eyes and occasionally asthma. These symptoms can be stopped by removing the pet from the household, but it is so hard to par t with the adorable little family member. It is mainly the dander, or skin cells, that contain the allergens, but the allergic proteins are also found in the hair, saliva and even the urine. A ver y allergic person may get hives when a cat or dog licks

or scratches his skin. Cats cause much worse allergies than dogs. A person with a cat allergy is apt to break out with symptoms immediately when a cat enters the room. Asthma is brought on so easily

in sensitized people that it has been called “cat asthma.� Dogs are much less likely to cause serious problems, but they do cause mild symptoms in SEE ALLERGIES/PAGE 4

are other symptoms with the abdominal pain, most commonly pallor and tiredness. Headaches, dizziness, loss of appetite, vomiting, constipation and even a low-grade fever are also common. There is usually no regular pattern to the pains, except that they do not normally wake the child from sleep. The cause of these pains is difficult to determine, but there is not normally a medical illness causing it. The most com-

mon cause appears to be a psychosocial event which is stressful to the child. This may be from deaths or illnesses in the family, family or marital discord, moving to a new home or school, new siblings or other changes. Before psychosocial causes are addressed, it is wise to evaluate fully for medical causes, such as food intolerances or kidney problems. If these are not found and the pain persists, psychologic help should be considered. Talk to your child’s

physician about any concerns about you may have about their health. For a listing of physicians in the area, go to the Maria Parham Medical Center website at mariaparham. com or call the hospital’s marketing depar tment at (252) 4361800.

Recurrent abdominal pain is diagnosed when a child has abdominal pain severe enough to affect his activities over a period of at least three months. The cause of these pains is difficult to determine, but there is not normally a medical illness causing it. The most common cause appears to be a psychosocial event which is stressful to the child.

Caring for Your Heart, Caring for You.

2IIHULQJ'LDJQRVLV 7UHDWPHQWRI+HDUW5HODWHG,OOQHVVHV Northern Carolina Cardiology is Maria Parham Medical &HQWHUÂśV QHZHVW SK\VLFLDQ SUDFWLFH MRLQLQJ D JURZLQJ OLVW RI RXWVWDQGLQJ KRVSLWDORZQHG SUDFWLFHV  1RUWKHUQ &DUROLQD Cardiology offers non-invasive heart care through the talents RI WZR %RDUG&HUWLÂżHG SK\VLFLDQV 0HOLVVD 'DXEHUW 0' DQG 5RELQ0DWKHZV0'%RWK'U'DXEHUWDQG'U0DWKHZVDUH also on the medical staff at Duke University Medical Center. The physicians at Northern Carolina Cardiology are accepting QHZSDWLHQWVDQGDFFHSWUHIHUUDOVIURP\RXUIDPLO\SK\VLFLDQ

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When a person has a sensitivity to dogs or cats, one should keep the pets outdoors or at least limit the amount of time the animals spend in the house. It is also helpful to give the pet a bath once a week.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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while to look for other causes, such as house dust many people. Many people or molds, which may actuthink that getting a dog ally be easier to treat than that does not getting rid of the pet. shed or has When a person s h o r t h a i r When a person has a sensitivity to will not cause has a sensitivity dogs or cats, one a l l e r g i e s . to dogs or cats, should keep the pets These dogs one should keep outdoors or at least are less likelimit the amount of l y t o c a u s e the pets outdoors t i m e t h e a n i m a l s troublesome or at least limit spend in the house. It a l l e r g i e s , the amount of is also helpful to give but they still time the animals the pet a bath once a cause some week. — skin cells spend in the Talk to your are constant- house. child’s physician ly lost whethabout any concer ns er or not the dog sheds hair. about you may have about Since dog allergies are their health. For a listing of a much smaller problem, physicians in the area, go to when a person appears to the Maria Parham Medical have allergies to a dog, Center website at mariaparcomplete testing is wor th-

What exactly is Autism?


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Autism is a complex syn- ties of language and commudrome of abnormal brain func- nication along with problems tion resulting in a wide variety with social interaction and of symptoms as a child devel- lack of imaginative play. A ops. child with autism may have a While it is not entirely clear high IQ but with the abnormal what causes autism, its origin social interactions and lanappears to begin guage problems it early in pregnancy Autism includes may not be apparwhile the brain is abnormalities of ent. Cases of posdeveloping. Due sible autism are to some abnormal language and impor tant to idenstress on the brain communication tify as soon as posand its develop- along with sible since they ment, the normal problems with may r espond to connections that treatment better if link one brain cell social interaction treated early. to many others are and lack of Autism is found damaged, pr uned imaginative play. in all cultures and of f, or just do not is 4-5 times more develop. The most likely cause common in boys than girls. is thought to be a viral infec- The risk for recurrence in a tion occurring in the first 28 family is 5-8 percent indicating weeks of the pregnancy. a small genetic predisposition. Autism includes abnormaliAutism is diagnosed by

delayed language development or unusual speech patterns and abnormal social interactions, such as being unresponsive to being touched or when parents play “peek-a-boo.” The child may also show repetitive or non-functional behavior such as simply lining up toys. Although there is no cure, it is helpful to treat it early since they may have an improvement in behavioral problems and be able to cope with mainstream life. If autism is suspected, a child should be referred to a center designed to do a full evaluation of the child and follow his development as he ages. For more information about autism, you can check out the Autism Society of America’s website:

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Body mass index: comparing apples to ... pears? Have you looked in the mirror lately? What did you see? An apple or a pear? What does this mean you may ask? Well let me explain. If you tend to store fat around the waist, you have an apple shaped body and if you store fat below the waist, you have a pear shaped body. Apple shaped people whose fat is concentrated mostly in the abdomen are more likely to develop more health problems associated with obesity because of their fat distribution. Apple shaped people have large amounts of deep fat stored in their waist called visceral fat. This dangerous fat is inside your abdomen surrounding your organs causing health risks such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obstructive sleep, apnea, gallbladder disease, high blood pressure, respiratory problems, several cancers, stroke ... the list can go on and on. While obesity of any kind is a health risk, it is better to be a pear than an apple. If there is one thing everyone agrees on, it is that weight control is a key component of maintaining good health. Calculating your BMI (body mass index) will determine whether you are overweight, underweight, or at a healthy weight for your height. Once you have your height and weight, you can calculate your BMI manually or by internet searching BMI calculator. To calculate manually, take your weight,



Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Exercises to keep your back strong

Good posture and stomach in and tilting

If you tend to store fat around the waist, you have an apple shaped body. If you store it below, your body is pear-shaped. Those with apple shaped bodies are more likely to develop more health problems associated with obesity due to fat distribution. multiply by 703, and then divide it by your height in inches. Take this number and then divide it by your height in inches again. The resulting number is your BMI. •A BMI of 25 to 29.9 is defined as “pre‑obese.” •A BMI of 30 to 34.99 is defined as “obese class I” •A BMI of 35 to 39.99 is defined as “obese class II” •A BMI of greater than 40.00 is defined as “obese class III.” Excess body fat can have many health risks, but can we really see the

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problem staring back at us through the mirror? The decision to take control of your weight is an important one. Is your BMI greater than 30? Do you have an “apple shaped” body? If you are a women, is your waist measurement 35 inches or greater? If you are a man, is your waist measurement 40 inches or greater? If you fall into either of the following categories and interested in losing weight, call Carolina Weight Loss at (252) 430‑8111, ext. 3, for your initial assessment today.

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proper lifting are things we seldom think about until it is too late. We develop poor work habits, improper posture when sitting and standing, and we get overweight. These things put a strain on our backs and, sooner or later, the back begins to ache. Here are a number of exercises and habits you can use to help the pain go away and keep your back healthy. 1) The “pelvic tilt” exercise strengthens the pelvic and stomach muscles by drawing the

the hips forward. 2) Knee-chest exercises are done by lying on your back and drawing a knee up towards your chest and holding it 3-5 seconds. Alternate the knees, and later, both knees can be brought up at once. 3) Partial sit ups — just bringing your head and shoulders of f the floor several inches — strengthen the abdominal muscles. 4) L ying on your abdomen, lift your head and shoulders of f the SEE EXERCISES/PAGE 6

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


There are a number of exercises and habits -- such as performing specific exercises or sleeping on a firm mattress -you can use to help back pain go away and keep your back healthy.

7) Sit in firm straight-backed chairs floor for 3-5 seconds. a n d k e e p t h e k n e e s This strengthens the level with the hips or posterior slightly highs p i n e m u s - Sleep on a firm er than the cles. mattress and put hips. 5) Sleep 8) When o n a f i r m a pillow under lifting, bend m a t t r e s s your knees if you at the knees and put a pil- lie on your back, k e e p i n g l o w u n d e r or between your the back you r k n e e s knees if you lie on s t r a i g h t . Yo u s h o u l d if you lie on your side. be careful your back, not to twist or between your knees if you lie on while lifting which is often what brings on an your side. 6) If you are stand- acute back strain. Ta l k t o y o u r d o c ing for long periods, you should put one foot tor before star ting any on a stool or ledge, or exercise plan, especialbend both knees inter- ly if you have a histor y of back problems. mittently.

Hypertension, the silent killer Causing few or no symptoms, hyper tension has become known as the “silent killer.� You must have your blood pressure taken to diagnose it. A normal reading is below 140/90. When it goes above this reading it should be foll o w e d c l o s e l y. T h e diagnosis should not be made from just one or two readings. The blood pressure will vary depending on hear t rate, excitement, and just being in your doctor’s office. When the readings are consistently high, your doctor will consid-

er several factors which may be af fecting your blood pressure. Use of tobacco, alcohol, coffee and salt may contribute to the elevated readings. These are all life-style factors which can be changed. Losing weight and increasing your physical activity may be all that is needed to control mild hypertension. When dietar y and life-style changes do not control the blood pressure, medicines are usually started. A wide variety of medicines are available and the best choice often depends SEE KILLER/PAGE 7

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practice that provides consultative and operative services in the areas of General, Advanced Laparoscopic, Breast and OncologyUHODWHG 6XUJHU\  (DFK RI WKH VXUJHRQV LV %RDUG &HUWLÂżHG ZLWK advanced training in various specialty areas. Each doctor is dedicated to providing you the very highest level of quality healthcare.


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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Irritable bowel syndrome: Tackling a lifelong problem

When blood pressure readings are extremely high, there is an immediate risk of a stroke or heart attack until it is controlled. Hospitalization to treat the blood pressure and protect against these complications may be necessary.



on your age and medical conditions, such as diabetes or asthma. Water pills, which remove salt and water from the body, or beta-blockers, which slow the hear t rate, ar e often used first. They have proved their effectiveness over decades. When the readings are extremely high, there is an immediate risk of a stroke or heart attack until it is controlled. Hospitalization to treat the blood pressure and protect against

these complications may be necessary. A person’s blood pressure may increase with age, so yearly checks are needed. Early treatment can help prevent the complications of hear t attacks, strokes and kidney failure. If you have high blood pressure, consult with your family physician immediately. For a listing of family physicians in the area, go to Maria Parham’s website at or call (252) 436-1800 for additional information.

Irritable bowel syndrome is a ver y common pr oblem. Many people suf fer from its symptoms, which range from constipation to diar rhea, and cramping to excessive gas. It is a lifelong problem for many people causing frequent social problems due to its unpr edictable symptoms. Some people choose to avoid social situations and obligations rather than risk the embarrassing problems an ir ritable bowel might bring on. The good news is that ir ritable bowel syndrome does not har m a person. It does not cause weight loss, malnutrition, or cancer, and it does not shor ten one’s life. There are illnesse s , h o w e v e r, t h a t cause similar symptoms. Lactose intolerance and other malabsorption syndromes, infections, and other intestinal illnesses should be checked for by doing blood tests, stool cultures, testing for blood in the stool, and doing a flexible sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy. There are a number of treatments that can be useful in

treating this problem. ing diarrhea as well as The first constipation. s t e p i s t o Since stresses are If this is add “bulknot enough, apt to make the for ming it may be laxatives” to symptoms worse, h e l p f u l t o y o u r d i e t . it is wise to avoid add mediT h e y w i l l stressful cines which increase the situations and to relax the fiber in the learn relaxation b o w e l . bowel which These will techniques. can make u s u a l l y the muscle Routine physical give some ar ound the exercise also gives d e g r e e o f b o w e l l e s s many people a relief. Low spastic. The level of relief. doses of fiber will antidepresalso absorb sants are fluids, thus decreas- useful in some cases.

Since stresses are apt to make the symptoms worse, it is wise to avoid stressful situations and to lear n relaxation techniques. Routine physical exercise also gives many people a level of relief. If you have any questions about ir ritable bowel syndrome, talk to your physician. For a listing of physicians in the area, go to the Maria Parham Medical Center website at mariaparham. com.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Poor sleep: it’s certainly nothing to yawn over

As people grow older, they have this, a person will have frequent violent more and more problems with sleep. kicking motions which disturb his norThe problems commonly mal sleep pattern and stages begin around age 40 and Depression is of sleep. Although the perincrease with age. another common son may not be aware that There are several signifi- cause of poor he has such movements, cant causes of poor sleep in his partner will certainly be older people. One common sleep. A person aware of them. cause is sleep apnea. Nor- may fall asleep Depr ession is anothmally a person may have a okay only to er common cause of poor few pauses in his breathing awaken in the sleep. A person may fall for up to 10 seconds while asleep okay only to awaken sleeping, but when it hap- middle of the in the middle of the night pens dozens to hundreds night and not be and not be able to sleep of times a night, a person able to sleep well well after that. Antidepresdoes not get the rest that he after that. sants will work well for the needs. Sleep apnea is comdepression as well as help monly associated with snorwith the sleep disturbance. ing. Alcohol is a depressant Another problem that develops after The causes of poor sleep are numerous and only increase in number and severity age 40 is nocturnal myoclonus. With SEE SLEEP/PAGE 9 with age.

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Behavioral methods to quit smoking All habits, whether good or bad, are a form of learned behavior. That is why behavioral methods have found a niche in helping some people stop smoking. A person can learn to dislike smoking and learn to replace smoking with healthier habits. One behavioral method is the rapid smoking technique. Here, a person inhales the smoke once every six seconds until he no longer wishes to take another puff. This will make a person feel like the first time he smoked a cigarette — not too well. Over time, a person will learn to associate smoking with an unpleasant experience and craving a cigarette will be associated with revulsion. This technique is fairly successful with a one-year cessation rate of up to 70 percent. A similar method, satiation smoking technique, involves tripling the amount a person smokes in a period of 20-45 minutes. When this method is used along with relaxation training and stress management, the results are reported to be as high as 60 percent. Several other methods are also available, but generally considered less effec-

tive. These include hypnosis (where results may depend to a great degree on the skills of the therapist) and acupuncture. Support groups are useful in many ways. Other smokers can provide support and incentive, and suggest coping behaviors that have worked for them. A person cannot expect to give up smoking and not replace it with some other activity.

These behavioral methods have not gotten their due respect, with many people looking for an easier way in the form of a pill or patch. For more information or help to quit smoking contact the Five County Mental Health Authority at (877) 6193761. You can also visit or call 1 (800) Quit-Now for a list of quit programs, support groups or additional information to help you quit smoking.

and tends to make people fall asleep, but it also interferes with the deeper stages of sleep and causes fr equent awakenings during the night. Avoid alcohol if you have any difficulty sleeping. Exercise is usually helpful in promoting good sleep but it should be done at least a few hours before going to bed. Stimulants, such as caffeine and decongestants, should be avoided in the latter half of the day. Sleeping pills should generally be

avoided since they are effective for only short periods. If problems persist, a person should consult his physician for further evaluation. Talk to your physician if you have concerns about your poor

sleeping habits. For a listing of physicians in the area, go to the Maria Parham Medical Center website at or call the hospital’s marketing department at (252) 436-1800.

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Shoulder pain has many causes

It is common to balls, swimming and get “a little bursitis” scratching our backs. in the shoulder — it’s There are several a ver y complex joint categories of shoulder that commonly gets pain, and each categooverused in work and r y has many possibly sports. The causes. s h o u l d e r Muscles and Tendonitis also suffers tendons, rather and burfrom falls than ligaments, sitis are and other some of are primarily used t h e m o s t injuries. M u s - to hold the common c l e s a n d shoulder joint in causes of t e n d o n s , place. shoulder rather than pain. They ligaments, usually are primarily used to come on from overuse hold the shoulder joint or injuries. in place. This allows Bursas are the the shoulder to be sheathes which lubrivery loose and mobile cate the tendons and which makes it pos- allow them to move sible for us to do activities such as throwing SEE SHOULDER/PAGE 10



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Treatment of Urinary Incontinence


fr eely. Often bursitis does not develop alone. The tendons are often inflamed as well, along with other por tions of the joint structure. Injuries, such as fractures or torn ligaments, can cause ar thritic changes. The joint capsule may tear and this frequently does not heal well. Without surger y, the pain from a joint capsule, or rotator cuf f, tear may become chronic, even incapacitating. There are also many inflammator y forms of ar thritis that may af fect the shoulder joint.

These can include such illnesses as rheumatoid ar thritis or lupus. L yme Disease and other infections are serious causes of shoulder pain. Blood tests, x-rays, and an exam can help determine the cause of shoulder pain. T r eatment may include rest, medicines, warm packs, physical therapy, and other modalities depending on the exact cause. If you suspect you may be experiencing shoulder pain, consult your physician. Depending on your insurance provider, you may also be able to see a specialist such as an

There are several categories of shoulder pain, and each category has many possibly causes. These range from tendonitis and bursitis to injuries and illness. o r t h o p e d i s t d i r e c t l y. For help finding a doctor in this our area, call Maria Parham Medical

Center at (252) 4361800 or visit for a listing of medical providers.

Incontinence, or leaking of urine, can be a very troublesome symptom for a person, especially if he or she wishes to stay active and attend social events. For tunately, there are ways to treat most causes of incontinence, giving at least improvement if not always a cure. W ith ur ge incon tinence, the bladder spasms can be controlled with medicines that relax bladder muscles. Side effects of the medicines could include a dr y mouth, sedation,

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low blood pressure, possible worsening of glaucoma, and difficulty passing urine. Bladder retraining and biofeedback can also be used to help treat urge incontinence. Stress incontinence is first treated with exercises to strengthen the muscles below the bladder. If the bladder has fallen due to childbirth, surgery is usually very ef fective in improving the symptoms. Estrogens can help make the SEE URINARY/PAGE 11

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Are you starting to get too much UV-A? You may not have heard of UV-A, but you are exposed to it every day. It is part of the spectrum of ultraviolet light. It is different from the UV-B light, which is the wavelength that causes skin cancers. While UV-A light does not contribute significantly to skin cancers, it is the cause of most of the rest of the damage sunlight does to the skin. There is 1,000 times as much UV-A as UV-B, and it is always around. In contrast to UV-B, it is present early in the morning and later in the day, it is present throughout the year (UV-B is primarily in the summer months), and it penetrates glass so you still get some exposure when you are indoors or in your car. Why is UV-A exposure so impor tant? It is the wavelength of sunlight that causes the aging changes of the skin. It penetrates deeper into the skin and damages the collagen and elastic fibers. As these

UV-A is the wavelength of sunlight that causes the aging changes of the skin. It penetrates deeper into the skin and damages the collagen and elastic fibers. As these supportive fibers are damaged and lost, your skin will wrinkle and sag. These are changes that cannot be reversed. supportive fibers are damaged and lost, your skin will wrinkle and sag. These are changes that cannot be reversed. Sagging of the skin is particularly hard to reverse. Basically, once your skin is old, it stays old forever. UV-A is also the spectrum of light that causes the majority of drug reactions that are induced by

light. Tetracyclines, water pills and many other medicines are much more likely to cause a skin reaction if exposed to this spectrum of light. Many sun screens do not protect against UV-A, but there are some that do. Check with your pharmacist to be sure you get one with avobenzene or some other UV-A blocker.

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facilities for whatever reason, the underlying problem must be treattissue around the bladder more ed. There may be no cure, but makhealthy and youthful and this helps ing facilities easily availmany women. able and more pleasant is For over flow incon- Catheters are often all that is needed. A tinence where the blad- usually used if bedside commode helps der is overly distended, there is an when ar thritis or disabilifrequent bladder emp- obstruction or a ties prevent a person from tying or catheteriza- very weak bladder. reaching a distant bathtion can be used. Cathroom. If the prostate is eters are usually used If you are having trouif there is an obstr uc- enlarged, ble with urinar y incontition or a ver y weak medicines which nence, consult with your bladder. If the prostate decrease the family physician or you is enlarged, medicines resistance to the may go directly to an urolw h i c h d e c r e a s e t h e flow of urine ogist, a physician who is resistance to the flow specially trained to treat through the of urine through the urinar y issues. For a listprostate may help. At prostate may help. ing of family physicians other times surger y and urologists in the area, may be appropriate. go to Maria Parham’s website at W ith functional incontinence, or call (252) 436where a person is not able to get to 1800 for additional information.

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Daily Dispatch: Special Section: MPMC: Healthbeat: Wednesday, July 18, 2012  

Special section focusing on healthcare opportunities at Maria Parham Medical Center

Daily Dispatch: Special Section: MPMC: Healthbeat: Wednesday, July 18, 2012  

Special section focusing on healthcare opportunities at Maria Parham Medical Center