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July 20, 2011

MPMC opens inpatient dialysis unit

Inside the Breast MRI Control Room during operation of the machine.

Maria Parham Medical Center offers the region’s only Breast MRI! Maria Parham’s new Inpatient Dialysis Unit recently opened and is the first and only such unit in the region. Tariq Abo-Kamil, MD (at left) with Maria Parham Nephrology & Hypertension attends to dialysis patient James Hope during his treatment. Dr. Abo-Kamil is also the Medical Director of the Inpatient Dialysis Unit. Hope was one of three patients who avoided being transferred to Durham or Raleigh in order to have his inpatient dialysis. Nikki McKnight, RN, BSN Dialysis Unit Manager, looks on. On May 2, Maria Parham Medical Center opened the doors to its new Acute Care Dialysis Unit. The Dialysis Unit will allow patients in our region to stay closer to home when they need admission to a hospital for care. Previously, dialysis inpatients had to be transferred to hospitals, typically to Durham or Wake County. Maria Parham’s Acute Care Dialysis Unit has the capability of going to patients in their room if they are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or the Progressive Care Unit (PCU). Patients on the other nursing units will typically be dialyzed in the Dialysis Unit located on the third floor. The unit is staffed by two spe-

cially trained registered nurses. The Dialysis team is made up of Nikki McKnight, RN, BSN - Unit Manager; Barbara Espinosa, RN; and Tariq Abo-Kamil, MD. Dr. Abo-Kamil is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and specializes in diseases of the kidneys as well as hypertension. Any patient requiring inpatient dialysis will be referred to Dr. AboKamil and he will consult with the patient’s admitting physician to create a plan of care. Dr. Abo-Kamil is also available for follow-up with the patient as needed after the patient leaves the hospital and he can see new patients in his office in the J.W. Jenkins Building. Vice-President of Patient Care

at Maria Parham Cindy Faulkner states, “Maria Parham is very pleased to now offer inpatient dialysis for the patients of our community. Thanks to an arrangement with DaVita, our local outpatient dialysis provider, we have two highly qualified Registered Nurses who provided the highest quality care to our patients needing inpatient dialysis treatment.” The Acute Care Dialysis Unit can provide dialysis care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The unit currently provides hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. In hemodialysis, the patient’s blood is filtered and Please see DIALYSIS, page 2

Dr. Glenn Coates Co-director of Breast MRI Services for Wake Radiology

Looking for a place where today’s women can get service they want, the technology they need, the compassion they crave, and most importantly, have all of this in a convenient location close to home? The Women’s Diagnostic Center at Maria Parham is just the place today’s women are looking for when they need their annual mammogram or other diagnostic procedures. Maria Parham is very pleased to add Breast MRI to its already strong

women’s offerings. Utilizing Digital Mammography and Ultrasound, the Women’s Diagnostic Center can meet the needs of most women seeking their annual mammogram. The exciting news is that Maria Parham is the very first hospital in the region to offer Breast MRI. Breast MRI provides the latest in advanced technology, helping give your doctor the information that may lead to more accurate answers. Of course, technology is only as good as the people who use it, and Maria Parham is very fortunate to partner with Wake Please see BREAST MRI, page 2


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A close up of the hemodialysis machine.


the cleansed blood is then returned via the circuit back to the body. In peritoneal dialysis, a sterile solution containing glucose is pumped into the abdominal body where it is left there for a period of time to absorb waste products, and then it is drained out through the tube and discarded. The team also pro-

vides other services for dialysis patients such as catheter access and they will see patients in the Emergency Department as needed. President and CEO Bob Singletary adds “An important part of our mission in delivering the highest quality healthcare is to constantly assess what services are needed in our community. We feel that the addition of inpatient dialysis addresses a growing need for our region.” 451 Ruin Creek Road - Suite 101 Henderson, NC 27536 Phone 252-492-9565 1417 College Street Oxford, NC 27565 Phone 919-693-PEDS (7337) 317 Central Avenue Butner, NC 27509 Phone 919-528-PEDS (7337)

Excellence in Pediatric Care

Radiology. Wake Radiology provides physicians who specialize in different Imaging modalities including Breast MRI. Maria Parham utilizes the GE Healthcare MR system, characterized by excellent image quality, comfort due to ergonomic design and structured with efficiency in mind to accommodate your busy schedule. This MRI machine also features a widebore opening to reduce that “closed-in” feeling. The following are some of the more frequentlyasked questions about the procedure: What is a breast MRI? Breast MRI is the most sophisticated imaging available for the breast, and increasingly important in the fight against breast cancer. Promising new evidence shows that for women with increased risk, Breast MRI can potentially decrease mortality by detecting cancers that would otherwise be completely invisible or

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

undetectable by mammograms, ultrasounds, or clinical examination. Who should consider having a Breast MRI? The American Cancer Society recommends an annual Breast MRI, in addition to a mammogram, starting at age 30 for women who have any of the following conditions: • A BRCA 1 or 2 gene mutation. • A first-degree parent, sibling, or child with a BRCA 1 or 2 gene mutations (even if the patient is untested). • A greater than 20% calculated lifetime risk of developing breast cancer (the US average is 12-13% using the modified Gail Model for calculation). • The TP53 of PTEN gene mutation. • Had radiation to the chest between the ages of 10 and 30. • Themselves, or a first degree relative has a rare genetic syndrome such as Li-Fraumeni, Cowden, or BannayanRiley-Ruvalcaba. Why choose Breast MRI? While mammography is

All photos and stories provided by Maria Parham Medical Center’s Marketing & Community Relations Department. Specializing in PCS, PDN CNA / Companion Services RN/LPN Continuos Care 24/7

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the gold standard to which all breast imaging is compared, and for good reason, it does not have the power that is available with MRI. While the majority of mammographic abnormalities requiring biopsy are benign, the majority of MRI-detected abnormalities requiring biopsy are malignant. Why you should choose MPMC to perform the procedure? Maria Parham Medical Center offers the only Breast MRI in the region! While Breast MRI is available from other providers outside of the region, national experts have warned that experience and quality are crucial to success. Our program attributes its success to strict adherence to the “rules” of Breast MRI. The highest quality magnets and equipment are used, and only a few highly-trained subspecialists interpret the cases. Wake Radiology’s Breast MRI subspecialists have performed more than 5,000 Breast MRIs since 2005. One of the most important rules, commonly ignored by others, is the

effect of estrogen on the accuracy of the examination. The medical imaging literature has been clear that high estrogen levels negatively affect the accuracy of Breast MRI. Thus, for breast MRIs that are performed to diagnose possible hidden cancer (rather than determine the extent of known cancer), we restrict imaging to days 5-14 of the patient’s menstrual cycle. This dramatically improves image quality and accuracy. Our physicians work daily with multidisciplinary teams to further improve diagnosis and treatment optimization. The 3-D images created by this advanced technology provide critical information on the size, extent, and location of the suspected malignancy. If the Breast MRI reveals cancer, the physician has detailed 3-D information to help determine the best course of treatment. For more information about Breast MRI, please call (252) 436-1730 or go to for more information.

26 Years

Providing Quality Orthopaedic Care To The 4 County Area

HENDERSON ORTHOPAEDICS HOURS: Monday - Thursday 9 AM - 5 PM Friday 9 AM - 12 PM

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Introducing the Plate Planning Method for eating healthy BY ann MarGaret FerGUson, MPa, rD, lDn Maria ParhaM MediCal Center


Healthy diets come in all shapes and sizes. But the plate is one that can simplify our healthy dining experiences. A healthy diet can be illustrated in many ways, but it has typically been found in the shape of a pyramid. Most people are familiar with MyPyramid developed by the Department of Agriculture; it is a visual representation of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Now move over pyramid: here’s something flatter — the MyPlate diet planning method. Similarly, the plate shows how the pieces of a healthy diet fit together. However, since we eat on plates and not pyramids, this idea is exhibited in a more familiar and simpler fashion. The plate is divided into halves and then quarters. So you

would use this method by filling half of your plate with non-starchy vegetables, like broccoli or carrots; one-quarter with a lean meat, like chicken or fish; and the other quarter with a starch choice, preferably one that is higher in fiber like brown rice or wheat bread. On the plate perimeter add a serving of fruit

and low fat dairy product for a complete meal. Of course, no single food provides all of the nutrients that your body needs. By eating a variety of foods from each group in proper proportion, you should get all the nutrients and other substances that promote good health. Here’s to a healthier plate!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Planting your feet firmly into the treatment of diabetes Few things are more important in diabetes than taking care of the feet. The feet are a source of complications and infections, sometimes life-threatening ones. Diabetes causes problems for the feet in two ways. First of all, the circulation is impaired and the sensation to the feet can be decreased or lost. An ulcer, blister, or burn can occur without causing pain, and by the time the infection is discovered, it can be very serious. To prevent problems, a person should wash his or her feet daily and inspect

them for blisters, sores, or other problems. The skin should be dried carefully and the toenails cut straight across. If corns or calluses need to be trimmed, it is best to have it done by a doctor, podiatrist, or nurse. One should wear comfortable stockings and properly fitting shoes. Each day, check the shoes for any pebbles, protruding nails, or other intrusions which may cause pressure on the foot. Secondly, if the feet feel cold, it is best to wear more stockings and clothes rather than try to warm them by a heater or in hot

water. Burns can occur without causing pain and will take weeks to heal. A person must avoid harmful practices, such as smoking, which will further damage the circulation and delay healing. Do not wear constricting or seamed stockings, or footwear which may cause excessive rubbing or pressure, such as sandals or high-heeled shoes. Walking barefoot may be even worse. Stepping on slivers or other sharp objects is sure to cause an infection. Do not even walk barefoot inside the house — carpets hide many hazards.

Vision Behavioral Health Services, LLC. 102 West Nash Street, Suite A Louisburg, NC 27549 Phone: 919.496.7781 Fax: 919.496.1477 Website:

We offer the following services: • Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Therapy (8 and above) • Individual Outpatient Therapy for MH/SA Clients • Group, Family and Couple Therapy • Medication Management • DWI Assessments and Treatment • Assertive Engagement Licensed Clinicians, Therapists, & Qualified Professionals are on-site to assist you with the appropriate level of care. Our agency accepts Medicaid and many other types of Insurances, as well as State Funding (IPRS) for Uninsured Individuals For More Information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at our Louisburg Office: 919.496.7781 or Visit or new website @ **Vision Behavioral Health Services is proud to be a CABHA Certified and CQL Accredited Agency.**

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Serving Franklin, Warren, Vance, and Granville Counties.

It is very important for those with diabetes to care for their feet. Even small injuries to a diabetic’s foot can lead to major complications if not treated immediately.

Family-Like Atmosphere Best thing to Family and Home

Green-Bullock Assisted Living Center as originally set forth by our founders...Dr. James P. Green, Mr. & Mrs. Frank D. and India P. Bullock, it is our continued endeavor... to assist and serve our residents with the highest level of professional care and services. It is our committed responsibility to ensure we meet or exceed the standards set forth by the state of North Carolina as we strive to be a valued asset of the community as well as to our residents, their families and friends.

Life enriching activities & friends await you!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The risks associated with sunburns are two-fold Sunburns are not just a nuisance of summer or rites of a fishing trip. They are very harmful to the skin and can lead to skin cancers and

other skin damage. Sunburns are directly linked to melanomas, the most serious form of skin cancer. While most skin cancers

are relatively benign and do not spread, melanomas are much more like cancers of other areas: they spread easily, they are very difficult to

Nowadays, people can get sunscreens that offer protection from both UV-A and UV-B. Users should be sure to select a sunscreen that protects against both.

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cure, and they kill people. The incidence of melanomas is increasing rapidly — 4 percent per year — and they are occurring at younger ages each decade. It is not uncommon to see these serious skin cancers in 30-year-olds, and they are being seen in people in their 20’s and even teens. It is not known exactly how sunburns predispose to melanomas, but it is clearly best to avoid sunburns. Each time you burn, it adds to the risk. Sunburns and skin cancers are primarily caused by

the lower portion of the UV band, called UV-B. The damage to collagen and elastic fibers in the skin is primarily caused by the higher portion of the UV band called UV-A. The first sunscreens that were sold only protected against UV-B and allowed the aging changes from UV-A to continue unabated. Now, a person can get sunscreens which protect against a greater portion of the ultraviolet light — both UV-A and UV-B. You should be sure to use a sunscreen that protects against both.

Look for avobenzone in the ingredients or ask your pharmacist for assistance in choosing from the many products available. Use sun screens, tan slowly, and avoid sunburns and you can greatly decrease your risk of the different forms of skin cancer, as well as sagging, wrinkling, and aging of the skin. For the latest information about sunburns and proper sun screen protection, you can visit the American Cancer website at


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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

For mother and child: the benefits of breast feeding over the bottle are numerous Women are learning about the many benefits of breast feeding, not only for their baby, but also the psychological and emotional benefits to themselves. The bonding between a mother and her baby is enhanced by the frequent interaction of breast feeding. Breast milk is the natural food for infants. Babies receive the required nutrients in appropriate concentrations as well as antibodies from the mother which help prevent infections. Breast fed infants tend to have less colic and less gas, and they may swallow less air. Because the infant is not exposed to the allergenic proteins of new foods at

a time when he is most susceptible to them, fewer food allergies may develop. Breast fed babies have been found to have fewer ear infections than bottle-fed babies. Many women breast feed until about 4-6 months when infants often start solid foods. By then the baby may also be getting teeth. There are few obstacles to breast feeding that can not easily be overcome. A woman may worry that she will not have enough milk for her baby, but the amount of milk will increase along with the demand. If problems do develop, it is easy to get helpful information from your doctor or obstetrical nurses at your hospital.

Most women develop an improved sense of well-being and self-worth from breast feeding. Many women also find it easier to return to their normal weight after the delivery if they breast feed. This alone can be a tremendous psychological boost for a woman. Maria Parham Medical Center, with support from the local Smart Start Program, offers Breastfeeding support. Please call (252) 436-1414 for more information.

The bonding between a mother and her baby is enhanced by the frequent interaction of breast feeding.


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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Say ‘sweet dreams’ to snoring and Sleep Apnea Sleep apnea is when a person fails to breathe for periods of ten seconds or longer during his/her sleep. While an occasional episode of sleep apnea can happen to all of us, a person who has spells of apnea every couple minutes during the night will not get a good night’s sleep. It prevents getting to the deeper stages of sleep. Often, the steps a person takes to improve his sleep

will only make it worse. Using sleeping aids, such as sleeping pills, tranquilizers, and alcohol, usually makes the problem worse by relaxing the tone of the muscles in the throat region. This muscle relaxation allows the airways to collapse and close off, making the typical snoring sound. It becomes difficult to inhale as the tissue around the airway caves

in, especially in certain positions such as sleeping on your back. The result is snoring, sleep apnea, and poor sleep. Sleep apnea can often be improved, although the right steps are not easy ones. It is important to lose weight so that there is no unnecessary compression of the airways. Avoid alcohol and sedatives, and stay physically fit. You can evaluate sleep

Maria Parham Medical Center has a comprehensive Sleep Center located within the hospital. The Sleep Center is supervised by a Technician who is nationally registered in Sleep and EEG and is directed by a Physician certified in Sleep Medicine. Your physician, along with a qualified sleep lab, can help you get a better night’s sleep.

Kerr Lake Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 252-492-7021 1245 Park Avenue, Henderson, NC

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apnea at home by using a tape recorder at night, then listening to your sleep pattern. If there is excessive snoring or frequent pauses in breathing of ten seconds or more, you should discuss it with your doctor and consider a formal sleep study. If simple measures, such as sleeping on your side and avoiding sedatives, do not help, there are devices to help keep the airways open during sleep and if necessary a surgical reconstruction of the soft palate and surrounding tissues may be helpful. Maria Parham Medical Center has a comprehensive Sleep Center located within the hospital. The Sleep Center is supervised by a Technician who is nationally registered in Sleep and EEG and is directed by a Physician certified in Sleep Medicine. Your physician, along with a qualified sleep lab, can help you get a better night’s sleep and,

This cartoon illustrates the steps involved in the use of the Sleep Center. even more importantly, a more productive day while awake. Only your physician can order a sleep

study for you. For more information on Maria Parham’s Sleep Canter, call (252) 436-1800.

Serenity Counseling Center Dr. Michael Avant, PhD ay to “Call tod ur 146 Main Street., Suite 209 start yo path to Oxford, NC 27565 positive in 919-603-1655 (Phone) 919-603-5559 (Fax) changes ” your life

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tinnitus: what is that ringing in my ears? Ringing in the ears is a common symptom that can be very bothersome. It is usually due to hearing loss from aging or exposure to loud noises. Occasionally it can be due to more serious diseases, such as nerve tumors, so a person should see his doctor, especially if the ringing is new or mainly onesided. Some causes can be

easily treated, such as high blood pressure, anemia, and side effects of medications. Other causes can be difficult to treat. The benign forms of hearing loss from aging and noise exposure cause a hearing loss of the higher frequencies. The ringing is often made worse by anxiety, depression, illnesses, or fatigue and it

commonly is most noticeable at night when the room is quiet and a person is trying to sleep. There are a number of things that can be done to decrease the ringing. The underlying problem cannot always be cured, but hearing aids can improve hearing and reduce the sensation of ringing.

When the room is quiet, “maskers” can produce the right amount of background sound to hide the ringing. The masker is matched to the frequency and loudness of the ringing. These work quite well for the people who use them and many people find that the ringing is gone for several hours after using the device.

One of the newer treatments is biofeedback. By learning biofeedback maneuvers to relax the facial muscles, some people can effectively control the ringing. While most cases are mild and do not require treatment, it is wise to have your doctor evaluate the symptoms for any correctable causes of ringing, and to determine

if hearing is decreased to a point where a hearing aid would help. For more information on hearing problems, contact your family doctor or a specialists such as an ENT or Audiologist. For a complete listing of the physicians in the area, please visit or call (252) 436-1800.

Tobacco users, beware — chewing it can cause cancer as well

Chewing tobacco has become more popular among school-aged athletes in recent years. Its use has increased considerably in young males as well as adult

men. Professional athletes are often seen with a big chew in their cheek, free samples are given out at sporting events, and advertisements promoting its use

are seen in sports magazines and in stadiums. The nicotine in chewing tobacco is absorbed quickly and the amount a person gets is equal to smoking ciga-

rettes. Although this nicotine may have a stimulant effect, it has not been shown to improve the skills of athletes. Another reason for its popularity is that it has not

acquired the stigma of causing cancer that cigarettes have. Yet it is known to be associated with a number of different forms of cancer, including cancers of the

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mouth, throat, larynx and esophagus. The chances of developing oral cancer are many times higher in men Please see TOBACCO, pAgE 11

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Accept no excuses: young bikers need helmets Biking is a high-risk activity for children. Biking accidents often result in head injuries and they are often very severe. Young bikers can have falls and accidents for many reasons. They can lose control on a sandy or wet patch, hit bumps, pot-holes or other bikers, or they may be struck by a car. A number of factors contribute to making biking injuries more serious. One is the increased velocity. Bikes go faster than a child can run, and high speeds often contribute to children losing control. In children, especially younger ones, their heads are

proportionately larger than their bodies, and their weak neck muscles provide less support and stabilization for the head. This allows greater head impact and greater bouncing and rotational head movement when their heads strike the ground. These factors make falls more likely to cause concussions, skull fractures, and neck injuries in younger children. Finally, the surface they land on is often an unforgiving concrete or asphalt road or sidewalk, not the comparatively soft ground of lawns, playgrounds and athletic fields. These factors make bike helmets exceedingly impor-

tant for children, even when they are biking at home. Most accidents happen close to home. Proper-fitting helmets will drastically reduce the deaths from head injuries. Studies have shown that perhaps 75 percent of deaths from head injuries could have been prevented if a helmet had been used. Helmets are available in a variety of colors and graphics that will please any youngster, and at very reasonable prices. Do not accept excuses for children not wearing helmets. Wear them yourself to set a good example as well as to protect yourself, and that includes yourself.

Children should wear helmets when riding their bikes. Set a good example for the ones under your care by strapping one on yourself.

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who chew. There are also reports that it is associated with cancer of the colon and bladder. The risk of cancer is a big concern with so many people using it at younger ages — half of the users are under 19—and it is usually harder to kick the habit of chewing than to quit smoking. Using alcohol along with the tobacco will further increase the chance of developing cancers in the mouth and esophagus. For cancer of the esophagus, the combination of alcohol and tobacco increases the risk many-fold. Chewing tobacco does cause cancer and even great athletes are not immune. Babe Ruth died of oral cancer. American Cancer Society ( has additional information on the dangers of chewing tobacco.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

With treatment, hyperactivity can be kept under control All children are active. In some children, this activity is poorly controlled. They are inattentive and careless and cannot control their impulses. They are more active than other children, and the disarray of their actions makes it more disturbing to others, especially when they

are in groups, such as in school. Hyperactivity, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), is much more common in boys than girls. The cause is unknown but a number of forms of metabolic brain injury or physical trauma have been suggested. Some people feel artificial dyes, sweeteners, or other food

products are factors. Hereditary factors, however, may play the greatest role. The problem becomes most evident during school. Not only does the child disrupt the class and hinder organized teaching, but the disease also prevents the child from attaining his own optimal development, both academically and socially.

Early detection and treatment are helpful in preventing the consequences of growing up “hyperactive.” It is difficult for these children to make up for lost ground in school and to correct their ingrained habits and acceptance of failure. When hyperactivity is identified, it is usually helpful to treat it. Most children improve with

stimulants such as methylphenidate or amphetamines. These medicines are given in the morning and at noon, so the beneficial effects occur during school. Often the child does not use the medicine over weekends or summer vacations. With time, he will usually outgrow the need for the medicines and can assume a normal life.

Don’t let the injury bug prevent you from staying in shape Injuries can interfere with life. However, just because one area of the body is injured, such as an ankle, does not mean that the rest of the body cannot stay active and keep fit. Unaffected muscles and joints can continue to train and even be improved by crosstraining with other sports or activities.

For some sports-related injuries switching to another sport can be helpful. A runner with knee pain may find he has no trouble with swimming, and someone with a cast on his leg can still lift weights, do quadriceps strengthening exercises, and improve flexibility and dexterity. Keeping active during injuries is not just for athletes, it is for anyone

who is injured. Keeping fit during injuries can actually be more important for an elderly person where any loss of strength or flexibility can lead to marked changes in his ability to take care of himself and remain in his home. Resting in bed, even for just a few days, can cause calcium loss from the bones and many older people already have osteoporosis.

Once it is lost from the bones, the calcium is very hard to replace. The same is true of muscles — once muscle strength is lost, it takes a good deal of work to restore it. This is especially

true in an older person. Unless there are important reasons to rest after an injury, maintaining as high a level of activity as possible is important not only for the athlete but for all of us.


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Healthbeat - The Daily Dispatch - July 20, 2011  
Healthbeat - The Daily Dispatch - July 20, 2011  

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