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2012 Graduation

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The Daily Dispatch

Graduation ’12

Friday, June 8, 2012

Northern Vance High School senior honors and awards

Students qualifying for the Top 10 Percent in the Class of 2012 at Northern Vance High School were honored at a reception in the school’s cafeteria on April 26. The students include: (front row, from left) Anne Marie Rivera, Rebecca Falkner, Anastassja Davis McNeil, Rebekah Edwards, Tiffani Day, Kari Fowler, Annie Twisdale, Abby Ellington; (back row, from left) Travis Bryant, Brenton Daye, Blake Strickland, Matthew Renn, Melissa Ferens, Brandon Aycock, Elizabeth Brooks, Kristen Golding, Donald “DJ” Johnson, Aaron Perkinson, Sam Jarrell, Colton Floyd and Zsakual Arrington.


Rotary Club — DJ Johnson

Tokens of Love Scholarship — Abby Ellington, Anastassja Davis McNeil

Randolph & Sarah Baskerville Scholarship — Ashley Hendricks

Alpha Kappa Alpha — Abby Ellington

ROY Leadership Program — Briana Austin (Ladies of Excellence), (Bettie T. Davis Person Scholarship); Ashley Hendricks (Professional Organization for the Betterment of the Underprivileged) SECU — Annie Twisdale

Dabney PTA Scholarship — Annie Twisdale

Arnold Morrison Memorial Scholarship — Armani Williams; Tionte Williams

Kiwanis Club of Henderson — Abby Ellington; Ashley Hendricks

Red Velvet Social Club — Derran Busby

Hope & Elsie Bullock Scholarship — Darius Bullock

Vance-Granville Community College — Tyler Brown; Cornisha Mitchell

Roland Chapel Christian Church — Natifa Thomas

Coach Javon Hakins Memorial Scholarship — Zsakual Arrington

VCAE — Armani Williams; Jalonte Williams

Waste Industries — Ashley Hendricks

Vance County PAGE — Annie Twisdale (Jerold P. Murdock Scholarship); Anastassja Davis McNeil (Top AIG Graduate at NVHS)

Abria’s Chase Foundation — Anastassja Davis McNeil; Kemari Hanks

St. Delight Holy Christian Church — Myles Evans Ellen Fields Memorial Scholarship (St. John’s Episcopal Church) — Abby Ellington Optimist Scholarship — Abby Ellington; Annie Twisdale Henderson Civitan Club — D.J. Johnson Pure Elegance Social Club — Armani Williams R.J. Corbitt Memorial Scholarship — Brandon Aycock PTA Scholarship — Colton Floyd Charles E. VanDyke Award (Outstanding Musician) — Amber Raymond Mary C. Bryant Scholarship (Outstanding Music Awards) — Matt Renn Sylvester Bulluck Memorial Scholarship — Zsakual Arrington Henderson Jr. Woman’s Club (Staci Barnett Scholarship) — Rebecca Falkner; (Sallie Southhall Cotton Scholarship) — Annie Twisdale Golden Leaf Scholarship — Anastassja Davis McNeil Paul Tucker Memorial Scholarship — Elizabeth Currin Nashville Auto Diesel College — Matt Weaver Clint & Marian Hege Scholarship, Norlina UMC — Brandon Aycock The Order of the Golden Circle — Briana Austin Caroline & Thomas Royster Scholarship, UNC-CH — Elizabeth Brooks University Scholarship, Chowan University — Rodney Countryman Delta Kappa Gamma — Elizabeth Currin Alpha Delta Kappa —

Abby Ellington John J. Harper Scholarship, Barton College — Melissa Elliott Williams Peace University — Callie Faulkner Carolinas Credit Union Foundation — Matt Renn Theatre Scholarship, Mountain State University — Michelle Spinner Athletic Scholarship, Virginia Military Institute — Armani Williams Athletic Scholarship, Lenior Community College — Nigel Woods

N.C. Academic Scholars candidates These students have an overall four-year unweighted GPA of 3.5 and meet all course requirements of the North Carolina Scholars Program. They will also have a gold seal on their diploma. (Students will receive medallions.) Brandon Aycock Elizabeth Brooks Anastassja Davis McNeil Tiffani Day Brenton Daye Rebekah Edwards Abby Ellington Rebecca Falkner Melissa Ferens Kari Fowler Kristen Golding Sam Jarrell DJ Johnson Aaron Perkinson Matt Renn Anne Marie Rivera Blake Strickland Annie Twisdale

Top 10 Percent The following students

represent the top 10 percent of the Class of 2012. They were recognized April 26 for this accomplishment. Zsakual Arrington Brandon Aycock Elizabeth Brooks Travis Bryant Anastassja Davis McNeil Tiffani Day Brenton Daye Rebekah Edwards Abby Ellington Rebecca Falkner Melissa Ferens Colton Floyd Kari Fowler Kristen Golding Sam Jarrell DJ Johnson Aaron Perkinson Matt Renn Anne Marie Rivera Blake Strickland Annie Twisdale

President’s Award for Academic Excellence These students have a cumulative unweighted grade point average of at least 3.5 and recommendations from at least two faculty members. (Students will receive certificates and a pin). Brandon Aycock Elizabeth Brooks Anastassja Davis McNeil Tiffani Day Brenton Daye Rebekah Edwards Abby Ellington Rebecca Falkner Melissa Ferens Kristen Golding Sam Jarrell DJ Johnson Aaron Perkinson Matt Renn Anne Marie Rivera Blake Strickland Annie Twisdale

President’s Award for Academic Achievement This award is presented to a student who has demonstrated unusual commitment to learning.

The student will receive a pin and certificate. Larry Patton

The U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar/ Athlete Award Brandon Aycock Rebekah Edwards

Perfect Attendance Melissa Ferens, grades 1-6 and 8-12

Senior Class Service Award Anastassja Davis McNeil (president of senior class)

NVHS Sat Scores of Distinctions Their names will be added to the plaque in main office. SAT score ranging from 1600 to 1799: Donna Adams Brandon Aycock Travis Bryant Anastassja Davis McNeil Rebecca Falkner Colton Floyd Aaron Perkinson Anthony Raynor Andy Tillotson SAT score ranging from 1800 to 1999: Elizabeth Brooks Abby Ellington Melissa Ferens Kari Fowler Sam Jarrell Matt Renn Annie Twisdale

Class Superlatives Michelle Spinner, D.J. Casto

The Daily Dispatch

Graduation ’12

Friday, June 8, 2012


Southern Vance High School senior honors and awards

Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship — $500 — Shaquel Judkins

Minister Wives Scholarship — $150 — Carissa Crews

Tokens of Love Scholarship — $300 — Kinsey Patterson

Badd Boyz Scholarship — $100 — Doniqua Clark, Staci Currin, Destiney Smith

Rotary Club Scholarship — $1,000 — Kinrecka Anderson

Kiwanis Scholarship — $400 — George Dale ,Ashley Anderson

Jones Chapel Baptist Church — $250 — Jarvis Pugh

Joyce Matthews Memorial Scholarship — $200 — Carissa Crews

VCAE Scholarship — $300 — Carissa Crews

NCAE Scholarship — $500 — Dominique Richardson, Destiney Smith Alpha Kappa Alpha Scholarship — $500 — Carissa Crews, Jolisa Bullock R.O.Y. Scholarship — $500 — Joshua Young Henderson Civitan Club Scholarships — $500 — Carissa Crews

Laura Norwood Scholarship — $200 — Ashley Anderson

Zeb Vance Ruritan Club — $500 — Carissa Crews, Alexis Green, MelvinGray

Pure Elegance Social Club — (amount not available) — JQuan Yancey

Greater Love Ministry — $100 — Kinrecka Anderson

Arnold Morrison Scholarship — $100 — Kedera Hayes, Jarvis Pugh, Tyriek Branch

Eleanor Ballard Jordan Memorial Scholarship — $100 — Kinrecka Anderson

Hope and Elsie Bullock Memorial Scholarship — $2,000 — Jarvis Pugh, Kenneth Ball, Jasmil Moore, Damian Davis, George Dale

Jovan Hawkins Memorial Scholarship — $150 — Melvin Gray

AP Calculus Student of the Year — $350 — Shauna Joyner

State Employee Credit Union Scholarship — $10,000 — Carissa Crews PAGE Scholarship — $500 — Carissa Crews

Members of the Class of 2012 at Southern Vance High School who have qualified to be included in the Top 10 Percent of the senior class were honored at a ceremony and reception at the school on May 8. Each of the students received certificates for their recognition and words of praise from Shirley Lewis, counselor for the senior class. Shown in the photo are: (front row, from left) Jenny Clark, Akieba Alexander, Carissa Crews, Alexis Green and Destiney Smith; (second row) Matthew Beamon, Whitney Brown, Shauna Joyner, JoLisa Bullock Jamie Orr; (back row, from left) Zachary Layne, Damian Davis, Jerell Somerville, Ian Metcalf and Kenneth Watson. Jason Taylor was not available for the photo.

Rowland Chapel Christian Church — $400 — Mikeyejauh Burton, Jamira Davis, Kenyatta Seward St. James Missionary Baptist Church — $1,000 — Dominique Richardson The Vergil Leon Shamberger Sport Award — $10,000 — Shaquille Lemay

Infinite Possibilities Inc. — $250 — Akieba Alexander, Jolisa Bullock Charles E. Van Dyke Award & Scholarship — $200 — Miles Greenidge

SVHS Athletic Booster Club — $200 — Taylor Stanton, Kinzey Patterson, Joshua Young, Jimmy Zuniga, Jeremy Bullock, Miller Allen

Southern Vance Mu Alpha Theta Scholarship — $350 — Jerell Somerville

Abria Lewis Memorial Scholarship — (amount not available) — Shaquel Judkins

Winston Salem Alumni — $500 — Joshua Young

*Each student received the individual amount

Kerr-Vance Academy

senior honors and awards

Many of these seniors have been awarded scholarships and grants at the various schools to which they were accepted. As of today, these total in excess of $1,203,800. Awards are still coming in at this point. Here is a list of some of those recipients:

Henderson Rotary Club — Gerald Palmer

N.C. Alpha Delta Kappa International Honorary Sorority for Women Educators — Cody Huber

Kiwanis Club of Henderson — Katie White

Athletic scholarships Radford University for Golf — Ben O’Geary Mars Hill College for Soccer — Chris Mitchell

Academic awards

Excellence in Social Studies Award — Ann Tooley Preston Powers Excellence in English Award — Ann Tooley Harry L. Petty Excellence in Math Award — Andrew Wegener

Mary Ann Blackburn Award — Hillary Wilson

KVA Scholars — Andrew Wegener; Hillary Wilson

Excellence in Science Award — Ann Tooley

SGA Student Service Award — Ann Tooley

Community Service Award — Maddie Cooper Richard Lawson “Spirit of KVA” Award — Katie White Sarah Sponenburg Award — Chris Makulowich Headmaster’s Award — Ann Tooley Salutatorian — Cody Huber Valedictorian — Ann Tooley

National Honor Society Honor graduates Maddie Cooper, Mark Falkner, Addie Griffin, Allison High, Cody Huber, Chris Makulowich, Dylan Marshburn, Holland Mills, Chris Mitchell, Anthony Montone, Stephan Nii, Ben O’Geary, Gerald Palmer, Payton Shearin, Ann Tooley, Connor Wade, Andrew Wegener, Anna Macon Wemyss, Amber West, Katie White, Madison Whitmore and Hillary Wilson.

Norlina Christian School

senior honors and awards Highest GPA

English — Josh Meek Geography — Holly Eatmon Advanced Math — Ryan McLamb Business Math — Bridgett Matthews

Calculus — Michael Mitkos Life Skills — Jamie Riley Bible — Holly Eatmon

Most Improved English — Bridgett

Matthews Bible — Bridgett Matthews

Extra Effort Bible — Michael Mitkos

Yearbook staff Co-editors — Josh Meek, Holly Eatmon Staff member — Michael Mitkos

Honor Roll

A/B — Michael Mitkos, Jamie Riley A — Holly Eatmon, Josh Meek

Citizenship Award Michael Mitkos


Graduation ’12

The Daily Dispatch

Friday, June 8, 2012

Northern Vance High School

Lauren Abbott

Donna Adams

Kerry Adcock

James Aiken

Ne’kia Allen

Sekeedrah Alston

Zsakual Arrington

Briana Austin

Brandon Aycock

Shakeyla Bailey

Brittany Bolton

Ajula Bradberry

Ashley Brady

Megan Breedlove

Elizabeth Brooks

Chelvoneese Brown

Pariz Brown

Tyler Brown

Travis Bryant

Darius Bullock

Deleisha Bullock

Ebony Bullock

Kaleb Bullock

Quinshell Bullock

Kaylynn Burton

Kike’keyejauh Burton

Dareon Burwell

Shaka Campbell

Mike Carbajal

Destin Casto

Javonta Champ

Larry Champion

Sharkied Chavis

Jarren Clark

Graduation ’12

The Daily Dispatch


Friday, June 8, 2012

Northern Vance High School

Lucas Clayton

Shayla Cooley

Rodney Countryman

Elizabeth Currin

Kirstin Currin

Anastassja Davis

Brenton Daye

Justin Dunn

Christopher Easter

Rebekah Edwards

From graduating kindergarten to graduating high school! It was a lot of steps in between the two, but your final step is here and you made it to the TOP!

D. J. Johnson

Blake We are so proud of you!

From a young grandson to a handsome young graduate.



I am so proud of you. D. J. Johnson

Northern Vance High School

Love Nanny

Mama, “Daddy” Maurice, C. J., Kaylynn Sue Burton Chesley & Tiffany

Conly Blake Strickland

Northern Vance High School

Granddaddy and Grandmama

Kirstin Scott Currin Northern Vance High School From our little Soccer Princess to Jr. Miss to our Beautiful Young Lady.

Northern Vance High School

Kendall Brooke Wilson

Northern Vance High School

Dare to dream, dare to try dare to follow your heart. Opportunity is calling and graduation’s just the start. As you seek new challenges and make your dreams come true, may this graduation be a reminder of all that you can do.


Kirstin Scott Currin

Northern Vance High School Class of 2012

Currin’s Real Estate


Malissa G. McSwain Riverside High School Granddaughter of William H. Mast Mast Corp. Office

“Wherever you go, whatever you do, may God’s angels watch over you.”

Granddaddy W. A., Grandmama,

Congratulations, Kendall Roo! We love you and are so proud of you.


Aunt Sandra, Uncle Ranger Justin and Jordan

Granddaddy Gary,

If a beautiful butterfly should appear Remember your Mom. She’s always near!

Kayla & Chandler

NaNa, Mama,

Congratulations 2012 Graduates! Brandon Aiken

Panther Creek High School Grandson of Brenda Aiken Mast Long Term Care

Aaron Perkinson

Northern Vance High School Son of Linda Baker Mast Family Drug

Braxton Whitener

Douglas Newton

VGCC VGCC AS Degree Son of Dianne Whitener Spouse of Scarlette Newton Mast Long Term Care Mast Long Term Care


Graduation ’12

The Daily Dispatch

Friday, June 8, 2012

Northern Vance High School

Abby Ellington

Melissa Elliott

Damon Evans

Nathaniel Evans

Steven Evans

Jonathan Ewing

Rebecca Falkner

Evin Faucette

Callie Faulkner

Melissa Ferens

Brittiny Fisher

Christopher Floyd

Colton Floyd

Britany Fogg

Danielle Fogg

������������� We salute the families of our employees who have achieved this significant milestone in their lives.




Ashley Beal

Ashley Beal

J.F. Webb High School of Health and Life Sciences

Kristopher Cozart

Son of Karon Harris

Granville Central High School

Nicholas Langley

Grandson of Jo Mangum

Ayden-Grifton High School; Ayden, NC

Jessica Ingram

Daughter of Kim Ingram

Granville Central High School

Sharon Foster Rose

Sharon Foster Rose

University of Phoenix

Betty Anne Blair Rose

Daughter of Sharon Foster Rose

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Blacksburg, VA

Terry Hobgood, Jr.

Son of Janet Hobgood

University of North Carolina - Greensboro; Greensboro, NC

Natalie Wilbourne

Daughter of Jan Hart

J.F. Webb High School of Health and Life Sciences

Lauren Elizabeth Parham

Daughter of Angela Parham

Granville Central High School

William Johnson

Son of Robin Williams

J. F. Webb High School

Aaron Matthew Perkinson

Son of Rose Mary Pullen

Northern Vance High School

Kevin Hart

Stepson of Peggy Hart

East Carolina University; Greenville, NC

Brittany Morton

Sister of Shirletta Henry

Vance-Granville Community College

Jacob Hill

Son of Ken and Pat Hill

East Carolina University; Greenville, NC

Brittany Chandler

Daughter of Sherri Gray

J.F. Webb High School of Health and Life Sciences

Rachel Hyde

Daughter of Mark Hyde

Southeastern Louisiana University; Hammond, LA

Joel Adcock

Son of Connie Adcock

Vance-Granville Community College

K’rai Williams

Son of Melinda Williams

Park View Senior High School; South Hill, VA

Nicholas Badstein

Grandson of Janet Herzberg

Crossroads Christian School


Graduation ’12

The Daily Dispatch


Friday, June 8, 2012

Northern Vance High School

Kari Fowler

Crenicia Gaunt

Jerman Hargrove

Darius Hargrove

Tyrika Harrington

Brittany Harris

Samy Hauter

Asia Hawkins


Kristen Golding

Asheley Banks Hammonds

Kemari Hanks

Jamon Hargrove

Martese Hargrove

Jaelyn Harris

Jasmine Harris

Pasem Hauter

Shadale Hawkins

Juvuan Hayes

Ashley Hendricks

Congratulations! Tyler Wright


Matt Renn

Northern Vance High School

Tyler Wright


We’re proud of you! Good luck at UNC-G! Donna Adams

Nana & Papa

Sam Jarrell Northern Vance High School


We are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. Good luck at Meredith.

Northern Vance High School

Love Daddy Britany Fogg Northern Vance High School



Just remember that the sky is the limit as you pursue the desires of your heart

You are a wonderful blessing to us all!! We know God has great things in store for you. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments- We are very proud of you! Good luck at UNCW!

Love Mom, Dad, Katherine, Monnie & Nanny

Rebekah Lee Edwards Northern Vance High School

We are proud of you! Good luck at UNC-W!!

Your hard work has won you success. We are so proud of you! We love you! Lauren Abbott

Northern Vance High School

John, Mom & Jonathan

Love, Momma, Daddy Leah & Mary

Congratulations, Brother!

Congratulations Lauren!


Love, Mama, Daddy Shannon, Kara & Stephanie

I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. The sky is the limit!

We are so proud of you!


Kristen Page Golding

Mom & Steven

Northern Vance High School

Northern Vance High School


You did it! We are so proud of you! Good luck in all that you do! We love you! God bless you!

We are so proud of you! Good luck at UNC-Chapel Hill Love, Mom & Dad


D. J. Johnson

Northern Vance High School

Love, Sister, D. J. & Zack


Graduation ’12

The Daily Dispatch

Friday, June 8, 2012

Northern Vance High School

Rashonda Hicks

Russell Hight

Domonique Hodge

Glenn Huber

Savannah Jackson

Sonny Jackson

Donald Johnson

Jekirrea Johnson

Caleb Keeter

Zachary Lambert

Demonte’ Lawson

Steven Lewis

Estephani Toral Lopez

Aaron Magee

Brandon Manning

Janesha Marrow

Sarahi Martinez

Tania Mendoza-Martine

Comisha Mitchell

Emanuel Moreno

Congratulations Megan!

Congratulations to our 2012 Grads!

Ben Stainback Lake Norman High School Donna Adams Northern Vance High School

D. J.!

We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments. Good luck at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

Congratulations to our wonderful daughter and all 2012 graduates. We are very proud of you!

Proud of You! Love, Adams & Stainback Families


Megan Danielle Breedlove Love, Northern Vance Mom & Dad High School

D. J. Johnson

Northern Vance High School

Congratulations, Congratulations, Brittany!

Love, Dad & Mom

Congratulations to my Bub!


Tyler Wright We are proud of you!

I love you! Joey Brittany Bolton

Dylan Mabrey Bowen

Northern Vance High School

Whiteville High School

Congratulations Briana! We are so proud of you!

Briana N. Austin Northern Vance High School

Love, Mama, Grandma, Reggie & Andy

Tionté Williams

Northern Vance High School

Love always, Mama, Wade, Ashley, Daniel, Jacob & Allie

I love you and I’m proud of you! Tyler Wright Northern Vance High School

Love, Chloe

Congratulations Tionté Words can’t express how proud of you we are. Nothing is impossible if you keep God first. We know you are destined for great things.

Congratulations Blake!

Love, Mom-Nikki Hendrick Grandma-Artelia Winston

Dad, Mom, Danica, Tyler & Hunter

You have made us so proud through the years. We love you!

Blake Strickland

Northern Vance High School

Graduation ’12

The Daily Dispatch

John Nelson

Owen Chandler

Christopher Powell

Amber Raymond

Tyler Parrish

Henry Raynor

Happy Days are Here!

Congratulations Aron!

My Mama is graduating! GREAT JOB, MAMA I LOVE YOU!!

We are proud of you!!

Love Matthew Your Li’l Man

Kaylynn Sue Burton Northern Vance High School

Aron Magee

Northern Vance High School

We love you!

Northern Vance High School

Love, The Elliotts

We have watched you grow from a sweet baby girl to a beautiful and talented young lady. We are so very proud of you!

We’re very proud of you!

Mama, Daddy, Blake & Sarah

Matthew Renn

Congratulations Kendall Wilson!


Kendall Wilson Northern Vance High School

Jahmila Peterson

Markeith Ragland

We love you Uncle Mark, Aunt Dawn, Christian, Peyton & Ramsey

Anne Rivera

Congratulations Lauren! We’re so proud of you!

Good luck and God bless you in life!


Melissa Elliott

Aaron Perkinson

Denzil Powell

Anthony Raynor


Friday, June 8, 2012

We love you! Lauren Abbott Northern Vance High School

Dad & Jonathan

Congratulations, Elizabeth! We are so proud of you! You are a blessing to us all. Wishing you lots of happiness in all your future endeavors. We know you will be awesome at Barton! Elizabeth Daven Love, Mama, Daddy Currin Northern Vance High School and Rebecca

Congratulations Kendall Brooke Wilson! May God continue to bless you and your abilities. I am so proud of all your hard work and accomplishments. Kendall Brooke Wilson Northern Vance High School

We Love You, Nannie and Trace

Rebekah Lee Edwards Northern Vance High School

Leah Rose Edwards

Master of Arts/Specialists of School Psychology Western Carolina University


Allison (Allie) Deal

Crossroads Christian School Class of 2012 Elmer A. Deal & Sons Plumbing

Ian Dolejs

Riverside High School Durham, N.C.

Daniel Calvin Fisher

Word of Life Bible Institute Pottersville, NY Bible diploma


Graduation ’12

The Daily Dispatch

Friday, June 8, 2012

Northern Vance High School

Ca’mia Robinson

Megan Salmon

Edward Shannon

Lamika Shaw

Deanna Short

Kadedrah Small

Kendrah Small

Lori Smith

Liza Sneed

Likeyal Southerland

Michelle Spinner

Blake Strickland

Jasmine Taylor

Kevin Taylor

Tiarah Taylor

Herman Terry

Shequilla Thames

Natifa Thomas

Mark Anthony Tillotson

Zana Townsend


Happy Graduation Day! All the hard work and dedication have paid off, so be proud. May you always remember the important lessons you’ve learned and the great friends you’ve made. Good luck Class of 2012!

Vance County Schools

Graduation ’12

The Daily Dispatch


Friday, June 8, 2012

Annie Twisdale

Keith Venable

Steven Venable

Anthony Watson

David Watson

Olen Wheeling

Bria Whitaker

Armani Williams

Ja’Lonte Williams

Kalonji Williams

Kendall Wilson

Nigel Woods

Bradley Wright

Nakeia Wright

Alison Yarborough

Our granddaughter is the graduate this year. We are so proud of you! Best of luck with all your plans in the future. Remember we love you always! Congratulations! Kaylynn Sue Burton Northern Vance High School

“Happy Trails” and lots of hugs! Nana and Papa Joe

Look who is graduating today. We thank God for your past achievements and your future successes. Congratulations, Jovanta Champ

Keith & Steven Venable Northern Vance High School

Congratulations to my sons, Keith & Steven Venable on being graduates of Class 2012! Y’all made it! Good luck in everything you do! Love, Your Mom & Family

Congratulations to The Class of 2012 and Best Wishes with Your Life Pursuits.


Jovanta Champ

Northern Vance High School

We love you, Mom & Family

Premier Women’s Health Professionals, P.A.

Congratulations Graduates 2012


Property Sales & Management Specialists Terry E . Garrison Realtor / BIC


P.O. Box 551 215 S. Garnett St. Henderson, NC 27536

Congratulations Class of 2012!

Katelyn Smith

J.F. Webb High School Daughter of Tim & Michelle Smith. Attending Meredith College

Rebekah Lauren Proctor

J.F.Webb High School/Attending UNC at Chapel Hill Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Tony Proctor

Chequana Marie Hargrove

Southern Vance High School Daughter of Michael Reavis & Tonya and Belinda Hargrove

Cristal Martinez

Dustin K. Evans

Kerr Vance Academy Grandson of Ella Jean & Carter Evans, Son of Daryl & Kathy Evans

Ashley Thomas

Brittney Thorpe

Damion Wilson

Warren New Tech High School

Taquita Branch

Granville Central High School Daughter of Jorge Martinez-Vicencio

Kittrell Job Corp Training Daughter of Michael & Tonya Reavis

Associates Degree in Business Administration Vance-Granville Community College

Tevin Reavis

Kittrell Job Corps Training Son of Michael & Tonya Reavis

Megan Pendergrass

Bachelor of Science Degree of Nursing East Carolina University

Factory Outlet Store

204 W. Industry Drive, Oxford, NC Regular Store Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-5:30PM Sat 9AM-5PM Ph: 919-693-2191 email:

Rayham Pathan E.M. Rollins Elementary School Son of Dr. Sabana Pathan & Munaf Pathan, Grandson of Shabbirekham Pathan & Sara Pathan

Warren County High School

3 Locations to serve you: Vance Medical Arts Bldg. Suite 101 511 Ruin Creek Rd. Henderson, NC


1018 College Street Oxford, NC


Louisburg Medical Arts 1501 North Bicket Blvd., Suite D Louisburg, NC 27549



Graduation ’12

The Daily Dispatch

Friday, June 8, 2012

Victory Christian School

Randa Ann Adcock

Timothy Randell Beckham

Courtney Michelle Martin

Stephanie Dale Matthews

General Joseph Renn

Priscilla Sylane Nobles

Adam Blake Hope Victory Christian School

Love Mom & Mammoo You did it!

Kayla Elizabeh Padgett

Timothy Dalton Pendergrass

William Allen Vooris

Congratulations Dalton!

From a beautiful baby to a lovely young lady.

We are very proud of you!

Love you very much, Stephanie Dale Li’l Sis Matthews Ashley & Mello Victory Christian School

We are so proud of you. Remember Proverbs 3: 5 & 6

Sarah Gray Layton

Kristen Marianna Robbins

I can’t believe you’re about to graduate! You have grown into such a beautiful young lady. We’re so proud of you!

Congratulations, Adam!

Adam Blake Hope


Son of Tim Pendergrass

Daddy & Mama

of Raleigh, NC Grandson of JoAnn Timothy Dalton Pendergrass

Victory Christian School

& the late Jerry Pendergrass of Kittrell, NC.

Stephanie Dale Matthews Victory Christian School


Graduates! Adam Hope Will Vooris Charles Mustian Megan Narron Liana Parsons Kristen Robbins Patty Roberson

SOUTH HENDERSON PENTECOSTAL HOLINESS CHURCH 905 Americal Road, Henderson, NC • 252-438-3322

Graduation ’12

The Daily Dispatch

Friday, June 8, 2012

Western Vance High School

Donte Alexander

Dustin Bennett

Jeanetta Bobbitt

Quadavis Bobbitt

Aluniquah Brown

Rygene Burwell

Brandon Crudup

Kendall Davis

Jeremy Elam

Tyler Ellington

Charletta Evans

Shazonda Freeman

Brenea Hanks

Shakeema Hargrove

Diquon Hawley

Richard Hayes

Brandon Hernandez

Stephen Holmes

Terrill Hope

Ahykeem Jones

Glen Jones

Devonte Kearney

Damitric Lassiter

Varyn Parham

Raheem Peace

Jasmine Perry

Bryan Ragland

Shawne Rollins

Ranesa Seward

Dominique Southerland

Jaquera Taylor

Shanta Williams



The Daily Dispatch

Graduation ’12

Friday, June 8, 2012

Kerr-Vance Academy

Russell Greenway Boyd III

Lori Nicole Bradsher

Madison Leigh Cooper

Brad Hampton Edwards

Dylan Edward Ellington

Dustin Kyle Evans

Mark Seybert Falkner

Brett Tanner Greenway

Addie Southerland Griffin

Allison Tucker High

Cody David Huber

Alyssa Lauren King

Christopher Michael Makulowich

Dylan Scott Marshburn

Holland Makenzie Mills

Christopher Paul Mitchell

Anthony Andrew Montone

Stephan Royce Nii

Benjamin Rosser O’Geary

Gerald Arlestus Palmer

Payton Hunter Shearin

Ann Michael Tooley

Connor Calhoun Wade

Andrew Mark Wegener

Anna Macon Wemyss

Amber Kay West

Mary Kathryn White

Madison Paige Whitmore

Hillary Denyce Wilson

The Daily Dispatch

Graduation ’12

Friday, June 8, 2012


Kerr-Vance Academy CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2012 Aquatics staff:

Abby Ellington – Northern Vance HS John Marks Sanders – Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Rebecca Faulkner – Northern Vance HS Camp counselors:

Daniel Hunter – Warren New Tech High School Sam Jarrell – Northern Vance HS Kinzey Patterson – Southern Vance HS Michael Burns – Southern Vance HS

Morgan Davis – J F Webb School of Health & Life Sciences Ashley Waddell – Crossroads Christian School Taylor Loftis – J F Webb School of Health & Life Sciences Becker Seifert – J F Webb High School Alex Elliott – J F Webb High School Erin Cottrell – J F Webb High School Jordan Clayton – J F Webb School of Health & Life Sciences Ethan Stokes - Vance Granville Community College Jasmine Evans - Vance County. Early College HS

Henderson Family YMCA 380 Ruin Creek Road • Henderson, NC • 252-438-2144

Congratulations Allison!

You are a wonderful daughter and person. Good Luck in the future with everything you do. All your hard work has paid off. Keep it up as you head to North Carolina State University. Allison High Kerr Vance Academy

We love you! Love, Mom and Dad

The Trustees, Faculty, and Staff of Kerr-Vance Academy Congratulate the Class of 2012. "We are KVA!"


and Good Luck at ECU

Dylan Ellington Kerr Vance Academy

Love, Butch, Donna, Jason & Jenna Spain

Congratulations Dylan We are so very proud of you and your accomplishments. Love, Dylan Ellington Kerr Vance Academy

Mom and Dad


Ann Tooley Great Job!

We love you!

Ann Tooley Kerr Vance Academy

Mom, Preston & Pierce

KVA’s graduating class of 2012 has been awarded scholarships and grants in excess of $1.2 million. We congratulate the class on their academic and athletic achievements. We also want to recognize the class for their citizenship and leadership. Our graduating seniors have accumulated over 1,500 community service hours.

The Class of 2012 Russ Boyd Lori Bradsher Maddie Cooper Brad Edwards Dylan Ellington Dustin Evans Mark Falkner Brett Greenway Addie Griffin Allison High Cody Huber Alyssa King Chris Makulowich Dylan Marshburn Holland Mills

Chris Mitchell Anthony Montone Stephan Nii Ben O’Geary Gerald Palmer Payton Shearin Ann Tooley Conner Wade Andrew Wegener Anna Macon Wemyss Amber West Katie White Madison Whitmore Hillary Wilson

Congratulations on your acceptances at the following colleges and universities :

Document Systems, Inc. 89 Market Street Henderson, NC 27537 252-433-4888

Brantley Pegram Willie Veldkamp Steven Brame

Congratulations Class of 2012! Total Satisfaction Guanrantee

Barton College Belmont University East Carolina University George Mason University-Honors College Georgia Tech Greensboro College High Point University James Madison University Liberty University Loyola University-New Orleans Mars Hill College Meredith College Methodist University North Carolina State University Pitt Community College

Radford University Randolph-Macon College University of Alabama University of Mississippi-Ole Miss University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill University of North Carolina-Charlotte University of North Carolina-Greensboro University of North Carolina-Wilmington University of Richmond Vance Granville Community College Virginia Tech Wake Technical Community College Western Carolina University Wingate University Wofford College

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700 Vance Academy Road • Henderson, NC 27537 (252)492-0018 •


Graduation ’12

The Daily Dispatch

Friday, June 8, 2012

Southern Vance High School

Travis Adcock

Akieba Alexander

Miller Allen

James Alston

Jocelyn Alston

Marcus Alston

Sabrina Alston

Sikera Alston

Ashley Anderson

Kinrecka Anderson

Kenneth Ball

Fernando Barajas

Matthew Beamon

John Brame

Christopher Branch

Tyriek Branch

Morgan Brown

Whitney Brown

Jeremy Bullock

Jolisa Bullock

Shauquaney Bullock

Michael Burns

Daquan Burt

Tieara Burt

Mike-keyejauh Burton

Samir Caceres

Alexeon Champ

Johnyita Chavis

Tonique Cheek

Doniqua Clark

Jenny Clark

Nicole Clark

Miles Clifton

Darrian Cooper

Graduation ’12

The Daily Dispatch


Friday, June 8, 2012

Southern Vance High School

Lagina Cooper

Bria Crawford

Linwood Crawford

Kimberly Creech

Carissa Crews

Shanice Crews

Stacie Currin

George Dale

Mark Daniels

Simira Daniels

From the day you were born, we were proud of you and will always be.

Jenny Marie Clark

Southern Vance High School

Love, Grandma & Papa Gooch Renee & Mark Calvin, Holden & Peyton


on your hard work and accomplishments! You Made It!

Joseph Nelson

Southern Vance High School

Congratulations 2012 Graduate! Jamie

Jamie Orr

You sure do make your parents proud! You have beat all the statistics! You hold all the good we possess. We Love You!

Southern Vance High School

Mom & Dad

Is that really Carlton? WOW! You made it! Congratulations!!!!!!!! (C-Lo - #13) We praise the Lord for having you in our lives. We pray God’s hand continues to guide you in all you do. You are surely destined for greatness!


Love, Mom, Cissy, Nathan, Paige & Justin

Carlton Hawthorne Southern Vance High School

Congratulations to the Class of 2012!

May The Lord Bless The Class of 2012 And Our Own Special Graduates! CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH

Love, Tio, KatKat, Dria & Ricky

Pastor: Dr. Gene Wood

Rose Oil Co./Rosemart

722 US 158 Bypass Henderson, NC 27537


613 West US 158 Bypass

Congratulations to the Class of 2012!

We cover the state, so we can cover you.

In the insurance business, there's only one real way that you can honestly provide real precision coverage and the fastest possible claims service -you have to be right there with the folks you cover. That's why we have agents all over the grand state of North Carolina. So, from Mount Airy to Cape Fear, Rodanthe to Cherokee County, you never have to look far to find the help you need when you need it the most. Helping you is what we do best.


Gene Richardson, Agent Gary Stainback, Agent Daniel Richardson, Agent Matthew Todd, Agent Kristin Maxbauer, Agent Jimmy Twisdale,LUTCF, Agency Mgr Tim O’Geary, Agent Scott Grissom, LUTCF, Agent

North Carolina Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co. Farm Bureau Insurance Of North Carolina Inc. Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Co., Jackson, MS. An independent licensee of the Blue Cross And Blue Shield Association

Get Real Auto • Home • Life

(252)438-4119 • 2949 US 1/158 Hwy Henderson, NC 27537



Graduation ’12

The Daily Dispatch

Friday, June 8, 2012

Southern Vance High School

Damian Davis

Jamirar Davis

Amber Edwards

Alyssa Ellington

Kasey Evans

Jessica Fairley

Calon Fields

Hudson Fountain

Kiera Grant

Tykearine Grant

Melvin Gray

Alexis Green

Gwyneshia Green

Andrew Greene

Miles Greenidge

Congratulations to a beautiful daughter and sister! We are so proud of you. We love you and will always be here for you.


Congratulations to the Class of 2012 from Boho the Clown!

Michael Burns! Southern Vance High School Class of 2012

From The Pegram Agency

Love, Mama, A.D. & Clay


Jenny Marie Clark Southern Vance High School

Jimmy Bryan Zuniga SouthernVance High School

Congratulations to our Graduate Today, in cap and gown as you stand tall and bravely parade down the graduation hall, our hearts will glow with pride and joy in spirit, to be right there by your side. We praise you for the years of dedication your courage to keep walking on the path and now you will gain the triumph of all within your heart. We’re always here watching out for you and hold you close in prayer. This special day we lift you up once more to go forward in God’s care. He has a plan prepared for you, a chosen place for you to go where all the wisdom He has given you will be shared for more to know. May His blessing go before you and keep you every strong. Oh, how very glad we are that to our family you belong.

Congratulations Graduate Wherever you go, go with all your heart. We Love You Your Aunt Claudia, Adam, Grandma, Mom, Ashley & Little Michael

CHARACTER ANTICS • Inflatable Rides • Games • Magic Shows • Concessions • Party Entertainment • Trackless Train Rides Please Call (252) 430-6775 for more information

Congratulations Kendall Brooke Wilson Northern Vance High School

Dustin Null

Southern Vance High School

Kenneth Watson

Southern Vance High School

Adrienne Robertson Amber West D. J. Johnson Kristen Honaker Becker Seifert Courtney Martin Aron Magee Chelsey McCann Brooke Cleaton

Blessed Hope Baptist Church

South Henderson Church of God

741 Dabney Road

125 J. P. Taylor Road • Henderson, NC

Today’s Graduates, Tomorrow’s Leaders Southern Vance High School Jocelyn Alston Shaqville Alexander LeMay

Northern Vance High School Jarren Clack Nathaniel Evans III Christopher Floyd Ashley Hendricks

All Graduates of Michael Creek Missionary Baptist Church

Davis-Royster Funeral Service 252-492-6911

24 Hour Service

926 S Garnett Street Henderson

Graduation ’12

The Daily Dispatch

Friday, June 8, 2012

Southern Vance High School

Yanet Gregorio-armas

Joshua Griffin

Odell Hargrove

Shaquana Hargrove

Shaquille Hargrove

Shequana Hargrove

Diamond Harris

Dajuan Harrison

Carlton Hawthorne

David Heaton

Sashikeka Hendricks

Eliza Hernandez

Kiara Hodges

William Horner

Emily Johnson

Jessica Johnson

Glen Jones

Ty’qwasia Jones

Shauna Joyner

Shaquel Judkins

Deonte Kearney

Dracar Kelly

Jesse Knapp

Bryan Lassiter

Zachary Layne

Shaquille Lemay

Demitri Lewis

Donnell Lewis

Dontrell Lewis

Erica Loznicka

Shameka Manson

Ian Metcalf

Edward Miles

David Moore



Graduation ’12

The Daily Dispatch

Friday, June 8, 2012

Southern Vance High School

Jasmil Moore

Meredith Moore

Matthew Morgan

Iesha Mullins

Megan Narron

Joseph Nelson

Rebecca Norwood

Dustin Null

Devante’ Oakley

Jamie Orr

Marissa Patel

Kinzey Patterson

Kasey Paylor

Amber Perry

Jarvious Perry

Bryan Person

Eric Person

Jarvis Pugh

Jonathan Ramirez

Melinda Ramirez

Yuridiana Renteria

Charmaine Richardson

Dominique Richardson

Jasmine Richardson



We are proud of you.

Best wishes and much success as you begin a new chapter in your life. May God continue to bless and keep you in His care!

We love you! Love, Carlton Hawthorne

C. J. & Ebony

Southern Vance High School

Congratulations to my cousin, Tyche’ Alston, on being a graduate of Class 2012! You made it! Good luck in everything you do! Love, Your Cousin Tyche’ Alston Southern Vance High School Keisha Congratulations, DaJuan! We are so proud of you and all you have accomplished. Good luck in the future with everything you do. Love, DaJuan Harrison Southern Vance High School Mom & Family

Love Your Family

Shaquille LeMay

Southern Vance High School

Congratulations, Carlton I’m so proud of all of your accomplishments. May God continue to bless you in all that you do. Be Blessed. Carlton Hawthorne Love, Mom Southern Vance High School

Congratulations, John! I am very proud of you!

John Twisdale, III Southern Vance High School

Time has passed by so fast. It seems like yesterday you were a baby. Now you are a young man. We are proud of you. Eric Thomas Williams, Jr. Southern Vance High School

It’s been 18 years ... My little man then is now a grown man graduating! Congratulations, Son! We’re so very proud of you!! Joshua Griffin

Southern Vance High School

Love Mama & Dustin

Love you, Grandma Dolly

Love, Mom

Congratulations to the Class of 2012! Aileen Harris Photography

4026 U.S. 401 N., Louisburg, NC 27549

919-496-4133 or 252-430-8010

Graduation ’12

The Daily Dispatch


Friday, June 8, 2012

Southern Vance High School

Cynthia Roberts

Cecilia Rosales

Anna Salvador

Rakesha Sanders

Amy Smith

Destiney Smith

Jerell Somerville

Brandy Stainback

Taylor Stanton

Austin Stevenson

Elizabeth Stewart

Angel Stokes

Justin Tabourn

William Talley

Jason Taylor




We are so proud of you. We love you.

Dustin Null

Best of luck at ECU!!

Southern Vance High School


We love you! Daddy, Mama & Zane

Kinzey Elizabeth Patterson Southern Vance High School

We are so very proud of you!!

We are so proud of your accomplishments. Your dedication and perseverance are to be admired. Keep God first as you journey through life and all your desires will be within your reach. We love you!

Southern Vance High School

Savannah Jackson Northern Vance

Taylor Temple

Southern Vance High School

Jeremy Bullock

Southern Vance High School

Love, Daddy, Mommy and Quez

Love, Grandma & Grandpa Temple Dylan Temple


Congratulations, Jeremy!

Love Mama, Daddy, Kelly, Anna, Jason John Gregory Twisdale, III & Jeremy


We are very proud of you for all your accomplishments.

We are so proud of the young lady you have become!

Mama, Daddy, Daniel, Gran-Gran & Nanny



April Renee Cooper and D.J. Bolton We Take Call In Orders


(252) 492-4040

444 Dabney Dr., Henderson We Welcome Call Ahead Orders Hours: Sunday - Thursday 11:00 am - 9:00 pm

Courtney Martin Victory Christian Timothy “Dalton” Pendergrass Victory Christian


2362 N. Garnett St. Henderson

438-5228 Eat in or Take Out

2012 Graduates

Marissa Williams:

Southern Vance High School

Ashley Hendricks:

Northern Vance High School

David Heaton:

Southern Vance High School

Hours: Friday & Saturday 11:00 am - 10:00 pm


Graduation ’12

The Daily Dispatch

Friday, June 8, 2012

Southern Vance High School

Taylor Temple

Kelly Tharrington

Thomas Tuck

John Twisdale

Ruphani Watkins

Kenneth Watson

Dwight Williams

Eric Williams

Marissa Williams

Alymius Wimbush

Krystal Woodlief

Brandi Woodruff

Kierra Wyatt

Josh Young

Jimmy Zuniga

Emily Rebekkah Johnson Southern Vance High School

Emily Rebekkah Johnson We are very proud of you. You made it! Congratulations! We love you Glenda and Joe



Amy Smith

Southern Vance High School

Congratulations We are so proud of you! Good luck in the future and may God continue to bless you. We love you Love Daddy, Mama Krystal Woodlief Southern Vance High School & Matthew Congratulations to our Joshua. We are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments

Joshua Griffin Southern Vance High School

We are so proud of you and your accomplishments. It is a blessing having you as our daughter. As you begin a new chapter in life, be true to yourself. Watch out ECU!

We love you! Granddaddy, Granny, Scott, Joy and Hailey

Dominique Raeshaun Richardson

Dominique, Congratulations to our beautiful daughter on her graduation! May God continue to bless you in all of your plans in life! Love always,

Dad & Rhonda, Your Sister Shaqundra, Grandma Chris Southern Vance High School & Grandpa Anthony We Extend Our Congratulations To All The 2012 Vance County Graduates. Keep Up The Good Work! P.O. Box 590 158 By-Pass West Gwynn Lane Henderson, NC 27536

Hours 8am-5:30pm Monday-Friday Saturdays 8am-12pm Call Now to make an appointment!

Veterinarians Don H. Gwynn, D.V.M. • Sara Cumbus, D.V.M

Phone: (252) 438-7163

Congratulations Class of 2012!

Love Mama & Daddy

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 2012 Alexis VanVenrooy, Ravenscroft School Elizabeth Behar, Wake Forest University Katie S. Long, North Carolina State University Christopher Manning, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

The Church of the Holy Innocents

Your Community News and Talk Radio station that brings you TownTalk, Sports Mayhem & Tradio each weekday, featuring Beach, Golden Oldies and Hot Country Music, with Country Classics on Saturday & The Sounds of Jordan each Sunday Morning. Locally owned since 1955 and serving a population of 235,000.

Graduation ’12

The Daily Dispatch


Friday, June 8, 2012

Crossroads Christian School

Kaylee Anderson

Nicholas Badstein

Joshua Brown

Allison Deal

Kristen Cash

Brittney Danehy

Jennifer Jones

Jessica Matthews

Rachel May

Alexis Rush

Ashlee Short

Jamie McAuslan

Jennifer Long

Charles Mustian

Adrienne Robertson

Thomas Dustin

Ashley Waddell

Congratulations to the Class of 2012!

Congratulations We are so proud of you,


Love, Grandmother & Granddaddy

(252) 492-9875

282 Facet Road Henderson, NC 27537

Voted Among the Best Roofing Companies in Vance County. Spring is the perfect time for home improvements. This season, allow us to meet all of your roofing needs!

Congratulations Class of 2012!

Adrienne Robertson Crossroads Christian School

Congratulations to the Class of 2012 and Our Own Special Graduates!

Business: 3485 Hwy 158 Business (Oxford Rd), Henderson

Sarahi Martinez Northern Vance High School

Kimberly Creech Southern Vance High School

Cole Badstein

Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.”

Josh Brown

Wishing you continued success, Vance Family Medicine 381 Ruin Creek Road, Henderson 252-430-0666

Kiara Simmons

Daniel Reigner

Micah Stokes




FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 2012


Anna Dixon Davis

Holly Nicole Eatmon

Benjamin Stainback

Bridgett Victoria Matthews

Congratulations! Soar to the Highest!

Ryan Pearce McLamb


Joshua Dylan Meek

Michael Christopher Mitkos

Jamie Lee Riley

Parents: Barron K. Stainback Lydia & Scott Sullivan Grandparents: Grady & Phyllis Stainback Benjamin Wilson Stainback Anne Adkins Baker Lake Norman High School Henry & Mary Anna Mooresville, NC Adkins

Congratulations! Class of 2012

Phylicia L. Evans

Rebecca Catherine Falkner

Alexis Janae Green

Ashley Michelle Loyd

Ian Metcalf

Lucy Moss

Daughter of Phyllis Evans

Daughter of Julia & Joseph Falkner

Daughter of Nadine Green

Granddaughter of Margaret Loyd

Son of Teri Spence

Daughter of Sandy Moss-Arnold

Barton College

Northern Vance HS

Soutthern Vance HS

Vance-Granvile CC

Southern Vance HS

Bunn High School

Priscilla Sylane Noble

Kadedrah D. Small

Kendrah J. Small

Tessie M. Steed

Wayne Henderson Wheeler

Travis Ty Womack

Daughter of Valerie Strouse-Bryant

Daughter of Cozetta & Daniel Small-Alston

Daughter of Cozetta & Daniel Small-Alston

Sister of Teresa Robinson

Son of Laurel Wheeler

Son of Kelly Blackwell

Victory Christian School

Northern Vance HS

Northern Vance HS

Vance-Granville CC

Franklin High School

J.F. Webb HS

We would like to congratulate the graduates of the Maria Parham Family and wish them the very best. Good Luck! Tyler Wright

Sarah Michelle Young

Jimmy Zuniga

Caleb Joshua Keeter

Shauquaney D. Bullock

Lucy Wessinger

Son of Jill Clayton

Daughter of Felicia & Edwin Young

Son of Debbie & Charlie Keeter

Daughter of Shonda Kingsberry

Daughter of Catherine Blankenship

Northern Vance HS

Dallas Baptist Univ.

Son of Guadalupe Maldonado & Eulalio Zuniga Southern Vance HS

Northern Vance HS

Soutthern Vance HS

Medical Univ. of South Carolina in Charleston

Special Section: Graduation 2012: The Daily Dispatch: June 8, 2012  

Special section highlighting graduates of Northern Vance, Southern Vance, Kerr-Vance Academy, Victory Christian and Crossroads Christian hig...

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